Monday, October 10, 2011

October 4, 2011

Hi mummy,

Currently I am sitting in the Grays library. We just had a lesson with a Muslim kid named Hassan. It was very very interesting... I love talking to Muslims. It is an absolutely intriguing experience. They are so similar but... so very different. He was not willing to pray to God and ask. The Quran tells him that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God. God has no family and we are His slaves. If that doesn't make you thankful for the Gospel, I don't know what will. I know that ALL of us are part of God's family. I have an incredible gift of Faith at the current moment and I'm pumped to share that faith will all who will listen to my voice. Before I forget... the Hyde Park Chapel will be closed... soooooooo that is where the mail is sent. But... the letters are being forwarded... but they are having troubles forwarding packages... so for now can you send them to:

England London Mission
109 Gloucester Road
London SW7 4SS

I guess that only applies to those that send packages. All are more than welcome to send as many as you so desire.
We have had some changes in the Grays Companionship. Elder Ireland has been honorably released from his mission and returned home Monday morning. I got a email from him today... and he is happy and excited. He struggled and tried his hardest on his mission and after much thought, prayer, and trials.... the decision was made for him to return home to Canada. My new companion is Elder Paul... He is from Abu dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Actually, kinda. He is American... but has moved around for reasons related to his Dad's work. Last year... he attended BYU and lived in the same dorm floor as me. Just a little later. He is fantastic. Poor Elder has been transferred in the middle of his first transfer. Before Grays... he was serving in Colchester with two Zone Leaders. He was the back-up plan in case Elder Ireland decided to leave, and that is what happened... and so now Elder Paul is my son. I claim all legal rights. He is in my full custody. No more to be blown about by the winds of chance. He is home, to feel the love he deserves. As you can tell... we are both very excited to work the hardest we have ever worked and to share with these people... a message that will change their lives.
I will miss Elder Ireland. I loved every second that we had together. I learned loads from him and we had a blast. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with him. I love him, and he will be missed.

I am doing great. I really am... I might not be very open in my emails... but trust me this time. I have my trials... for sure. Sometimes I feel worthless and rubbish. I feel like I am disappointing my Heavenly Father... but... I am learning to Love Him at the same time. God is real... He is true... and he will always be there for all of us. Thank you for your love and support. Eu e muito feliz. Please know that I love all of you and am so happy to be serving God full time. I am scared to go home, and at the moment I do not want to go home or even think about it. My faith needs more molding before I can take on the world. But... with God... we can do anything.

Elder Krebs

p.s. Happy Birthday Big Emma!

P.s.s. Laura... I should be able to get pictures to you soonish. Elder Ireland has them on his camera. sooo... I'll try.