Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 6, 2011

:) Shalom,

After six months in the beautiful town of Grays... Elder Krebs is moving on. I have been transferred to a place called Bletchley. I have no idea where or what it is. I know my companion (Elder Lingam- Utah) is going to meet me at Kings Cross station tomorrow around 10:00am. I have (as assumed) mixed emotions. Very excited for change. But very sad to leave Elder Paul and all the wonderful recent converts here in Grays. Last night we had a great Family Home Evening with Gloria and her family, and Gloria's friend and her family. We player games, had treats, and got spiritual as well. I think Gloria (Sister Mangowi) is the best ward missionary in Grays. Tonight we are going to go see Hayleigh and Theresa Deex, and Abana, Adwoa and Felicity.

Abana has been investigating for about 4 months, but because of work on Sunday she struggles. Her 11 year old daughter Adwoa has been about 7 times and is in the Christmas Nativity. Last week... Abana was complaining about a really intense pain in her side. We went by to see her and she said it has been off and on since July. She has been to many many doctors but they do not know what is wrong and has given her many different types of medicine. We explained to her about priesthood blessing and she was all for it. That was on the Saturday... on the Monday... we got a call from her. She was crying and explained that all the pain in her side was gone. She had stopped taking her medicine and the blessing worked. It was a great testimony builder for her and me. She loves this church and is planning to change her job, or quit if they do not begin giving her Sunday's free. I have really come to be close with them and they are a great family. Recently I've been thinking a lot about being a Shepherd, and setting a good example. Now in our mission of 120 missionaries... I have been out far longer than a majority. There are about 15 missionaries that have been out longer than me. The mission has been infiltrated with new blood. It is great... new missionaries are filled with faith and ready to work. They are willing to give of there all and want to serve the Lord. The problems arise when they don't know how to do it. But they learn... most of the time by being thrown into the deep end. Elder Paul is going to be serving with a missionary that has only been out for six months. They will be fine though... because the Holy Ghost is the real guide here. At the beginning of my mission... all my companions had been out over a year... my first companion to be under a year was Elder Park six months ago. I've seen some great missionaries and now I feel as though it is my responsibility to be a good example to all of these new missionaries. They do not know how to do some things... and so they will be watching me. More and more I realise how much they really watch and follow. If I slack off for ten mins... they notice and will think it is okay. If I work hard every second... they will notice. It is very important that they work hard and understand why. As I've been in Grays... I've had many opportunities to ask why. It has changed my mission... as I see and feel the why... it has given me new and revived breath. Elder Uchtdorf said "While understanding the “what” and the “how” of the gospel is necessary, the eternal fire and majesty of the gospel springs from the “why.” When we understand why our Heavenly Father has given us this pattern for living, when we remember why we committed to making it a foundational part of our lives, the gospel ceases to become a burden and, instead, becomes a joy and a delight. It becomes precious and sweet. The “what” and “how” of obedience mark the way and keep us on the right path. The “why” of obedience sanctifies our actions, transforming the mundane into the majestic. It magnifies our small acts of obedience into holy acts of consecration." I feel this to be true. I feel as though I am being honored to understand and experience the eternal fire and majesty of the Gospel. Never before have I been so aware of offending God. If a missionary does not understand his why... the what and how will be empty and hollow. It is the difference between the Hireling and the Shepherd.

"I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.
But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep.
The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.
I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.
As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep."
John 10

A missionary that does not understand the why of this work... He will leave and forsake his sheep. This work is centred on love. And if you do not have it... then you will not enjoy serving your Heavenly Father. I pray that I will be able to love the people in Bletchley. I will be able to serve them and have the excitement necessary to help the ward be better missionaries. There is no reason to bring people to be baptised if the ward is not on track. I love this work... and I am very excited to serve in a new area with new people. I love my family very very much and wish I could be with you this winter... but there are more important things for me to be involved in. I am properly bummed to be leaving Grays right before Christmas... but there is something new to learn. It might be a lonely one. But never lonely when I've got the word and spirit of God ;) You are the best family. This email is kinda all over the place. I can't remember what pictures I attached... sooo hope you can figure out what they are and who they are. One i think is Gloria and her family... and another is John Okorie who was just baptised. I love you all :)

Cheers, see you later. Talk to you soon :)

Elder Krebs

November 28, 2011


This week has been one of spiritual food. We had Zone Conference on Tuesday, and then we had our stake reorganised on Sunday. How amazing! I have learned much. Life is going really well. The computers in the Library are very iffy... and so I hope this works. Zone Conference was great, we had an Area 70 with us. His name is Elder Wright. He really inspired me to do more and be more. I want to be the missionary that you think I am. I hope even better than you think I am. My desires over the past six months have been the biggest changes that I've been able to see. I no longer want to baptise people because it is my purpose and it brings them joy. I want to baptise people so they can feel the effect of the Atonement, learn how to use it and apply it the rest of their lives so they can become life-long followers of the Saviour Jesus Christ. We have the clearest way on how to follow Jesus Christ. All other faiths can help people build faith, but never to the level that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ can do. We prepare people for Eternal Life, not just peace in this life. This is not something we do because it works for us or is easy.

Being a disciple of Christ is difficult and full of challenges... but in the end... it is the only true course. I want to be obedient, not just to be a good boy, and show others an example... I want to be obedient because it is the difference between a honorable missionary and a sacred missionary. I want to be obedient because I love God. I want to have nothing holding me back from success and happiness. I want to be clean so that the spirit can work through me and enlighten my life, and therefore all those around me. I want to stand as a witness of God at all times and places... even unto death. I want to be a humble, spirit lead missionary. Nothing else. I have a lot of work to do. The time is far spent, there is little remaining. There is much work to do... more than I can imagine. The Lord has in store for me wonderful things. I know it. Two things stuck out to me in the Stake Conference.

One, search out for and ponder on the One. Who is the One person you can help? Christ cared about the One. Who can you help? What can you do to make a difference in the life of someone else. Service is the core of this great work. What is holding us back from Christ?
Two, we must ask the Lord for the blessings He is will to give. Do not forget to ask for the things you desire most in life. I have forgotten to pray for baptisms. That is my purpose. I pray that the Lord's will, will be done. Forgetting oft that His will is fulfilled through my efforts. God answers prayers. I know it.
Next week is transfers. We shall see the Lord and what He has in store for me. Elder Paul doesn't want me to go, and I don't want to go because some of the greatest relationships of my life (i feel) have begun in Grays. I love the people here more than myself. They are fantastic.

Congrats chunk and em for your baby. Three years seems like a short time for me to be married and having children. Thanks for bringing reality crashing down on my world of peaceful, simple missionary labour. I love you all.

Elder Krebs

Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 7, 2011

How wonderful life is,

I love my family and love hearing updates from you and how you are doing. It is interesting that I hardly ever think about back home, yet there are so many things going on. Every thing continues to move... sometime I think it has all stopped. But no. That is not right. I am feeling much better this week... I would say about 95%. Elder Paul has been great. I was only stuck in the flat for the one Sunday night, and this week we busted our bums. We worked hard... and had a hard week. It was a week where I was humbled and spent a lot of time self reflecting on how I can improve. I forget quite often that Elder Paul is a new missionary. He is brilliant. Ready to work. Ready to receive the impressions of the Holy Ghost and follow.

We have been teaching Abana, Felicity and Adwoa for about 3 months now. They have been progressing, but a lot of things have been getting in the way. The Lord has helped us all over come these challenges and now they are ready and prepared to enter the waters of baptism. We hope and pray for them nightly to act on the spirit they have felt. I know that the Spirit is in our appointments... and now I want to make sure that it is the Senior Companion. I want to teach by the Spirit, as we learned in conference. This week a number of people that we have been teaching of have recently found decided not to continue learning, or have not been keeping commitments. I want to be able to know that I did my very very best in helping them feel the spirit... so I do not feel guilty. I just want to be a perfectly clean vessel for the Spirit to flow through.

Last night... we were teaching a family from Nigeria. It was the first appointment and we were excited. The kids were gathered round and the father was ready. We began to teach them about how the original Authority of Christ was lost but restored to the earth. Therefore... membership in the church that holds and distributes that authority is necessary. We bore great testimonies and the Father asked question like... How do I know which church is true?
At the end... the 9 year old son raised his hand and said he had a question... He asked " Is this really the Lord's Church?

Of course it is!!! It has the correct Authority! I love the Spirit. At the end of the lesson... we sang "I am a Child of God" and then the Father offered a beautiful prayer. We try our best every single appointment to teach and do every thing we can by the Spirit... so they can feel and be converted. I know that what we are doing brings joy into peoples lives. Any pastor can make a bad person, good. But only we can promise people eternal life. Only we have the true authority from God. We teach people not only to believe of accept Jesus Christ... but how to use and apply His great sacrifice of Love. That is why we have the Gospel of Jesus Christ... to teach people how to accept and follow Christ. He is the Way, the Truth and the Light, no man cometh unto the Father, but by Him. That is true... what we have is precious and pure.

I love you all and am grateful for your sacrifice to the Gospel. The more we use and apply the Atonment into our lives, the more joy we will have.

Elder Krebs

November 14, 2011

Hiya Fam,
This week has been a normal missionary week. I worked in Basildon on an exchange from Monday to Wednesday and I drove the car there. Driving is so so wonderful when you have been walking for the past year. The car is a manual car and so I learned to drive a stick. It is one of the life skills that I feel I should have, and therefore I feel more accomplished now. There are some great recent converts in Basildon. A young mother with three children has absolutely changed her life and become converted completely to the Gospel.
In our District... we have begun each day to write down one flake of gold... one miracle that the Lord has done for that day. It is great to have experiences... and then have Elder Paul turn to me and say... that was my flake of Gold.
We are teaching many lessons... and it can be hard. We teach and feel the Spirit with so many people. But then they do not read... or pray... or come to church. It is frustrating that people have their agency. I know this message will help people... but they have to put forth some effort. We cannot do everything. Just as we cannot expect our Heavenly Father to perform miracles in our life unless we are following him. How can a car mechanic fix a car when we won't bring it to the shop. We cannot have people feel the inexpressible joy of the gospel if they will not read and pray.
This week will be the baptism of John Okorie. He is from Nigeria and is the greatest man. He was just married to a Recent Convert named Eva Friday. They will be a great asset to the Ward to help it become more multicultural. We have taught him really quick... but he will be interviewed on Wednesday and Baptised on Saturday. I love baptisms. What a great way for people to feel the power of the Atonement. To have all their sins washed away. To feel the grace and love of Christ. To be clean enough to be sanctified by the reception of the Holy Ghost.

This gospel is perfect. I love sharing it with everyone.
I want to be a missionary forever.

People need this message. I know it.

I love you all.

More than Freddo's (little chocolate frogs)

Elder Krebs

p.s. sorry so short. busy P-days. Next week will be a great email. I promise.

November 21, 2011

Hello familia,

This week has been a brilliant one... as always. I am grateful for the opportunity and privilege to be a missionary. I feel as though I am changing very much... but we will see. Hopefully I don't ever fall back onto bad habits.

Our recent converts are doing absolutely brilliant. WoWOWO! It is sooo good to see and really helps me to see there is more than just baptising numbers. These people have no idea what they are getting themselves into, being baptised is like entering a whole new world. It is a new life. I really am grateful for the chance to have so much success in Grays, and be able to stay and see what happens after baptism. It is the first chance I've really been able to have. Theresa and Hayleigh were baptised on August 6th and it has been a roller coaster ride for them. But they are doing fantastic. Theresa is especially doing amazing. I love her. She was so hesitant to be baptised... and after the baptism almost threw in the towel about six times. Now she is in the Relief Society Presidency and she loves the challenge. She sees the change that has happened in herself and she loves it. Hayleigh is struggling a tad because she hates her job. I feel for her... but she will be strong. Gloria is the greatest in the world. There is no better example of a golden investigator and recent convert than her. She has three kids and her husband is in Africa... but she still manages to do all the things she needs to do. She will take sometimes two buses to church... with her children. She has no problems and is now being a great missionary. She gets the whole thing. She knows that this is right.

Manchu Hui is just fine... she is engaged to a very strong Jamaican member. They are great together and he really helps to support her. Eva Friday was baptised a little before I came... but was less active when I met her. Now she is active and her husband John was just baptised on Saturday. She is sooo great and bears just a brilliant testimony of the Lord being active in our life. She tells every one about our Church and is a key to our finding. The best news ever... is that they are all going to the temple tomorrow. ALLL of them... to do baptisms. It is going to be an absolutely incredible experience. They are all quite close because they all have Sunday School together. I am not grateful that I can not be there. I have more than just a friendship with these people. They are literally my family. I love them dearly and want everything good for them. They are treasures in my life... that I never expected to have when I came out on my mission. I thought it was robotic work... but this work is to be done with all the Love you have and can muster. Nothing works here... unless you love the Lord and help His children. I know every thing hangs off of those two great commandments. A great Brother taught us that. These recent converts have changed my life and helped me discover a different type of love. I think it is quite similar to the love that Christ has for us, a willingness to give everything for their happiness.

The baptism with John Okorie was just so simple and smooth. I hemmed his trousers :) Go Elder Krebs. His wife spoke and he gave some comments as well. Their testimonies are sooo simple. They believe in Jesus Christ and want to follow Him. They don't know what Kolob is and they don't need to know. They have a testimony that they can change through Jesus Christ. So simple... So perfect. This is the simplicity that Paul talks about in the New Testament. John love the missionaries and we love him. Wanna know something crazy? We only taught him five time total! It has been hectic for him... because he works in London... but he passed his interview with President and has a solid wife to read with every night. Won't it be lovely when they are sealed in one years time? The church is TRUE!

Elder Paul is a God send. He has been my best friend these past months. I love working with him and he is keeping me right where I am supposed to be. I believe he trains me more than I train him. Obedient and cheerful. We are working hard. One of the problems we've been having recently is this, we teach a fantastic lesson by the Spirit (or so I think) and then they do not read afterwards and they don't answer the phone and will cancel appointments. They are not understanding... and it is really difficult. We are examining ourselves so much it is making me sick. We are going to put a double emphasis this week on the Book of Mormon... and we are going to focus on the power it has and the promise attached to its words. Through my studies and experiences... the restored Gospel of Christ is making more and more sense. It is helping me build my faith because I know that these things are true in my heart and mind. Especially in relation to why it is needed when we have the Bible and the Christian world. Any preacher can make bad men good. But only we can help people come to the Celestial Kingdom. Only this restored message has all the truth necessary for complete joy. All the pieces of the puzzle are needed... and Joseph Smith was even better at puzzles than Jeff. Maybe because the Lord was guiding and talking with him. The truth has been lost... and now it is here for all to experience. If any one lived the teachings in this church... they would see a new light in their life. We are trying now to help people see it is worth it.

Unfortunately those open enough to try... are rare... but they are there. Even for you. Keep your eyes open because the Lord is preparing people for you and I to find and help. He will lead them to you and you to them. Don't miss a spiritual prompting from the Spirit. Don't deny the Spirit when it speaks quietly to us.

This mission is great. I love this work. I am so blessed with the people I've been able to meet. The ward here is great and takes care of me. I love them. We do have a Thanksgiving meal planned on Thursday at 14:00. It is starting to get cold in England... but I'm excited. Life is good. Transfers are in 2 weeks and I will most likely leave because I've been here for a while. Sad that I will be transferred right before Christmas because there are many families here I would love to spend time with over Christmas. There is something to learn from it though. Always something to learn out of every experience. Hopefully I'll get transferred to an area with a car so I don't freeze over the winter. I love you all... mind how you go.

Uncle Bubs

Saturday, November 5, 2011

October 31, 2011

Dear Family,

I will like to give glory to my wonderful family today. But, I give all the glory to God. Last night was most likely the worst night of my mission. I haven't gotten really sick my whole mission. Never has being sick caused me to stay at the flat. Yesterday was a tad different. We went to a members house after lunch, and I broke down. I honestly destroyed their toilet. Poor family. I felt like my insides... wanted to be on my outside. And so they did. I went home afterwards and slept till about 8:00. Gathered the names and key indicators for our Zone Leaders... and then tried to sleep again. I couldn't though, because I had a crazy headache. I started throwing up again and it was just terrible all night. You should all feel super sorry for me ;) The only reason I tell you that today is because this morning, we had Zone Meeting, and an Elder handed me a great big package from my familia. What a great thing to have when all I wanted last night was a hug from my mom. I felt like I got wrapped up by my family. And as I logged on to email today, I got a great number of emails from my family. You are helping me out. I felt close to the Saviour last night in my extremities. I know He is there and supports us.
I am staying in Grays for the next six weeks and I am extremely excited about it. I love Elder Paul and he helps me to become a better missionary. He always tricks me, and I think he has been out for a long time. He is spot on.

I still feel really rubbish right now, so I don't really have the energy to email.
Love makes every thing possible. I love my Heavenly Father... so I will be obedient to Him. I love these Investigators... so I will serve them. I love my family... so I will pray for you.
Keep your heads up, and count the little flakes of Gold.
Heavenly Father will bless us.
God is great. He is there.

Thank you. I love you all.

Elder Krebs

October 17, 2011

Hiya familia,

Oh how I was dreading my emailing this morning.
I enjoyed it all though. My family is brilliant. We are teaching a family today about the 10 commandments... so I shouldn't covet. It is very difficult.

We had a great week this week... let me tell you. The highlight of the week was a baptism on Saturday. It was not in our area... it was in Basildon... but we brought out main investigators (Abana, and Adwoa). The reason we went is for the investigators... but I knew that Laura would be getting married just about the same time. I thought I might as well be witnessing the best part of being on a misson while my family was all together. The last song at the baptism was Families Can Be Together Forever. I was standing outside... alone. I had the strongest feeling of joy and peace. I know that our family... through the Priesthood of God... will be together for all eternity. The baptism was just fantastic. I loved it. The lady getting baptised was named Lazette. She is from Angola and therefore speaks Portuguese. I really enjoyed speaking really brokenly to her. I really really want to learn Portuguese... but it is really hard because I am really lazy to learn. There are so many other things that I need to do. It is low on the priority list. She had LOADS of friends at her baptism and they mostly spoke Portuguese! I was lovin' it. We sang a song for them... It was Love One Another. We all sang it together in English, then I sang it again in Portuguese... and then we sang it a third time and I sang the Obbligato part.

I love singing... in most of our appointments now... we sing. Elder Paul and I have some great arrangements. Abana loved the baptism. She had such a strong testimony of the Restoration... but her commitment is lacking. She is planning on going back to Ghana before she gets baptised... and it is really sad for us. She'll be back in three weeks... but we have been working with her and her two daughters for a while. They know they need to be baptised... but are lacking the faith to seek first the kingdom of God. I know they will be baptised... just a matter of when. At the baptism though... she asked me when the next baptism was... I looked at her and asked... your baptism? She replied... we will talk about it on Monday. Today is Monday :) :) :) We shall seeeeeee. I am grateful to be a Child of God. One in which God can work though... I love being an instrument in His hands. To play the music these people must hear. The Holy Ghost is everything in this work. We are nothing without its converting power.

I am taking my Driving Test today. Oh please pray for me. The test is very picky... but simple. It is very easy to fail... and I do not want to do that. It cost £62 and that's about $100. That is a lot of money. I am comfortable with my driving... but I hope not too comfortable. Who knows what will happen. I have done the best that my means allow. Ah... I'm nervous.
I hope that everyone is safe and completely exhausted. If you are... you know exactly how I feel now. All the time. Missionary work is hard... I will testify of that. It is rewarding and spiritually uplifting. We have experiences that we will never forget.

This week...
We taught a Jamaican man who started speaking in tongues.
Abana's daughter cooked us some Ghanaian Rice and Chicken.
We met Spoch in town centre. He asked us if we had an extra kitchen.
Multiple people told us the Book of Mormon was from the Devil. (It's not)
We found some great people who want to hear more and are elect.
Elder Paul and I have a great vision for this area... we dedicated it up on a great big hill overlooking the area. We will have two + baptisms in November and December.

The pictures I have attached are some from this past transfer....
Elder Ireland and I at the Gatwick Airport... just before he left.
Elder Paramalingam and I at Picadilly Circus... where the count down has been placed for the Olympics. He is from my group and we go home at when the Olmpics start.
Lazette and her son Charlie. They are wonderful... great testimonies.
Elder Paul's first companions... and then his real Daddy!
Elder Paul and I by a weird building... I don't know what it is.
I love my family and think you are wonderful. Thank you for all your support and love. I really love all of you. I am glad to have so much great family.
Keep me and the Grays area in your prayers. We both need them...
The Church is True.

Please email me with your favourite conference talk and WHY?? That is your invitation for the week.

Elder Krebs

October 11, 2011

Hi family,

Unfortunately weeks letter might be a tad short. We are tight for time today.
I am very content. This week was difficult because I was sick and tired all the time. I really learned how to trust in the Lord for honestly every step. It wasn't a terrible sick... but it was a really annoying coughy sick. I love my new companion. He has the biggest heart and really exemplifies the commandment to love thy neighbor as thyself. To be honest... I think he love me more than himself. He is just brilliant. He helps me to realize how much I have changed since I have been a greenie. I want his fire, and his boldness. I was just like him when I came out and now I really miss it. I think I've become slightly less energetic about the work. He is really doing wonders to make me strive to do more and become more.

Our investigators are moving slowly... but forward. Abana and he two daughters Adwoa and Felicity are our main investigators right now and they are doing great. Unfortunately they will be going to Ghana soon, and therefore their baptismal date will be pushed back just a tad. They feed us food yesterday and it was well nice. The chicken was much better than my Kentucky Fried Chicken. I really do love them and desire them to press forward and enter the waters of baptism. She has a simple testimony, but she won't deny it. I am really hoping and praying for them. We have been finding some great new investigators and we cannot wait for them to become baptismal dates and then recent converts. Hayleigh and Theresa, Gloria, and Manchu are doing spot on. I am really excited to be a part of their progress and progression in the Gospel.

Theresa went to the temple last week and said it was "an indescribable experience Elder Krebs, I felt the thanks of all the people I was helping". WOW!! She is now 2nd Counselor in the Relief Society Presidency. In my older days as a missionary... I have grown the biggest desire to help recent converts stay active in the Church. How important is that endeavor. There is no point in doing missionary work unless you feed the lambs. I pray for the people I have helped every night, and feel such a bond and responsibility for them. How grateful I am today for the Lord and His blessings. I wait daily on His hand for support. We work and work and work, but God gives the increase. Working when we are tired... is one of the best tests we have. I thank God for trials I have in my life... and God be thanked for the divine gift of His Son Jesus Christ. I love you all.

Elder Krebs

P.s. Good Luck Laura... Never lose Hope. I am sooooooo excited for you.

October 25, 2011

Dear Family,
It is so great to be emailing today. Everything seems to be going brilliantly at home. It is truly amazing to see how many blessings our Heavenly Father continues to pour out upon our family. I am very happy that God is with us. That is what happens when you follow our Father's plan... he blesses us with light. We are nothing without light. Jesus Christ is the greatest light... I know this church preaches and testifies of Christ. The whole purpose of everything we do is to come closer to Him. We believe in Christ. I know it. I love having the Priesthood line and the Personal line. I love having a perfect organisation, to support a perfect gospel and way, if only the people we're perfect. We have everything we need to succeed. I know we can all do it. I have hope, a pure hope in Christ. We cannot fail... we are Children of a loving Heavenly Father.

My companion and I are absolutely loving Grays. We currently have 5 people with Baptismal Dates for November.
They are our main investigators. Abana, Felicity, and Adwoa have been investigating for 3 months and are still progressing, but going through a lot of trials at home in Ghana. It is causing a lot of stress, and therefore affecting their progress. Abana is still struggling to come to church... but Adwoa (11 yr) has been 3 times and was in the Primary program last week. Maureen is a great great investigator from Nigeria. She has been searching for a while for the right Church and she has found it. I love her. She came to church last week and loved it. She will be coming from now on. Our fifth date is named John. He fiancee Eva, has been baptised since April and is spot on. She has a wonderful testimony and loves this church. We had an appointment with them today and set the date of the 19th of November with John. He loves coming to Church and has been three times already. He is really searching and honest.
Other Investigators are progressing and hopefully we will be able to set three more baptismal dates this week. If not three, then two.

I DID pass my drivers test!!!!!!!!!! How grateful I am for that. I was very nervous. I just wish I had a car now. I passed with four minors, and you are allowed 15. I don't want to brag or anything... but... I be brushin' off my shoulders. I miss driving. All the American missionaries can drive for one year. But as for missionaries with their proper license... I think about 20.

I am eating very very well. Too well. I am enjoying cooking... but we also eat at members houses about 3-4 times a week. I am not gaining or losing weight... I am just continually having an inter-tube around my waist. Rubbish. I haven't gotten your package yet. I hope soon... maybe tomorrow after we have post from London.

The Hardest part of my mission right now is progress. I feel like my progress I'm making now is very very small. Almost impossible to spot... I want huge progress like I saw at the beginning of my mission. Now... is the difficult and hard part. The small things. I am trying to perfect my missionary labours. One of my goals for my mission was to become a perfect teacher. I think... that to become a perfect teacher... you just have to teach by the Spirit. I am striving soooooo much to have the spirit continually. I am striving to give my Heart, Might, Mind and Strength to the Lord. He deserves it, and expects it. It is the first and greatest commandment. I want to give my all. But it is hard... because I'm human. Errr. Sometimes I get covetous of being a God.

I am really enjoying my mission. I have loads of faith in the rest of my mission. I have ten months left... and it scares me thinking about it. I want it to be full of the experiences I've had an are currently having. I know the Lord has soooo much in store for me. I want to get everything out of this mission, and to do that I must put everything in. You get what you put in. I know I can do it. Life is great. Thank you for all your support and continual love.

Elder Bubby

Monday, October 10, 2011

October 4, 2011

Hi mummy,

Currently I am sitting in the Grays library. We just had a lesson with a Muslim kid named Hassan. It was very very interesting... I love talking to Muslims. It is an absolutely intriguing experience. They are so similar but... so very different. He was not willing to pray to God and ask. The Quran tells him that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God. God has no family and we are His slaves. If that doesn't make you thankful for the Gospel, I don't know what will. I know that ALL of us are part of God's family. I have an incredible gift of Faith at the current moment and I'm pumped to share that faith will all who will listen to my voice. Before I forget... the Hyde Park Chapel will be closed... soooooooo that is where the mail is sent. But... the letters are being forwarded... but they are having troubles forwarding packages... so for now can you send them to:

England London Mission
109 Gloucester Road
London SW7 4SS

I guess that only applies to those that send packages. All are more than welcome to send as many as you so desire.
We have had some changes in the Grays Companionship. Elder Ireland has been honorably released from his mission and returned home Monday morning. I got a email from him today... and he is happy and excited. He struggled and tried his hardest on his mission and after much thought, prayer, and trials.... the decision was made for him to return home to Canada. My new companion is Elder Paul... He is from Abu dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Actually, kinda. He is American... but has moved around for reasons related to his Dad's work. Last year... he attended BYU and lived in the same dorm floor as me. Just a little later. He is fantastic. Poor Elder has been transferred in the middle of his first transfer. Before Grays... he was serving in Colchester with two Zone Leaders. He was the back-up plan in case Elder Ireland decided to leave, and that is what happened... and so now Elder Paul is my son. I claim all legal rights. He is in my full custody. No more to be blown about by the winds of chance. He is home, to feel the love he deserves. As you can tell... we are both very excited to work the hardest we have ever worked and to share with these people... a message that will change their lives.
I will miss Elder Ireland. I loved every second that we had together. I learned loads from him and we had a blast. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with him. I love him, and he will be missed.

I am doing great. I really am... I might not be very open in my emails... but trust me this time. I have my trials... for sure. Sometimes I feel worthless and rubbish. I feel like I am disappointing my Heavenly Father... but... I am learning to Love Him at the same time. God is real... He is true... and he will always be there for all of us. Thank you for your love and support. Eu e muito feliz. Please know that I love all of you and am so happy to be serving God full time. I am scared to go home, and at the moment I do not want to go home or even think about it. My faith needs more molding before I can take on the world. But... with God... we can do anything.

Elder Krebs

p.s. Happy Birthday Big Emma!

P.s.s. Laura... I should be able to get pictures to you soonish. Elder Ireland has them on his camera. sooo... I'll try.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 26, 2011


This was a brilliant week... we had Abana and her Daughter come to church today. We have been working with them super hard. They finally came.... and better yet... they enjoyed it. I love the Spirit at church. It is a fantastic thing to witness. I am even more excited for conference this weekend. How wonderful of an opportunity it is to hear from modern day prophets. I am especially interested to listen as the spirit will give me things to improve on. I love learning things I can improve on and become better. The spirit is the best at being able to let you know how to become more Christ-like. Today... I had a great revelation while reading the Book of Alma.

God really does produce miracles. I love Alma... In Alma 9 it says...

"And it came to pass that when Alma had come to the city of Ammonihah he began to preach the word of God unto them. Now Satan had gotten great hold upon the hearts of the people of the city of Ammonihah; therefore they would not hearken unto the words of Alma."

How often do people reject us and we accept it as the will of the Lord... but not Alma... he goes and gets some proper help.

"Nevertheless Alma labored much in the spirit, wrestling with God in mighty prayer, that he would pour out his Spirit upon the people who were in the city; that he would also grant that he might baptize them unto repentance."

He was able to beg the Lord to pour out His spirit... so they would be baptized and saved. As the Bible Dictionary says...

"Prayer is the act by which the will of the Father and the will of the child are brought into correspondence with each other. The object of prayer is not to change the will of God, but to secure for ourselves and for others blessings that God is already willing to grant, but that are made conditional on our asking for them. Blessings require some work or effort on our part before we can obtain them. Prayer is a form of work, and is an appointed means for obtaining the highest of all blessings."

I know as we wrestle with God for success... His spirit will be poured... and we will have success. Have faith that the Lord is preparing people for us... and we just have to ask for them. Sweet deal eh?

Prayer is the key to unlocking all the blessings. I love it and it is a necessary part of my life. God is great... and we need Him. We are nothing without His love and help.
I know prayer works. It is really God's way of communicating with us. I love Working for Him. When people tell me "i ain't interested mate"... I'm going to just pray... and the Spirit of God will touch them and we will be able to Baptize and Confirm them.

I know that the Church is here for one reason. To help us come closer to Jesus Christ... All my labours are to that cause. I know through Christ we can receive salvation and live with our Father and Mother. That is our unfailing source of hope. I know as well... that "As he thinketh in his heart, so is he" (Proverbs 23:7). We should always be "spiritually minded" (2 Nephi 9:39), "let the solemnities of eternity rest upon [our] minds" (D&C 43:34), and "let virtue garnish our thoughts unceasingly" (D&C 121)... as we "always remember him... we will always have the spirit to be with us". What is a better gift to have now... than having the spirit continually striving with us. From our thoughts we reap our actions, from our actions we reap our DESTINY! Let us all strive to have cleaner minds, but it makes no sense to have a clean mind, if you don't fill it with memories of Christ. He is our hope. Nothing can get us down, when we are always remember Christ. Let us serve others and keep ourselves unspotless. Life is gettin' better and better. I love being a missionary.

Elder Krebs

P.s. I saw all the pictures on Tam's blog from the funeral... the family looks great. Nice and big. Just the way we like it.

I love you all.

September 19, 2011


We just had Zone Meeting about 8 hours ago... and it was a spiritual high for me. I love feeling the spirit... I love it. It makes all my problems seem unimportant... because I realise Jesus Christ has died for me and His atonement is availiable. Jeff and Chuckles and Glen and Laura wrote me this week... and the main message I got out of their emails was Love. All in one way or another expressed how important love was and how if I get that... I'll be just fine. Love is difficult to have for people you don't know. I imagine loving these people as much as I love my father and mother... and if I loved them like that... I would try soooooo sooooo hard. Now I'm only trying soooooo hard. How do we have love for others? Studying the Atonement. Why do we have love for others? Because of the Atonement. Everything in this life has to do with the atonement. It encompasses everything.

Well... hi family. I'm currently living in Grays. It is a nasty town... and no one here ever says a good thing about it. I like it though. The Town Center is small... but that is where we spend most of our time. Elder Ireland and I have our Spirit Spot... every half an hour or so... we will go there and pray and read a scripture. Then we go back out to the wolves. The other day we had just done that... and we stopped a nice looking lady. 15 seconds into the conversation... I felt prompted to invite her to sit down for then mins and have a lesson. She accepted and we now have a return appointment with her and she seems very promising. The town centre can get very monotonous... but there are always little things to keep us going. One man always sells these toys called "wiggle wiggles"... his name is Robert and he like the missionaries. He had a little cart that he sells them out of... and he always is saying... WIggle Wiggle!! Last week he asked us if he could borrow £270, we told him that we are good at helping people spiritual... but rubbish when it comes to money. The next day... he didn't talk to us. We bought him a sandwich from Greggs... and now he is our friend again.

On Fridays... the meat cleaver is there... and has a microphone. He is brilliant. So funny.
Saturday... we watched two homeless lookin' men about to cross the street. One looked to the other and screamed... "READY!!", his Lieutenant sounded back... "REady!!" and then together in perfect unison they sounded the battle cry "GO!" and crossed the 10 foot wide street with vigour and tenacity. What bravery and courage. Elder Ireland and I... loved it. It lifted our spirits.
We live in a block our flats surrounded by other flats... there are always little African kids running around and playing. One house smokes weed on the weekends... and beer bottles abound. We are on super close to the grays wharf... and the river. It looks a little scary though... it reminds me of Tarzan. Are you sure this waters sanitary? We don't go swimming though... we aren't allowed. The Ward is great... just got a new Ward Mission Leader. He is the brother or my fathers (Elder Young) fiancee. Very english. The Bishop is fantastic... and only 29. We as missionaries have a great relationship with him... we tell him exactly what we need... and he tells us exactly what he wants and expects. Elder Ireland and I are building a really special relationship. Maybe too special... I truly love him... and we are working hard. We need to work harder... because the Lord expects it. My body is falling apart... my neck constantly hurts... and my back is usually sore. I am sleeping better though... because we got new mattresses. Our kitchen is small... but nice. Just bought a new Wok and cooking is soooo nice now. We cook some good tikka masala, and korma curries, spagetti, pasta bakes in the oven, hot dogs, sandwiches, grilled cheese, whole chickens, herbal teas, and strawberry milk. I really enjoy cooking, and want to get better at it. We don't have much time to cook... but when we do... It is Chef Krebs time.

I am really enjoying my time here in Grays. I am really enjoying being a missionary. I see all the struggles people have... and I just count my blessings because I am only worried about one thing. That one thing is our investigators. I am really seeing the benefit of thinking of others more than myself. It is just better. I feel better and happier. It helps my pride and keeps me smiling. Thank you for all your love. I just got a package from small emma... and it was filled with sour skittles... sooo nice. I love you all.

Elder Krebs

p.s. life is better when we follow the commandments.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13, 2011


It's a beautiful day today in Grays! Sunny, not raining, and its beginning to feel like home. Yesterday we received moves calls and today we have our P-day! Elder Ireland and I will be staying right together here in Grays and I am really excited to continue to learn and teach together. He has an amazing ability to have a positive attitude amidst terrible times. He will ask... what are we doing now... and I'll say... 2 more hours of street contacting... I'll hear him gasp and then say... I wonder who we will find. He is really being patient and enduring. I've attached some piktas... one of three elders at a Zone P-day activity where we had a huge water balloon fight. One of Elder Ireland and I at Westminster's Abbey... we got in for free with our ministerial card signed by President Monson. One of Isha, Abraham and me... they are the cutest kids ever. 4 and 2... I pretend they are my nieces and nephews. They are the children of Gloria Mangowi... who is from Tanzania and is now a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is amazing... wow. Such a golden investigator and now member. I honestly love her sooo much. We have a super strong relationship and she is brilliant. The last picture is at the baptism of Hayleigh and Theresa Deex and Gloria. It was a wonderful day... even though Elder Park was not there. Poor guy... he was torn up about it.

I am very excited for the people we are currently working with... because they are making progress. Slow progress... but it is progress. The opportunity to serve a mission is the best in the entire world. I am learning bucket loads... and... most importantly... I can see the things in my life I need to change. Attitudes... behaviors, and actions that need to go from negatives to positives if I want a happy life. One is diligence... I need to learn how to do something even when it is hard. I have learned how to work... but not from my own self will and drive. One thing that has helped me for missionary work is my love for my God... that pushes me to work now. That wasn't my drive at the beginning of my mission... it was numbers... or getting a pat on my back from the Zone Leaders. But with each area... new realizations and revelations have helped me understand that I am doing this only because of the Love I have for my Father in Heaven. I know this message will make people happy... I learned that in Hyde Park. In grays... I've learned why... because they can come to understand that they have divine potential as Sons and Daughters of God, and that their Brother has given His life for them. When we truly understand that... we will be happy in any life situation. God is our Father. Jesus Christ saved us... and now it is our decision. Will we choose life? or death? happiness or pain? I am sharing this with people to bring them joy... joy that takes everything we got. I am sharing with them the Gospel... the Good News. What is that? Is the atonement part of the gospel? NO! It is the gospel... it is the centre of everything we do. Nothing has ever been more important to us. The entire church is centered on helping us use and apply this atonement. All things lead to Christ... and Christ leads us to life eternal.

God is there... I know He is there. He speaks to me. As I am clean... His Spirit guides me. My purification is going... so so. It is hard. It is definitely helping me see how much I have to improve. I am humbled everyday as I fall on my knees and tell Pai Celestial that I can not do this by myself and I keep screwing up. Each night... He hears me. He tells me to forgive myself and to try harder tomorrow. To slowly, but surely improve... while repenting each day. I have been still making my bed... and Elder Ireland and I are "workin' out" each morning. Usually I just stretch... mmmmm. Maybe by some miracle I can get proper hench. And then people won't pick on me anymore. Tonight... Hayleigh and Theresa are taking us out to dinner... at an all you can eat Indian Restaurant. I am excited to die. There is so much to learn right now. I dropped the blinds on my nose yesterday... and it was bleeding :( I am not going to do that again. Lesson learned. My focus is I think... the best yet. Life is easier when you think about God more. The more we focus on Him... the more blessed we will be. I want to be blessed. Pretty simple.
I hope all is well! Please write me... I love hearing from my siblings. I love you alllllll :)

uncle bubs

P.s. Mosiah 1-6 :)

September 5, 2011


This week has been a nice boring, normal week :) Kinda.
We have been going on a couple what we call work overs... where we switch with other missionaries. I went on 2 this week and one last week. One this week was with Elder Avanesyan, he is one of the Assistants right now. About six months ago... he was my senior companion. He is one of my favorite missionaries and I love serving around him. We just did work in London and really tore it up! I love it. I love him... too bad he goes home in one week. Pretty much 60% of the mission has gone home. We have some really under prepared missionaries doing some really hard tasks! It is crazy... but they are really enjoying it. I basically don't know anyone in the mission and am basically one of the oldest. I am blown away.

This week... I am fasting to start something we call... purification! I am extremely excited. I am finding all the things that could potentially hold me back from having the spirit... then for forty days... I'm not going to do any of them. It is going to be a great opportunity for me to "cleanse" my soul and become a proper place for the spirit to reside! One of the things on the list is always being positive and never saying negative things about people or situations! Just yesterday as I began... I felt sorry for Elder Ireland that he had to be around me and put up with my whinging. This next week is the last of the transfer and it will be a great one. I am already feeling the spirit much stronger and cannot wait to be completely guided by its sweet, and quiet voice. I know Jesus Christ died for us.
Sorry this week is short... time is short... too much work to do. I love you and wish I could be with you all.

Elder Krebs

P.s. My trainer... Elder Young is gettin' married on October the 8th. His fiancee lives in Grays and I should stay here this next transfer! That means I could attend his wedding :) I love it.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

August 29, 2011

Dear Momma,

This week has been a interesting one. I lost my rhythm... I don't know why... but it happened. BUT... I feel like I have gotten in back. Yesterday was a great Sunday, and I received loads of revelation at Church and felt the spirit really really strong in two appointments after church. I made a succulent spaghetti bolognaise, and it was well tasty. I am learning to love cooking. As a missionary... cooking is interesting because you never know when you are going to eat. This week four dinner appointments cancelled... so we did a lot of cooking. I went on a work over with a brazilian as well and he ate about 50% of our P-day shopping. Work overs have been some of my favourite missionary activities, to see how others work and learn from them. There are sooo many missionaries from all over the world here. I have had, 3 American companions. That is super cool... especially since I have had around 9 companions. Companions from Armenia, Canada, England, and Brasil. Oh... and South Korea! I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from different cultures. 

I am grateful to be separated from the world. There are many many things going on that I'm not aware of and I love love love it. Focusing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ is wonderful. I know that through our Saviour, we can make it straight back to our Heavenly Father. I am grateful for such a dynamic and faithful family. Your examples to me are invaluable. I can see your desire to follow the example of Christ, and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost gives almost silent promptings at times... so small and fleeting. As we develop a ear to hear... we will be directed and guided. What are we listening for? The Holy Ghost? Kentucky Basketball? iPod touch? The scriptures tune our ear to hear spiritual messages only available to those on the right station. I am absolutely in love with the scriptures right now. The light that we can obtain from them in incredible. 

This morning I did a study on Love, and learned that I need a lot more love. Moroni teaches us to pray for love, and be filled with it. Nephi teaches it is a requisite to eternal life. King Benjamin teaches us to show our children love and teach them to love one another. Alma teaches us about singing the song of redeeming love. The book of Moses tells us Zion will include one heart. The Lord teaches us the missionary work is to be done with all our heart, and love. The Saviour taught us the greatest commandment is to love the Lord with all our heart, and the second is like unto it... to love thy neighbor AS thyself. I testify that love is essential to missionary work. As I love the people I'm teaching... I'll do everything I can to help them. If my heart is not in it... I frankly am just doing it out of responsibility and faith. When love is applied to our work... it will be effective and efficient. Loving others as ourself is difficult. Something we definitely need to strive to achieve. If any of you feel that you have... then let me know how. Christ, as always is the epitome of love. He was constantly serving others... which is the fruit of love. He expressed through the Atonement, the supreme act of love. Nothing I can or ever will do, will repay Him for that love. The only thing we can do... is come with a broken heart and contrite spirit... and hand our will over to His.

I know the Funeral was a wonderful experience. I am sad to have missed it. I don't think that I'll need the CD of the service. It will probably not be the best for me. The death of my beautiful grandmum was hard enough already. I am beginning to find my rhythm again. The CD might throw it off. And I gotta keep my rhythm, cause I won't stop dancing. And It is some ugly dancin' when I ain't gots no rhythm. I would love one favour though! Can I have the areas of Nigeria that Grandma and Grandpa served? I am teaching about 5 nigerians right now and tell them a lot about my grandparents. I want to know more :)

I am happy to be on my mission. I would rather be here than any where else. Our recent converts are doing great. In our Ward this week... there were only 37 people. Total. BUT... all of our recent converts were there... and Hayleigh gave a talk. Brilliant. So did Elder Ireland :) He is doing great... and we have loads to talk about. Pageant, Brian Regan and the Gospel. SOo nice.
Thank you for supporting me. Thank you... thank you. I love you.
Elder Krebs

Friday, August 26, 2011

August 22, 2011

Tudo Bem familia, Hiiii....

I wish I could be with you alll... But that is not possible at the present moment. No man having put his hand to the plow and looking back is fit for the Kingdom of Heaven. I am trying soooo soo hard to just focus... focus focus focus. My thoughts are all over the place... but I'll be able to get them under control soon enough. I just need a little time.

 I am glad to hear about miss laura and tom. Sounds like that is a positive. My President was confused giving me the news... he said you can't really get to pieces of more opposite news. To be honest... they are both pieces of brilliant news. Our Grandma has been faithful her whole life. What a wonderful place she is currently residing. Resting from all her cares and sorrows. She doesn't have to wake up with back pain like me :) We are getting new beds though.. I'm so spoiled. Heh. I think it is because I've been making my bed every morning. Sorry I ignored you for 19 years mum.

 This week in Grays has been just rockin'. We had the baptisms of Hayleigh, Theresa, and Gloria two weeks ago. Now we are striving to find new investigators that match their caliber. They were brilliant investigators... always came to church... always kept appointments... and then made the faithful step to be baptised. Now... we have five more people with baptismal dates. They have the desire to follow Jesus Christ... and come closer to Him. But... the spirit is willing and the flesh is weak. It is okay though... they will be able to have their faith strengthened and we will help them to come to Christ. Why? Why do we come to Christ? Why on earth do Elder Ireland and I breathe and eat and drink missionary work? At first on my mission... it was most likely because when I had high numbers... all my leaders told me I was doing a great job. I knew it was what the Lord wanted me to do... but I definitely did not know why. It then switched from that to because it helps people. People will be more blessed with this restored gospel. It changed to that... as I saw people become happier from the things we were sharing. But why? Why does it make them happier? Why WHY WHY HWY!
We all truly and deeply know why... because of the atonement of Christ. He performed the greatest act of love... for us. We find joy through that... we overcome spiritual and physical death. We have hope through that act. Who cares about the restoration without the atonement? Why would be follow a living prophet if Christ had not died for us? I need my Saviour every hour. He strengthens me and gives me hope. I love my Saviour Jesus Christ. He allows me to see my grandmother again. All my family again. I know this message of the Restoration helps clarify about the extent and love of the Atonement. I love you all and thank you for all your support.

Elder Krebs

P.s. Elder Ireland is a crack up... so funny. He is reading the Old Testament and says the funniest things related to that. For example "Every time I see a Badger I want to club it and make garments out of it." Who says things like that? What a funny dude. 

August 16, 2011

Elder Ireland's email is still being silly... so we are just waiting patiently for SLC to get back to us and fix all our problems.
We had Zone Conference today... and it was a revelatory experience. Elder Ireland and I quote the pageant soundtrack constantly... and we are having a ball together. My Heavenly Father is becoming my best friend... as I speak to Him personally every night. He hears me... I know it.
I love you all.
Uncle Bubs

August 9, 2011

Shalom :)

This week has been a week of change. I am with a new companion doing the same thing :) We have some great things happening here in Grays, and the Lord is blessing us tremendously. I think He is blessing our whole family, including Grandma. It is interesting to read the updates about her in one bulk, because I saw the whole process at once. Now she seems to be doing better, and for that I am glad. I know that we will see and be apart of the legacy she has lived forever. The light she gave unselfishly shines through all of us. I love my Grandma and my Grandpa. The are a dynamic duo of testimony and love. I know we can eternally progress in this gospel, and when we shed this imperfect body that slows us down... our progression will be exponential. We do have an imperative duty to do all we can now to get closer to Him and on the right path. Three wowonderfulaughters of God chose to hop on the path and come closer to Jesus Christ. It was a beautiful weeweekendhe baptism was busy and stressful. The confirmations were by far my favourite favourite part. The spirit was soooo strong and beautiful. It spoke lovely songs of confidence and peace to my heart, and I know this decision will only bless them. Elder Park was not able to be here... which was sad... because we found, and taught all three of them. He was depressed... but it made the Sisters more rearealizeey were doing it for themselves and not because they trusted missionaries. They have all had the spirit confirm to them their decision, and know it has blessed their lives. God is great. He is preparing people for us to find. And then pouring the spirit upon them... all they have to do is open their heart a tiny tiny bit and it will begin to change their thoughts, actions, and desires. I am grateful to be apart of such change. The great thing is that I feel it too. The Lord is shaping and molding me. As I turn my will over to His will... I am more grateful, and positive. I have greater love for others, and desire to help them. As our investigator Godswill wonderfully put it... "I believe this church is ordained of God. The Lord has put it on the earth at this time for a certain purpose!" You are quite right Godswill. Quite right old chap.

Sorry this email is late... we were quite busy yesterday in Illford. Then Bishop called up and needed our help last night. Busy busy! This week is going to be an interesting one... trying to help all the new members have everything they need.
I have a question for the family... especially the returned missionaries. Will you give me advice for my year mark? What are the things I can do now that I have the "hang" of the missionary labours? I do not feel that I've been here a year and to be honest... I can't really be bothered about it. The Lord needs me right now. I know I'm doing the right thing, in the right place. I just want to be better at doing the right thing... so if you have some advice... please send it along. I love advice and quotes :)

Elder Ireland is great and ready to work. He is full of faith and knows why he is here. I am proper excited for the success we will have as a result of so much faith in the Lord. The Lord will bless the faithful.
Some one asked when my release date is, and I believe it is on August the Ninth, interesting... one year exactly from today. Weird, makes me sick thinking about that. I just wanna stay here and work. It is wonderful.
Hope all is well. I am excited for the wedding. Stinks I'll miss it. Oh bother... maybe you should have a destination wedding. Tempting?
Love you all and care about you.
Elder Krebs

August 2, 2011

We found out yesterday night that Elder Park will be moving to Kings Lynn :) I am well pleased about that... he will love it. It is currently the biggest area in the mission. I will be staying in Grays and training another new missionary. Let me tell you how excited I am! Training is a proper joy. The sad part is... they have to measure up to my first born in the wilderness. I am looking forward to another transfer in which I can constantly do the Lord's work. New missionaries are great at focusing and igniting fire that can lay dormant. I am looking forward to these new experiences. Enjoy your week :) I will talk to you on Monday. 


August 1, 2011


I keep thinking that my mission cannot get any better, but then it gets ten times better! This past week was a fantastic one. We worked hard, but had the time of our lives. On Thursday I went to Basildon and took my Theory Test for driving (President called me and asked me to get my British License). Now I just need to learn how to drive a manual car on the left side of the road :) Studying for the theory test was rubbish, and i wasn't at all bothered... but I think it will be fun to drive again. Tomorrow I have a three hour session with a Driving Instructor. And tonight... we have Moves Calls!! It has snuck up on us for sure. These past six weeks have gone by like lightning. I love this area and really do not want to leave. At all. This Grays area has been blessed, and the Spirit of the Lord is being poured out upon their souls. We have been able to change peoples lives here, not by our own actions, but by the spirit touching their hearts. I have made some great friendships, and the wonderful thing is, they are with our investigators. Tomorrow night we are going over to Hayleigh and Theresa's house. They have both decided to be baptized on this coming Saturday (I could move before then... so sad). We are having a movie night with them. They invited us over for tea and then we are going to watch Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration. Cry together, and then say a prayer and there we have it... FHE completed. We are well excited. Tonight we get to see Gloria and prepare her for her Interview. She will be baptized with Hayleigh and Theresa at six o'clock on Saturday :) I don't want to sound like I am boasting, but as Ammon says... I am boasting in my Lord. He is my strength and my foundation... I can do nothing without His spirit. It converts these people and can lead them in the right way. How grateful I am for the success in the Grays, people are coming closer to Jesus Christ and that is exactly why I am here and doing this hard... hard work. 

I am convinced that we are being blessed because I am trying not to focus on all the good times that were had at pageant... and the blossoming <3 that is happening with my sister. I am grateful for the joy being had at home. Just don't forget about me. I ain't dead yet. It is a weird thing... to think about being at home with all of you. So I don't think about it. I have bucket loads of time left, and I am going to prove to my Heavenly Father that His work will go forth boldly, nobly and independent. I will be His hands, and I will expect Angels to lift me up when I fall down. I love being a missionary. Recently Elder Park and I have been praying for miracles... phew... it is like the best secret ever. Through the day we keep our eyes open, and at night before we lie down to slumber... we think and talk about all the miracles we saw that day. I lika to say a wow! The Lord doesn't let us down... always we have a good list of miracles the Lord has performed. Maybe the Lord hasn't drastically changed the miracles... but our eyes have been opened to the handiwork of the grand Creator. I am able to see in every act I perform, and every thought or idea I have, the Lord guiding and directing this work. 

We have been thinking loads about member referrals, because we do not receive any from our ward. I was reading in John 4 where Jesus Christ stops and asks the woman at the well to give Him a drink. He explains to her that he can give living water, wherein she will never thirst again. She is converted, and runs back to her town to tell others. They listen, and come to find this Messiah... they only came because of the testimony of this woman... but when they left... ohhh it was a different story.
"So when the Samaritans were come unto him, they besought him that he would tarry with them: and he abode there two days.
And many more believed because of his own word;
And said unto the woman, Now we believe, not because of thy saying: for we have heard him ourselves, and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Saviour of the world."
First, Christ tarried with them... just because they asked. Second, these others believed because of his OWN word. Third, they heard for themselves and knew that it was indeed Christ, the Saviour of the World.
All we need to do is get people to come close to Jesus Christ, for whatever reason. As they do that... they will know for themselves. This humble woman, was a brilliant member missionary.

I know that Christ is the Saviour of the world. He died for me, as well as all the people currently in my vineyard. I am going to try my best to help them grow with deep roots in Christ, to be nourished by the Word of God which healeth the wounded soul. I do not want to be any where else right now. I know I am doing what my Heavenly Father wants me to do... I am not doing in the best I can... but I am trying. One step at a time, I will get closer to that fruit... that juicy, and white fruit. The pure love of God. I pray we will all Hold to the Rod. Keep on keepin' on. Even when we have to eat some rotten apples to find the right one. It is worth it. I love you, and I know you love me. If you don't... tell me why :) Have a wonderful Monday. Cheers.

Elder Krebs

Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011


I am really sorry to say that this will be a short email :( it is sad because I have had such a wonderful week. I am absolutely stunned how much success we are having here in grays, I'm beginning to think I'm in Brasil. I am proper boasting in the strength of the Lord today. He is helping us sooo very very much. This week we has three baptismal interviews! They all passed and we are well happy. Manchu has made some great progression and now is completely on board with the whole baptism thing :) She will be baptised on the 30th of July at 4:00. Elder Park's first baptism, you can only imagine how happy this little Korean missionary is :) We experienced two big miracles this week and thousands of little ones. The first biggy was on Wednesday. We went by to see Gloria... oh how I think Gloria is the most Golden investigator ever. It is hard to see her conversion because she was already completely converted, the only thing she was waiting for was the truth to be revealed to her. It reminds me of the scripture that Emily gave me when I left... Many are kept from the truth, only because they know not where to find it. This defines Gloria perfectly. Her only concern was about the authority and mode of baptism. On Wed. she, at the beginning, believed that the authority to baptise was in this church. She was questioning the mode. We explained it... then testified of it. At the end we asked... Now how do you feel about your date of August the Sixth... she looked at me and without skipping a beat said boldly "we're doin' it!!" ah snap! The spirit strikes again, and I love it. She is happy and loves church! She is basically a member already. Good stuff!

Now onto the second miracle :) SOOOO Hayleigh is 19 and the daughter of Theresa... Hayleigh is pumped to be baptised. She has seen how much the gospel can help... because it has helped her. Theresa is a little more skeptical, which is to be expected because she is wiser and has already been baptised. She was saying on Thursday that she knew it was true... but that she wasn't ready to be baptised. I was expecting maybe in early September. BUTTT... on Saturday. Elder Park and Elder Machen went by to interview Hayleigh for baptism :) She passed, and her mother passed and said she had prayed and received an answer to get baptised!! WAAAHOOOOOOO!!!! Hayleigh and Theresa will be baptised on August Sixth as well. I love prayer, because I know it works. I love the Book of Mormon because my daily study of it changes my day and my perspective. I am finding great joy in the work of the Lord, and wouldn't mind spending the rest of my days here. Things with Elder Park and I are going swimmingly. We wrestled the other day and I underestimated his strength... big mistake. I am now more humble. Things back home seem great and exciting! I have been praying loads for Laura and the rest of the family. Elder Park read one of the late emails last week and I was explaining the situation... so now he randomly asks me... "how is Tom Bay and Laura?" So funny and great. I know miracles come when we ask. Elder Park and I pray for them and they happen. We are moving to a point in our efforts that we will fall without the Lord... We have to pray to him to hold us up and make us fly. I cannot do this with out the strength and power of my Heavenly Father. I am nothing, but with the Lord I am everything. Wish I could explain about all the tiny miracles We have had... but maybe another day. I love you all :)
Elder Krebs
P.s. I will be in London today and will get your package :) Thank you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 18, 2011


What another great week in the service of my Lord and Saviour! They just keep getting better and better. I think one week is the best week... and then it is the next week. And now... it is this week. Elder Park and I are really learning how to forget ourselves and get to work. We had a really great experience with Gloria this week. She was progressing so very well... she properly enjoys church, loves reading her Swahili Book of Mormon (Hakuna matata is not in the Book of Mormon... so disappointing), and our visits and her answers to our questions are great! Therefore... it was time to set a baptismal date. She did not accept the first one on lines of authority and her already being bbaptized SOOO... we knew we had to teach about authority... but it can be such a hard thing to do. We don't want to tell her that her baptism was invalid, and that this is the only true church and none others have the entire restored truth... but at the same time we do want to tell her. Therefore you have to be sensitive about it and be bold but not overbearing. Elder Park and I spent the entire companionship study on an outline for the lesson... and practicing what we were going to say. I was feeling comfortable... but not completely settled. We went to her house and went through the how are yyousand niceties. THEN... Elder Park asked a super inspired question about the Book of Mormon... she answered and then in a spectacular way... the Holy Ghost told us both exactly what to say. The lesson plan was far far out the window... I think there was a dog eating it already. I felt the Spirit well strong. Needless to say because you know the result when the Spirit is the teacher and not the missionaries, but, she accepted to be bbaptizedon the 6th of Augusto. She is a great great lady... and the Spirit has entered her life. I pray she will receive that wonderful gift on the 7th of August and for the rest of her life be uplifted and edified by it.

My companion learns faster than anyone I know. I'll tell him something to try... like... vary your door approaches more to speak of more gospel truths. The next door... his approach is completely different, he is using english words I don't know and then we are inside the House teaching the Restoration. How the man does it...I do not know. The spirit is working in him as much as it is working in our investigators!

This week... I felt greatly indebted to my wonderful parents. Their example to all of their children was always positive and has changed my life. How many times have all of us walked into their room to see them both on their knees talking with our Heavenly Father? How many times did we whinge about them not letting us do something... to later find our why they said no? How much time did they unselfishly give us? Dad would go to work...only to come home and sit on his hands and knees while I tried to wrestle him and move any inch of his body. He would pay us to mow the lawn... when it was the least we could do to help around the house. I am so grateful for their perfect unity in raising us. When I would ask mom to spend the night at Andrew's she would say "have you asked your father?" and when I went to ask dad he would say "have you asked your mother?". How many times did dad force us to go clean the chapel on a Saturday morning, or to do varying types of service projects bright and early? I would complain and have a sour badattidude... but at the end... and now... I have learned the true happiness comes by serving others. I always left service projects happier and grateful for my dad who woke me up by popping my toes. Unfortunately next week... I would wake up complaining. The patience and raising me is now greatly appreciated. I love you mom and dad. Thank you for making our home a consistently Christ Centered Home. A place where we could all learn about and grow closer to our Saviour... and our Heavenly Parents. A place where I felt safe, and complete peace and love. I miss it now... but Elder Park and I sure can compete. 

This morning I asked him if he loved me and he answered quietly... "sure", my reply was "How much"... "Um... like a bean". I was aghast... "a bean", I said. His reply was "hey... that's a lot". 
I love my mission and I don't ever want to leave it. Today we are having a zone vs. zone futbol match! Too bad I have two left feet and am completely rubbish at futbol. Whatevs! I am a brilliant cheerleader. "GO Elder Park, you are the bestest"!
Thank you for all the love I get :) I am always open to Sour Skittles.
Elder Krebs!

July 11, 2011

hola familia, 

I will first start by saying that this week has been the most productive and most enjoyable of my entire mission. Elder Park were working up a sweat here in the Grays area. When I first got transferred here... all the missionaries were apologizing to me and saying things like "at least you gots a Taco Bell there". I wasn't really worried about it... because I don't really believe in bad areas. It is all up to our faith and hard work. Any area will yield fruit because Christ wants His children to come closer to Him. If Elder Park and I are being obedient and working hard... we will have success. I will testify that is true, because it is happening right now. This area is doing fantastic! I am day by day being blown away by the success we are having. I'm even more blown away by how tired I am every night that I go to sleep. Our investigators are keeping our invitations and they are feeling o espirito santo. (I am trying to continue to learn Portuguese... but It is not really working very well.) We have three portuguese recent converts... all who speak little english. I speak really good half english and half Portuguese. If I am speaking and a word comes up that I know... I'll say it in Portuguese... but if not... it is back to english. They laugh at me... but understand... so it's tudo bon. I love and care bucket loads for our investigators and recent converts. More than I ever have in my mission. It is obvious... but the more I love them... the more I'm willing to help them and do everything I can to allow the Holy Ghost to work in their life. It is great... praying for love really works. The other day... I prayed for love... and immediately I had an increase of love for all of them. God is great. 
Let me give an overview of our current investigators: 

  • Hayleigh and Teresa- They are miracles. Were looking for a church that was right for them. Talked with missionaries... felt a strong push to go to church. They came and thoroughly enjoyed every second... and have been the following two weeks following. Hayleigh is young... about 19. She loves to clean and reminds me of Laura. She is stuck... the Holy Ghost has changed her heart and she is intent on being bbaptizedon the 31st of July. Teresa is her mother... she has more concerns. She has mentioned that she has been hurt in the past... and has trust concerns. She thinks the 31st of July is too soon. Her mother doesn't agree with the "Mormon" church because she has no idea what it is, and won't listen to a thing about it. Other than that... they completely agree with the Word of Wisdom and do not drink tea or coffee. WAA! That is definitely a miracle. Everyone here drinks tea. It is like water. They are great... very english. Very open... we see them about twice a week and we love going to see them. Today is P-day... but we are going to see them in a little bit. Elder Park wasn't very happy about it... but it was the only time they could do it. Too bad for him. They were able to come to a members house yesterday and they loved it. Investigators in Members homes is like a home run! One of the best ways for them to realize we are normal... plus the members become attached to the investigators and help us loads more. Hayleighand Teresa are brilliant. We have high hopes for them 
  • Manchu- She is basically already a member of the Ward. She has been coming for the past six months. When we moved into the area... we asked if we could meet with her during Relief Society. During the meeting... we helped her see the importance of baptism and set up to see her twice a week! It was a blessing from my Pai Celestial. She has made HUGE progression and we are stoaked about her. She is engaged to a member and has a baptismal date for the 24th of July. The only concern she has now is they we teach her all the material before her baptism. When we first started teaching her... she didn't know really who Jesus Christ was and how he could help. Yesterday we asked her... Do you believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, your Saviour, and your Redeemer? Without hesitation she answered yes! SCore!! Even the appointment before... she was hesitating and saying she might know when she is babaptizedWe knew she had to know before... and now she does. I know the Spirit has touched her heart. We love the Holy Ghost. 
  • Gloria- She is from Tanzania... and has three beautiful children. Her daughter is four and is the cutest thing ever. I had the great opportunity to sit next to her in Sacrament Meeting and play games and read books. (I'm sure the High Councillor said some great things, hehe) We met her in town center and she said she was looking for a church with a Sunday School for her children. Next thing she knew... we were in her house inviting her to be bapbaptized love letting people know exactly why we are there... we want them to be bapbaptizedcause they will feel the greatest joy and guidance in their life as a result. Boom baby! That is why I am here... to help people find joy by bringing their lives in closer harmony with our Saviours. She actually has problems with baptism because it would be her second time. We quite boldly told her the reason we asked... was because of the importance of authority. She is Lutheran and was bapbaptizedere. She is going to pray about baptism. Gloria is the epitome of humility. She loves her children and spends all her time watching after them. She told us that she is beginning to think that Martin Luther got it wrong and Joseph Smith got it right. She told us she agrees with every thing we have taught her and loves church... the only hold up is authority and being bapbaptizedgain". I love her... and her spirit is amazing. The Holy Ghost will whisper to her that this is the truth and to be bapbaptized know it. If not today... tomorrow. God is looking after her and all our investigators. Don't tell... but she is my favourite right now. 
  • God be thanked for these brilliant investigators and all the help he is giving us in caring after them. My prayers are ones of complete gratitude and love. We feel greatly blessed. 
My companion is progressing so quickly. It is great to have him as a companion and friend. In a spiritual thought yesterday with Hayleigh and Teresa and the Member familia, he told them he loved me. THen very very quickly and with loads of embarrassment said... no no... I like you. It is great to know how he truly feels about me. He is still afraid of dogs and it is constant source of joy for me. On Saturday... we were tracting Dell Road. We knocked on a door and a dog started barking super loud and then ran like a bullet into the door making quite a scary noise. Elder Park RAN to the other side of the fence. I am chuckling to myself and he says "Elder... not funny. I almost took a pee to my trousers". Of COURSE this only made me laugh harder. The next ten mins was taken to explain peeing in your trouser and not taking a pee to you trousers. He has great faith and a testimony as strong as a rock. We are tearing it up hurr in grays boi! The ward better be ready for all these recent converts :) 

I love you all very very much!! 

Chow chow... 

Elder Krebs

P.s. Elder Park loves KFC and we are going there now. I also stopped a man in town center with a Hook :) Proper legit I am. 

July 4, 2011


how grateful I am to be able to email you today. my mission just keeps getting better and better and better. i can see more and more that the Lord is blessing me and through hard work our investigators are feeling the spirit and becoming converted. the spirit and Book of Mormon are our most powerful tools in conversion and I am trying to use them the very very best that I can. Working with Elder Park has really been good in re-applying the basics. I was getting comfortable... but now I realize why they are the basics and why we must use them. His testimony has so much power... every time her shares it with our investigators I realize that everything with be okay. Today is Independence Day!! It is interesting here... because no one celebrates it. I wonder why....... hehe. This morning I hung up a large American flag up in our window... when Elder Park saw it he said "oh no elder... thats danger". I'm not too bothered. Recently I've been thinking about how inspired our forefathers were. How much the Lord guided them... even when His priesthood was not on the Earth.  The Church of Jesus Christ needed to be restored to the earth... and the way was provided. It was even prophesied of in the Book of Mormon. I am grateful to have citizenship in such a wonderful land. I wish we were treating in better now. I believe we are forgetting how merciful the Lord has been from the beginning to our fathers. 

We had zero baptismal dates last week and now we have three. The Lord is properly blessing us. We are very excited about a mother and daughter... Hayleigh and Teresa. The daughter is reading and applying the Book of Mormon. I love it. She said she was looking at other churches but said she knew this one was the right one for her. How happy we were... right after that... someone invited us over to have dinner. Life is well good. Hayleigh has committed to be bbaptizedon the 31st of July and her mother... should follow. She has some more concerns. It was interesting. I was very very worried about the two of them. We wanted to make sure we did everything right. On Saturday night... I told my Heavenly Father exactly how I was feeling. I shared my concern and begged for help. Right when I did that... I completely became confident and changed. It was a direct answer to my prayers. To calm my concerns. The next day is when Hayleigh told us she knew this church was the true church. How grateful I am for prayer. It is becoming the most important part of my life. The other date is Mancho. She is engaged to a man in the ward... and we thought she didn't have a testimony. SOO we kept focusing on reading and praying for an answer and she would say she didn't feel anything. We kept talking to her about it and rrealizedit is because she already has here answer and knows it is true. She wants to put her faith in God and therefore we invited her to be baptised on the 24th of July and she accepted. How wonderful life is.... and how sneakily the Spirit works. 

Today to celebrate... We might go to the Only ONLY ONLY Taco Bell in England... which happens to be in our Area :) Does the Lord love me... or does the Lord love me?? Prayers do get answered.... even if they are for Fire Sauce from Taco Bell. 

Another interesting thing about England is that it doesn't get dark until about 11:00. It is sooooo weird. When we go to bed at 10:30... it is still light outside. Weird... but I like it. In the winter it gets dark at like four. I don't like winter. 

I love my family... especially my Father. Happy Birthday... a card is in the mail. I'll tell you what I like about you on that :) 

Elder Krebs