Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 17, 2011

Ello Mum,

Let me just tell you how tired I am right now. It is the first P-Day of the transfer which means Zone P-Day. It is very interesting, we always have a meeting in the morning and then the Zone Leaders usually have something else planned. Today the plans fizzled away because of the rain... we did go to a big castle here in Norwich today and I walked around with Elder Cziesla from Germany. All of the companionships in the zone got split up this last transfer, so we have tons of new missionaries. I love meeting new missionaries and old ones as well. They are all so great and have a wonderful testimony. There is so much to learn from everyone. Anyone can be our teacher and example. Our zone is going to be great! I most likely won't be here for very long, because at the end of this transfer I'll have been here for 6 months. A whole fourth of my mission! That is weird. I'm already getting scared that the end is going to sneak up on me. It gives me more drive to work harder now! For the rest of the day we played futbol and knock out and a tiny bit of frisbee. Therefore we are beat. I haven't exercised this much in a really long time. Life is very good though... I have really enjoyed today.

My companion is great. I spelled his name wrong in my last email... it is Elder Rallison. He is from a tiny town in Idaho, named Franklin. It has about 650 people in it. He grew up on a cattle farm :) He said that tons of Napoleon Dynamite was filmed behind his house. He worked at the same chicken coop that Napoleon did. He has a great sense of humour and has me laughing all the time. To be honest... he reminds me of Brother Ninow. But I do not want to kill him. We are going to work really well together and find, teach and baptise thousands. It is a blessing to live right next door to the Zone Leaders, we have so much fun together. It will be weird to go to an area where I am alone with my companion. I am learning tons of new things with each companion.

I cannot really think of much to say. Ah... I feel so bad. Christmas... It was full of mixed emotions. I love the wards here and therefore they took care of us. I felt really left out though. Seeing all the pictures of the family was really hard. It was wonderful to talk to you and I really enjoyed it. It felt so normal. Like I hadn't missed anything. I love my family and am so grateful that we are sealed together forever. In the long term I haven't missed anything. Woot Woot.

For investigators right now... we have one. Her name is Jackie and she has a baptism date for the 12 of February. I feel that she is solid, and will get baptised. She is old and therefore very hesitant about doing much of anything. She came to a child of record baptism and she felt the spirit and now she knows what it is like. The miracle is that her husband came as WELL!! He has been a big question mark the whole time, but he supports her now! I think it is going to help tons. She is a great lady and has a wonderful testimony. Stella is on the very far back burner and our other investigators either dropped us or got baptised. Therefore Elder Rallison and I are building a teaching pool. Finding is the way we spend the majority of our time. We had 24 hours last week and I imagine this week will be more. I want to have a big teaching pool, and then go swimming in it. Finding in town center has been really rough and I wasn't really doing much of anything. I hadn't found any potentials in a really long time. I was really frustrated about it and therefore decided to pray and ask for potentials. I found that it was helpful, that day we found for two hours in town center and found 13 potentials... therefore prayer works. I know that it does. It is the best way to align our will with Heavenly Fathers will. It is the means for obtaining the highest blessing in heaven. I love finding different things that work for me. I love praying and speaking with my Father. I love listening to the Holy Ghost and practicing following it. The gospel is true. Truer than anything else is true. God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. We can pray and come to know that it is true. Prayer is real. It is a conversation. Will you all pray and then listen? Wait... for thoughts to come into you mind. People to help, ways to improve. I love you all.
Elder Krebs
P.s. I will have a little time to email tomorrow. Hold your horses lil g money.

January 11, 2011

Hiya Familia,

Wellllll.... It is Tuesday, not Monday :) P- Day is different because of MOVES!! I am staying in Norwich... ahh yeahh. Unfotunately Elder Young (my daddy) is leaving me. He is going to a place I have never heard of, called Elisbury. I think. Far away from Norwich, but everything is far away from Norwich. That is no surprise. My new companion is Elder Rollison. He has been out 17 months and seems like he is a real great guy. I am very excited for something different. Considering its been the same for the past four and a half months. That is not to say I don't enjoy being with my daddy, change is good though. Elder Young has been the perfect trainer for me. He has taught me the things I didn't know I needed to learn. I have been able to figure out what works best for me and how to forget about myself and just worry about making sure Elder Young is happy and that the work is going forth. Companionship Unity is key in missionary work. 

But, the Spirit is even more important. I was studying and realised that the Spirit needs to be directing us where to go, what to say, and what to do. The Spirit like I've been told so many times is the key in missionary to convert God's children. I have spent the past week concentrating intently on listening to the Spirit. Dad told me in an email to follow its promptings when I teach. It was the best advice at that time and enabled us to have a wonderful lesson with Stella. Unfortunately the lesson ended up with us dropping her... but at this time. It is the best for her and for us. I know the Spirit was the teacher in that lesson, and teaching with the Spirit and following the Holy Ghost is the way to become the best missionary. How lucky we are to have this wonderful gift. We must practise in using it. Listening, and courageously acting and following. I am very excited for the next year and a half I have to dedicate my life to the Lord and practise listening to the Holy Ghost.

I have received all my packages now :) One from tam and Laura. Our investigators and less actives loved the gift packages and were so grateful. One from Emma :) One from Mum with my white shiRRRt. I loved it. And an envelope from my sister lala. I feel so loved. Still waiting on my packages from Chuck, Matt, and Jeff. I'm sure the mail is just a little slow. I love and miss my family so much. It was great to hear all your voices. Sorry i postponed present opening. You'll be blessed for it. Hope the belt is treating you well little Gmoney.
I love you all so much.
Elder Krebs.

January 4, 2011

Hiya Familia,

It is a wonderful New Year. I will be spending the entire year in the beautiful country of England! How grand is that?? I bet ya'll are jealous! But better yet, I will be serving the Lord with all my Heart, Might, Mind and Strength. Now ya'll are really jealous. I was praying just the other day and realised that this is most likely the only time in my life that I am going to be able to bear the title of Elder and represent the Saviour in everything I do. I wear his name directly over my heart :) I am so soso so very lucky. This week I have been thinking about dreams, goals and aspirations :) Why we set them and how we accomplish them. My thoughts have been this... we set goals because they are what we want to become. They represent our pure desires and who we want to be. It is very easy to set goals.  

As we pray... we come to the Lord and he will show us our weaknesses. If we can't find any... we should ask the people closest to us. I know all to well that it is easy to find things to improve. I have been thinking tons about accomplishing these goals. Why are so many not accomplished if they are our desires? They are who we want to be. Most likely it is other things that get in the way, like children. Or work. I was thinking about goals, and how our Heavenly Father thinks about goals. Our goal and his goal is Immortality and Eternal Life for us. The way we receive that goal is through following Jesus Christ. The way that determines if we achieve that goal is ultimately accounting for our actions. I think accountability is the key to goals. In the mission, we account to someone. I believe that if we want to accomplish a goal, we need to have someone to account to. It can be a friend, spouse, parent, or most importantly our Heavenly Father each night in prayer. I read the long email that mum sent me about all the family goals. I loved reading it. I know we can all accomplish those goals, but only though planning and accounting :) I will send out an email with my goals and I can account to the whole world :)

I wish we had more time... :( We have appointments today, so our email time is going to be cut short. I really miss my family. Reading all the memories and goals made me realise how great our family truly is. I am so lucky to have six older siblings as brilliant examples. Our past week was slow. We have half of New Years Eve off and all of New Years Day off. It has been really weird having tons of free time. We have been spending it mostly with members. Trying to uplift them. For NYD we went to the Baldock Family (the parents of the couple we went to for Christmas). I think of all the families I know, that one is the most like our family. I love them and they are great to the missionaries. I am very excited to work hard this next week. It should be the last week with Elder Young. Then everything is going to change. I am very anxious about it. I am comfortable with Elder Young. I hope everything works smoothly. I love my family. I really do. I can't wait for the day to go to the temple with all of my siblings and parents. To have the closest view of Eternal Life together. Hope all is well. Hope Grant is nice and chubby.
Happy New Year.
Elder Krebs
P.s. I'm not fat, its my hair... it makes me look... poofy.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

December 27, 2010

Hi Family, 

I wish this could be longer but i'm in the Apple Store right now because the library is closed. I just wanted to send my love to everyone and say how thankful I am for the presents I received and hopefully will receive in the post. It sounds like this was a wonderful Christmas in AZ. I am very jealous. Hope all is going well. I love everyone. Especially my parents. I can speak for the whole family and say you are the best parents we have ever had :) This new year is going to be a fantastic one. You better believe it. Happy New Year! 

Keep on keepin' on. 

Elder Krebs

P.s. I love my mission. I'm never gonna leave. 

December 20, 2010


It has been a roller coaster of a week for the Dereham/Norwich Elders. The best week of my mission by far! Cara and Tasmin Sykes have been baptised :) They have partaken of the tree of life, they have changed the eternal course of their life forever. My joy is so full. Hopefully I will be able to attach a picture :) It was so nice getting into my white clothes. Entering the warm water, and being completely overcome by the warm and peaceful feeling the Spirit brings. Everything went just as planned. I was going to sing Rob's "Saviour Redeemer of my Soul" but I got quite sick last week and therefore I sang "When I am Baptised". It was a little less stressful. The two girls were a little nervous but excited. The Dereham Ward is amazing, and they have been super supportive the whole time. I absolutely love the Dereham Ward. We have gotten so many gifts and cards. They are great. Everyone is happy to have us over and take care of us. Feels great. 

I don't feel like it is Christmas at all. My favourite part of Christmas has always been being with family. Now that that is out of the question... All that seems to hit me is the commercialization. And everyone in the street saying "no" and "I don't have time". It is going to be hard... but I am trying to have a good attitude. We have some good plans for Christmas... It is interesting how much time we get off. I don't know if I'm gonna like it. Hope I can stay focused. On Christmas Eve we work till 3:00 pm. We are then going to go to a American Family for the night, and Elder Young is going to phone his family. Christmas Day... we are going to Billy and Claire Baldock. They are an amazing couple with one kid. We really like them. I love them :) They begged us to stay the whole day... so we are... and I'm very excited to relax all Christmas. Therefore I can call anytime on Christmas day. I will call at 4:00 though. I am going to purchase a calling card and then i'll call pops. If something doesn't work right... you can call me at 4:30 our phone number is 07800614565 and the code for England is 044. So I think all together that's 04407800614565. Too many digits i think. No calling till Christmas. I am not sure if our phone will accept international calls though. Guess we will find out. We get the day after off as well... they call it Boxing Day. We only have to work from 6-9. We get all New Years Day off and half of New Years Eve off. I was disappointed that I have to be asleep for 12:00. But i figured I will still be awake when the big apple ball thingy drops and you can bet your bottom dollar/pound that I will be banging those pots for all they are worth. Listen for them in the US of A. 

So more secular things! Mum, do you have any Christmas music on the computer that I could sing for the Ward Carol Concert on Thursday? If you do will you email them to danks. ALSOOOOOO!!!! I got the package from Kentucky... but all it was, was a piece of paper saying I had to pay 25£ ($40) in custom fees. It was because the Gift Price was valued over £40. It was very irritating that I had to pay for my present. But now our flat smells nice and the tree is on the wall with my stocking and presents underneath it :) Thank you. You can reimburse my account if you want. It also cost me £100 to send my package to america ;) (hopefully dad falls for it tambam, I could be rich). I haven't received any other letters or packages yet :) Hopefully they will arrive soon. We have a Zone Christmas Conference on Wednesday, with 2 Zones. I am excited for that :) Hope blessed we are to celebrate Christmas with our family. How blessed we all are to have all that we need. Jesus Christ was born to a righteous virgin mother in a manger. So humbly he grew. Having just what he needed. Going about the will of His Father. As we remember this Christmas Season, and prepare for the New Year... let us all go about the will of our Father, by following His commandments and His Son. 

How simple the first Christmas was... and how simple the gospel is and always will be. We are so blessed to know what we need to do to live with our Heavenly Father again. We should never look back. As a missionary Luke 9:59-62 hit me especially hard. Nothing is more important than doing the work of our Eternal Father, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. "Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God." Jesus has ALWAYS told us what to do... but more importantly he has showed us what to do. Let our actions speak louder than our words this season. Let us do more than say. Work more than wish. The work of our Father will go forth till His purposes areaccomplished and the Great Jehovah shall say... the work is done. I am enveloped in a work so great that it floats above our capacity of understanding. But we can all do as much as we possibly can now. And we will.
I love you.
Happy Christmas (England is weird)
Elder Krebs
P.s. Its cold here. This damp cold goes straight to your bones. Especially when you are finding for 22 hours a week :) My friend in Peru said they try and get 9 hours of finding a week. What wimps :) every mission to their own. He is teaching about triple the lessons we do... but that's not the point. This is the greatest mission in the world. No doubts.