Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 7, 2011

How wonderful life is,

I love my family and love hearing updates from you and how you are doing. It is interesting that I hardly ever think about back home, yet there are so many things going on. Every thing continues to move... sometime I think it has all stopped. But no. That is not right. I am feeling much better this week... I would say about 95%. Elder Paul has been great. I was only stuck in the flat for the one Sunday night, and this week we busted our bums. We worked hard... and had a hard week. It was a week where I was humbled and spent a lot of time self reflecting on how I can improve. I forget quite often that Elder Paul is a new missionary. He is brilliant. Ready to work. Ready to receive the impressions of the Holy Ghost and follow.

We have been teaching Abana, Felicity and Adwoa for about 3 months now. They have been progressing, but a lot of things have been getting in the way. The Lord has helped us all over come these challenges and now they are ready and prepared to enter the waters of baptism. We hope and pray for them nightly to act on the spirit they have felt. I know that the Spirit is in our appointments... and now I want to make sure that it is the Senior Companion. I want to teach by the Spirit, as we learned in conference. This week a number of people that we have been teaching of have recently found decided not to continue learning, or have not been keeping commitments. I want to be able to know that I did my very very best in helping them feel the spirit... so I do not feel guilty. I just want to be a perfectly clean vessel for the Spirit to flow through.

Last night... we were teaching a family from Nigeria. It was the first appointment and we were excited. The kids were gathered round and the father was ready. We began to teach them about how the original Authority of Christ was lost but restored to the earth. Therefore... membership in the church that holds and distributes that authority is necessary. We bore great testimonies and the Father asked question like... How do I know which church is true?
At the end... the 9 year old son raised his hand and said he had a question... He asked " Is this really the Lord's Church?

Of course it is!!! It has the correct Authority! I love the Spirit. At the end of the lesson... we sang "I am a Child of God" and then the Father offered a beautiful prayer. We try our best every single appointment to teach and do every thing we can by the Spirit... so they can feel and be converted. I know that what we are doing brings joy into peoples lives. Any pastor can make a bad person, good. But only we can promise people eternal life. Only we have the true authority from God. We teach people not only to believe of accept Jesus Christ... but how to use and apply His great sacrifice of Love. That is why we have the Gospel of Jesus Christ... to teach people how to accept and follow Christ. He is the Way, the Truth and the Light, no man cometh unto the Father, but by Him. That is true... what we have is precious and pure.

I love you all and am grateful for your sacrifice to the Gospel. The more we use and apply the Atonment into our lives, the more joy we will have.

Elder Krebs

November 14, 2011

Hiya Fam,
This week has been a normal missionary week. I worked in Basildon on an exchange from Monday to Wednesday and I drove the car there. Driving is so so wonderful when you have been walking for the past year. The car is a manual car and so I learned to drive a stick. It is one of the life skills that I feel I should have, and therefore I feel more accomplished now. There are some great recent converts in Basildon. A young mother with three children has absolutely changed her life and become converted completely to the Gospel.
In our District... we have begun each day to write down one flake of gold... one miracle that the Lord has done for that day. It is great to have experiences... and then have Elder Paul turn to me and say... that was my flake of Gold.
We are teaching many lessons... and it can be hard. We teach and feel the Spirit with so many people. But then they do not read... or pray... or come to church. It is frustrating that people have their agency. I know this message will help people... but they have to put forth some effort. We cannot do everything. Just as we cannot expect our Heavenly Father to perform miracles in our life unless we are following him. How can a car mechanic fix a car when we won't bring it to the shop. We cannot have people feel the inexpressible joy of the gospel if they will not read and pray.
This week will be the baptism of John Okorie. He is from Nigeria and is the greatest man. He was just married to a Recent Convert named Eva Friday. They will be a great asset to the Ward to help it become more multicultural. We have taught him really quick... but he will be interviewed on Wednesday and Baptised on Saturday. I love baptisms. What a great way for people to feel the power of the Atonement. To have all their sins washed away. To feel the grace and love of Christ. To be clean enough to be sanctified by the reception of the Holy Ghost.

This gospel is perfect. I love sharing it with everyone.
I want to be a missionary forever.

People need this message. I know it.

I love you all.

More than Freddo's (little chocolate frogs)

Elder Krebs

p.s. sorry so short. busy P-days. Next week will be a great email. I promise.

November 21, 2011

Hello familia,

This week has been a brilliant one... as always. I am grateful for the opportunity and privilege to be a missionary. I feel as though I am changing very much... but we will see. Hopefully I don't ever fall back onto bad habits.

Our recent converts are doing absolutely brilliant. WoWOWO! It is sooo good to see and really helps me to see there is more than just baptising numbers. These people have no idea what they are getting themselves into, being baptised is like entering a whole new world. It is a new life. I really am grateful for the chance to have so much success in Grays, and be able to stay and see what happens after baptism. It is the first chance I've really been able to have. Theresa and Hayleigh were baptised on August 6th and it has been a roller coaster ride for them. But they are doing fantastic. Theresa is especially doing amazing. I love her. She was so hesitant to be baptised... and after the baptism almost threw in the towel about six times. Now she is in the Relief Society Presidency and she loves the challenge. She sees the change that has happened in herself and she loves it. Hayleigh is struggling a tad because she hates her job. I feel for her... but she will be strong. Gloria is the greatest in the world. There is no better example of a golden investigator and recent convert than her. She has three kids and her husband is in Africa... but she still manages to do all the things she needs to do. She will take sometimes two buses to church... with her children. She has no problems and is now being a great missionary. She gets the whole thing. She knows that this is right.

Manchu Hui is just fine... she is engaged to a very strong Jamaican member. They are great together and he really helps to support her. Eva Friday was baptised a little before I came... but was less active when I met her. Now she is active and her husband John was just baptised on Saturday. She is sooo great and bears just a brilliant testimony of the Lord being active in our life. She tells every one about our Church and is a key to our finding. The best news ever... is that they are all going to the temple tomorrow. ALLL of them... to do baptisms. It is going to be an absolutely incredible experience. They are all quite close because they all have Sunday School together. I am not grateful that I can not be there. I have more than just a friendship with these people. They are literally my family. I love them dearly and want everything good for them. They are treasures in my life... that I never expected to have when I came out on my mission. I thought it was robotic work... but this work is to be done with all the Love you have and can muster. Nothing works here... unless you love the Lord and help His children. I know every thing hangs off of those two great commandments. A great Brother taught us that. These recent converts have changed my life and helped me discover a different type of love. I think it is quite similar to the love that Christ has for us, a willingness to give everything for their happiness.

The baptism with John Okorie was just so simple and smooth. I hemmed his trousers :) Go Elder Krebs. His wife spoke and he gave some comments as well. Their testimonies are sooo simple. They believe in Jesus Christ and want to follow Him. They don't know what Kolob is and they don't need to know. They have a testimony that they can change through Jesus Christ. So simple... So perfect. This is the simplicity that Paul talks about in the New Testament. John love the missionaries and we love him. Wanna know something crazy? We only taught him five time total! It has been hectic for him... because he works in London... but he passed his interview with President and has a solid wife to read with every night. Won't it be lovely when they are sealed in one years time? The church is TRUE!

Elder Paul is a God send. He has been my best friend these past months. I love working with him and he is keeping me right where I am supposed to be. I believe he trains me more than I train him. Obedient and cheerful. We are working hard. One of the problems we've been having recently is this, we teach a fantastic lesson by the Spirit (or so I think) and then they do not read afterwards and they don't answer the phone and will cancel appointments. They are not understanding... and it is really difficult. We are examining ourselves so much it is making me sick. We are going to put a double emphasis this week on the Book of Mormon... and we are going to focus on the power it has and the promise attached to its words. Through my studies and experiences... the restored Gospel of Christ is making more and more sense. It is helping me build my faith because I know that these things are true in my heart and mind. Especially in relation to why it is needed when we have the Bible and the Christian world. Any preacher can make bad men good. But only we can help people come to the Celestial Kingdom. Only this restored message has all the truth necessary for complete joy. All the pieces of the puzzle are needed... and Joseph Smith was even better at puzzles than Jeff. Maybe because the Lord was guiding and talking with him. The truth has been lost... and now it is here for all to experience. If any one lived the teachings in this church... they would see a new light in their life. We are trying now to help people see it is worth it.

Unfortunately those open enough to try... are rare... but they are there. Even for you. Keep your eyes open because the Lord is preparing people for you and I to find and help. He will lead them to you and you to them. Don't miss a spiritual prompting from the Spirit. Don't deny the Spirit when it speaks quietly to us.

This mission is great. I love this work. I am so blessed with the people I've been able to meet. The ward here is great and takes care of me. I love them. We do have a Thanksgiving meal planned on Thursday at 14:00. It is starting to get cold in England... but I'm excited. Life is good. Transfers are in 2 weeks and I will most likely leave because I've been here for a while. Sad that I will be transferred right before Christmas because there are many families here I would love to spend time with over Christmas. There is something to learn from it though. Always something to learn out of every experience. Hopefully I'll get transferred to an area with a car so I don't freeze over the winter. I love you all... mind how you go.

Uncle Bubs

Saturday, November 5, 2011

October 31, 2011

Dear Family,

I will like to give glory to my wonderful family today. But, I give all the glory to God. Last night was most likely the worst night of my mission. I haven't gotten really sick my whole mission. Never has being sick caused me to stay at the flat. Yesterday was a tad different. We went to a members house after lunch, and I broke down. I honestly destroyed their toilet. Poor family. I felt like my insides... wanted to be on my outside. And so they did. I went home afterwards and slept till about 8:00. Gathered the names and key indicators for our Zone Leaders... and then tried to sleep again. I couldn't though, because I had a crazy headache. I started throwing up again and it was just terrible all night. You should all feel super sorry for me ;) The only reason I tell you that today is because this morning, we had Zone Meeting, and an Elder handed me a great big package from my familia. What a great thing to have when all I wanted last night was a hug from my mom. I felt like I got wrapped up by my family. And as I logged on to email today, I got a great number of emails from my family. You are helping me out. I felt close to the Saviour last night in my extremities. I know He is there and supports us.
I am staying in Grays for the next six weeks and I am extremely excited about it. I love Elder Paul and he helps me to become a better missionary. He always tricks me, and I think he has been out for a long time. He is spot on.

I still feel really rubbish right now, so I don't really have the energy to email.
Love makes every thing possible. I love my Heavenly Father... so I will be obedient to Him. I love these Investigators... so I will serve them. I love my family... so I will pray for you.
Keep your heads up, and count the little flakes of Gold.
Heavenly Father will bless us.
God is great. He is there.

Thank you. I love you all.

Elder Krebs

October 17, 2011

Hiya familia,

Oh how I was dreading my emailing this morning.
I enjoyed it all though. My family is brilliant. We are teaching a family today about the 10 commandments... so I shouldn't covet. It is very difficult.

We had a great week this week... let me tell you. The highlight of the week was a baptism on Saturday. It was not in our area... it was in Basildon... but we brought out main investigators (Abana, and Adwoa). The reason we went is for the investigators... but I knew that Laura would be getting married just about the same time. I thought I might as well be witnessing the best part of being on a misson while my family was all together. The last song at the baptism was Families Can Be Together Forever. I was standing outside... alone. I had the strongest feeling of joy and peace. I know that our family... through the Priesthood of God... will be together for all eternity. The baptism was just fantastic. I loved it. The lady getting baptised was named Lazette. She is from Angola and therefore speaks Portuguese. I really enjoyed speaking really brokenly to her. I really really want to learn Portuguese... but it is really hard because I am really lazy to learn. There are so many other things that I need to do. It is low on the priority list. She had LOADS of friends at her baptism and they mostly spoke Portuguese! I was lovin' it. We sang a song for them... It was Love One Another. We all sang it together in English, then I sang it again in Portuguese... and then we sang it a third time and I sang the Obbligato part.

I love singing... in most of our appointments now... we sing. Elder Paul and I have some great arrangements. Abana loved the baptism. She had such a strong testimony of the Restoration... but her commitment is lacking. She is planning on going back to Ghana before she gets baptised... and it is really sad for us. She'll be back in three weeks... but we have been working with her and her two daughters for a while. They know they need to be baptised... but are lacking the faith to seek first the kingdom of God. I know they will be baptised... just a matter of when. At the baptism though... she asked me when the next baptism was... I looked at her and asked... your baptism? She replied... we will talk about it on Monday. Today is Monday :) :) :) We shall seeeeeee. I am grateful to be a Child of God. One in which God can work though... I love being an instrument in His hands. To play the music these people must hear. The Holy Ghost is everything in this work. We are nothing without its converting power.

I am taking my Driving Test today. Oh please pray for me. The test is very picky... but simple. It is very easy to fail... and I do not want to do that. It cost £62 and that's about $100. That is a lot of money. I am comfortable with my driving... but I hope not too comfortable. Who knows what will happen. I have done the best that my means allow. Ah... I'm nervous.
I hope that everyone is safe and completely exhausted. If you are... you know exactly how I feel now. All the time. Missionary work is hard... I will testify of that. It is rewarding and spiritually uplifting. We have experiences that we will never forget.

This week...
We taught a Jamaican man who started speaking in tongues.
Abana's daughter cooked us some Ghanaian Rice and Chicken.
We met Spoch in town centre. He asked us if we had an extra kitchen.
Multiple people told us the Book of Mormon was from the Devil. (It's not)
We found some great people who want to hear more and are elect.
Elder Paul and I have a great vision for this area... we dedicated it up on a great big hill overlooking the area. We will have two + baptisms in November and December.

The pictures I have attached are some from this past transfer....
Elder Ireland and I at the Gatwick Airport... just before he left.
Elder Paramalingam and I at Picadilly Circus... where the count down has been placed for the Olympics. He is from my group and we go home at when the Olmpics start.
Lazette and her son Charlie. They are wonderful... great testimonies.
Elder Paul's first companions... and then his real Daddy!
Elder Paul and I by a weird building... I don't know what it is.
I love my family and think you are wonderful. Thank you for all your support and love. I really love all of you. I am glad to have so much great family.
Keep me and the Grays area in your prayers. We both need them...
The Church is True.

Please email me with your favourite conference talk and WHY?? That is your invitation for the week.

Elder Krebs

October 11, 2011

Hi family,

Unfortunately weeks letter might be a tad short. We are tight for time today.
I am very content. This week was difficult because I was sick and tired all the time. I really learned how to trust in the Lord for honestly every step. It wasn't a terrible sick... but it was a really annoying coughy sick. I love my new companion. He has the biggest heart and really exemplifies the commandment to love thy neighbor as thyself. To be honest... I think he love me more than himself. He is just brilliant. He helps me to realize how much I have changed since I have been a greenie. I want his fire, and his boldness. I was just like him when I came out and now I really miss it. I think I've become slightly less energetic about the work. He is really doing wonders to make me strive to do more and become more.

Our investigators are moving slowly... but forward. Abana and he two daughters Adwoa and Felicity are our main investigators right now and they are doing great. Unfortunately they will be going to Ghana soon, and therefore their baptismal date will be pushed back just a tad. They feed us food yesterday and it was well nice. The chicken was much better than my Kentucky Fried Chicken. I really do love them and desire them to press forward and enter the waters of baptism. She has a simple testimony, but she won't deny it. I am really hoping and praying for them. We have been finding some great new investigators and we cannot wait for them to become baptismal dates and then recent converts. Hayleigh and Theresa, Gloria, and Manchu are doing spot on. I am really excited to be a part of their progress and progression in the Gospel.

Theresa went to the temple last week and said it was "an indescribable experience Elder Krebs, I felt the thanks of all the people I was helping". WOW!! She is now 2nd Counselor in the Relief Society Presidency. In my older days as a missionary... I have grown the biggest desire to help recent converts stay active in the Church. How important is that endeavor. There is no point in doing missionary work unless you feed the lambs. I pray for the people I have helped every night, and feel such a bond and responsibility for them. How grateful I am today for the Lord and His blessings. I wait daily on His hand for support. We work and work and work, but God gives the increase. Working when we are tired... is one of the best tests we have. I thank God for trials I have in my life... and God be thanked for the divine gift of His Son Jesus Christ. I love you all.

Elder Krebs

P.s. Good Luck Laura... Never lose Hope. I am sooooooo excited for you.

October 25, 2011

Dear Family,
It is so great to be emailing today. Everything seems to be going brilliantly at home. It is truly amazing to see how many blessings our Heavenly Father continues to pour out upon our family. I am very happy that God is with us. That is what happens when you follow our Father's plan... he blesses us with light. We are nothing without light. Jesus Christ is the greatest light... I know this church preaches and testifies of Christ. The whole purpose of everything we do is to come closer to Him. We believe in Christ. I know it. I love having the Priesthood line and the Personal line. I love having a perfect organisation, to support a perfect gospel and way, if only the people we're perfect. We have everything we need to succeed. I know we can all do it. I have hope, a pure hope in Christ. We cannot fail... we are Children of a loving Heavenly Father.

My companion and I are absolutely loving Grays. We currently have 5 people with Baptismal Dates for November.
They are our main investigators. Abana, Felicity, and Adwoa have been investigating for 3 months and are still progressing, but going through a lot of trials at home in Ghana. It is causing a lot of stress, and therefore affecting their progress. Abana is still struggling to come to church... but Adwoa (11 yr) has been 3 times and was in the Primary program last week. Maureen is a great great investigator from Nigeria. She has been searching for a while for the right Church and she has found it. I love her. She came to church last week and loved it. She will be coming from now on. Our fifth date is named John. He fiancee Eva, has been baptised since April and is spot on. She has a wonderful testimony and loves this church. We had an appointment with them today and set the date of the 19th of November with John. He loves coming to Church and has been three times already. He is really searching and honest.
Other Investigators are progressing and hopefully we will be able to set three more baptismal dates this week. If not three, then two.

I DID pass my drivers test!!!!!!!!!! How grateful I am for that. I was very nervous. I just wish I had a car now. I passed with four minors, and you are allowed 15. I don't want to brag or anything... but... I be brushin' off my shoulders. I miss driving. All the American missionaries can drive for one year. But as for missionaries with their proper license... I think about 20.

I am eating very very well. Too well. I am enjoying cooking... but we also eat at members houses about 3-4 times a week. I am not gaining or losing weight... I am just continually having an inter-tube around my waist. Rubbish. I haven't gotten your package yet. I hope soon... maybe tomorrow after we have post from London.

The Hardest part of my mission right now is progress. I feel like my progress I'm making now is very very small. Almost impossible to spot... I want huge progress like I saw at the beginning of my mission. Now... is the difficult and hard part. The small things. I am trying to perfect my missionary labours. One of my goals for my mission was to become a perfect teacher. I think... that to become a perfect teacher... you just have to teach by the Spirit. I am striving soooooo much to have the spirit continually. I am striving to give my Heart, Might, Mind and Strength to the Lord. He deserves it, and expects it. It is the first and greatest commandment. I want to give my all. But it is hard... because I'm human. Errr. Sometimes I get covetous of being a God.

I am really enjoying my mission. I have loads of faith in the rest of my mission. I have ten months left... and it scares me thinking about it. I want it to be full of the experiences I've had an are currently having. I know the Lord has soooo much in store for me. I want to get everything out of this mission, and to do that I must put everything in. You get what you put in. I know I can do it. Life is great. Thank you for all your support and continual love.

Elder Bubby