Monday, November 22, 2010

Picture time!

November 22, 2010

Hi Mum,

This email might be a tad shorter because I sent emails out to all the siblings individually.

This week has been an interesting one. I have for sure learned the most in the past week than any of the other weeks. We have had many problems and concerns pop up with our Investigators. Stella was going to be baptised on November the 27th. She was so excited for it... she was picking out Hymns and Everything. I was going to sing a song and everything was magic... but this past saturday (nov. 20th, my three month, thats weird. 1/8th done. I don't like that. Its going faster and faster) she said she had some problems and up until now we havent had any contact. Sad. Hopefully all is okay. The Portuguese family said they were not interested in hearing anymore... they felt really bad about it because we have gotten really close. Two other not so solid investigators dropped us and we dropped two. It has been like a cleansing :) Missionary work is hard. It tries everything you've got. Your emotions, mind, strength, and spirit. Come sunday night I'm absolutely drained. That is how it should be though. I love knowing I've given everything I've got to missionary work. That I am trying as hard as I can to forget myself. If I don't want to do something... it doesnt matter because this isn't my missin or my time. It's the Lords time. 

This week has been an emotional roller coaster... but I'm still just as happy as ever. I am genuinely happy. I find myself always smiling. I'm striving harder and harder to listen. listen to the spirit. listen to my companion. listen to our investigators. listen to the cool english wind. To realise that when things go wrong... it is not the end. We always will have a hope that through Jesus Christ's atonement we can be saved.

Some great things have happened this week though. Brother Kite, a less active that has become active told us that he just found that he could tie his eyebrow hair to his chest hair. HOW FLIPPIN Brilliant is that?!?! He is the coolest/weirdest man ever. That was probably the highlight of my week :)

Transfers calls are on monday night (november 29th) and transfer day is on wednesday. P day is on a tuesday.
Elder Young and I will most likely not stay together and since he has been here a transfer longer than me... he will most likely be transferred. BUT you never really know. I'll keep you in the loop.
Sorry this is short... but I love you and I love my family. I love all my friends and I love life. Life is Good. I am learning so much and growing. Growing closer to my Saviour. Nothing makes me happier.
Elder Krebs.
P.S. I went on the American Air Base in Thetford and the have a store with all american food :)
I got tons of frozen burritos and corndoggs. Funny what you miss over here :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 15, 2010

Family and friends,

Oh how lovely life is. I am so blessed to be in the England London Mission. The greatest mission on earth. I love it here... but I sure do miss america. Good thing we are having two thanksgiving feasts :) with two different american families. I am definitely going to be fat when I come home, except that I've been running every morning and Elder Young and I walk every where. I mean every where. I like walking though. Makes me healthier. We can also talk to people along the way. Daddy asked if we tract houses more or street contact. We try to do equal amounts so we don't get burnt out. This week we got 20 hours of finding in only five days because P-day on Monday and Zone Conference on Tuesday. Out of all those hours finding... we have one new investigator. Its difficult to keep going when you look at it that way... especially when the obvious better way is to receive referrals from members. We just keep going though... knocking on doors, stopping people in the street. It is fun though because you never know whats going to be behind door number 347. I have met oh so many interesting characters. 

The two pictures attached are one of me next to a KFC advert. Everyone here loves KFC and whenEVER I tell someone I'm from Kentucky they chuckle... then say "is that where the chicken comes from?" oh how it never seems to get old :) The other is me next to a Lego Buzzlightyear reppin' my Kentucky Wildcats. I don't really know whats going on this year... and I honestly don't really care. The Lego Buzz was at this huge toy store we went to in London. I can't remember the exact name... but its super old and famous. and HUGE. Six floors of just toys. All kinds of toys. Wow. It is slightly ridiculous. That is the first store we went to in London. We took the tube there and I really liked the tube. Its fun. SOOOO many people from EVERYWHERE. Its karazy. No one speaks english. All other different languages. We went into a couple of stores... but I just loved looking around and just watching. It is a completely different place. We went to a store called Harrods. It is honestly the Great and Spacious Building. The store is the definition of posh. It is the biggest store I've ever seen. They have two food courts with different sit down restaurants... all out of my price range. They have many different stores inside. You can find anything you want at this store. Designer everything. So expensive. The highest quality of everything. It blew my mind and I was so happy to be back on the streets again. It wore me out. We went into so many different rooms and the whole time I had no idea where I was. 

That night we ate at a Burger Joint called GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) and it was delicious. After that we stayed the night at the AP's flat. I really like both of them. I've gotten to know them pretty well. In the morning we went to ZONE CONFERENCE. I was the happiest little boy ever. I got to see Elder Mosalakae, Elder Brozzu (my companion), and Elder Cena. All Elders from my mtc group. It was the first time I've seen any of them because I live so far away from everything. I was so happy. so happy. I can hardly explain it. I missed them oh so much. I can't wait till they are in my district or maybe even my companion. I was also able to see my roommate... Elder Hinckley. That made me so happy as well. I loved seeing them all. I liked the zone conference as well... very good trainings. I learned so much... and got to meet so many missionaries. 

Life is good. The best news this week was a letter I got from andrew. It was the best news a best friend could ever receive. This is what he said "For weeks straight I prayed morning and night and told God that i had no desire to go on a mission, but I know its right, so if you could please give me some desire it'd sure help alot. And although for weeks my desire never changed I didn't stop asking for that desire. And now I desire nothing more than to serve the Lord on a worthy full time mission. And the cool thing is I actually WANT to, my prayers were answered." The faith that andrew had for the Lord to change his desires is brilliant. I love him and am so happy. If we all could have the faith and perseverance as andrew... then our lives would continue to grow closer to the Saviours.
I love you all.
Elder Krebs.

Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010

Herro family,

I am currently in London, England right now. In the smack dab middle of it. We have zone conference tomorrow and therefore we came up a day early to spend P-day in the city of London. I love it here. I love looking at all the people and their faces. Everyone is so different. A different childhood, parents, and life. It makes me really want to share the Gospel with them because it is universal. I love this work. When anyone asks me how I am, my immediate response is that i'm fantastic. I feel so content and happy. I love waking up each morning, running and then tracting. Could life get better? I submit that it cannot. 

They just raised the Standard of Excellence from 17 hours of finding to 19 hours of finding a week. That is huge and will just make us work that much harder. Every decision we make is a time to learn. I love deciding to do something, then falling to my knees to ask God if that's what he would have me do. I love pausing in prayers and my mind being made clear on how to help our investigators. Most often I will be directed to a chapter of scripture for them to read. It is wonderful how the Book of Mormon brings the spirit. I love teaching from the Book of Mormon. I love using Alma 7 to teach the Atonement and then inviting people to be baptised. We are having some wonderful experiences. 

Fatima's husband Rui came to stake conference yesterday and all the talks were perfectly directed at him. I love it. One of the talks mentioned that you dont have to go to the Sacred Grove to gain a testimony and I was thinking "it sure blasted helps... and if just walking through it and praying doesn't do it... try singing hymns with 26 other pre missionary boys". I cherish the rare and unique opportunity to live at the foot of the Hill Cumorah. This week we found a new investigator in Dereham named Charlie. She is around 30, single and so golden. We went to her home and taught her with our Bishop. The lesson was by far the best lesson we have had. She understood so well and was very excited to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. She told us... I'll repeat... she told us that praying was the only way she would know if it was true. She wants to know and I am 100% confident that the spirit will whisper to her that the Book of Mormon is true. She also mentioned that she's always had a close close relationship with God. That he speaks to her mind and heart. She spoke of a dream she had before she met us about a man sitting on a chair reading a book. She knew the man to be Jesus Christ and he was reading this book that she didn't recognise. To her it seemed as though he was reading it to find out if it was true. She said she put herself in that situation but didn't know what the Book was. After that dream we knocked on her door and offered her a Book that was Another Testament about Jesus Christ. It gives me chills and fills me so full of thanks. She has been prepared by the Lord to meet with us and hopefully she will be willing to follow Him in faith. The bishop invited her over to his home on Saturday for dinner and a lesson. I am praying so hard she will receive an answer. Almost begging. 

Our other really solid investigator is Stella. She has a baptism date for November 20th and I'm pretty positive she will make it. She was prepared as well. She doesn't have any support in her life besides her son and the relief society is perfect for her. We went to a Hog Roast with her on friday and I mentioned to her that I had just started the Book of Mormon and that we were now in about the same place... 2 Nephi 3. Once I said that we started getting a little competitive... and saying that we were gonna read farther than each other. Since we were going to teach her the next day I issued the challenge that by our lesson tomorrow I would have read farther than her. She accepted and I read that night to about 2 Nephi 10. I was pretty confident that she was around the same area and that I wouldn't be too disgraced. BUT ohhh how I was wrong. When I asked her how far she had read... she chuckled and said... I read all of 2 Nephi and now I'm in Jacob 3!!! She SMOKED me. That was all in about 24 hours. She loves the Book of Mormon and knows it is true. She wants to be baptised and we are so excited to she her sins washed away on Nov. 20th. Then the next week to see the Holy Ghost given to her so she can have it abide in her forever. 

Baptism is a wonderful wonderful covenant that is so simple. We remember Christ and strive to Keep His Commandment and we can be forgiven and have the Holy Ghost with us always. The more I study it and ponder on baptism and the Holy Ghost, the more I want to talk to people and tell them all that can be theirs forever. AND... from the Hog Roast... Elder Young asked for the pigs head and they chopped it off and gave it to us. Elder Young carried it home and cut off all the meat and now we have so much hog and a pig skeleton in our flat. Wow. It is a great memory and I really enjoyed it. Living next to the Zone Leader is a hoot. It is now Elder Frobel and Elder Cardon and they are great. Every night we spend the hour we have after planning just talking and laughing. Elder Frobel reminds me so much of my older brother... Charles Hancock. And Elder Young continually reminds me of Elder Kearl. I love it. I feel like I'm living with my best friend. I'm so proud of andrew and his decision to serve a mission. No regrets will ever come from that decision, only blessings and a more Christlike life. 

The broadway live thingy seems amazing and so much fun. Way to go mum. You always get roped into these things and end up doing way too much. It is fun to see the fruits of   your labour though. The harder something is to accomplish, the more meaningful it is to us. As far as food is going... I love it. I'm getting into the swing of things and spending my money very wise. Eating tons of fruit... but not so much veggies. We have some great meals from Elder Young. He was a chef in a five star restaurant in London. Needless to say I don't go hungry. He decided to stew the pigs tongue and I'm scared. He made Onion Rings the other day and they were brilliant. I love that man. Too bad I always have to do the dishes :( 

I love you all so very much. The Lord is blessing us with people to teach and people that will listen. Pride is the great stumbling block in Zion. As soon as we believe we can do it. We are furthering our self from God. That is not good. I wish to remain humble... but for us krebs... that is a challenge. Much love. Cheers till next week. 

Love, Elder Krebs

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 1, 2010


I am quickly getting lost in the work. time is beginning to fly by and the Heavenly Father is blessing me. your past email brought a lot of news i wasnt prepared for. i dont really wanna dwell on mat and julie, but that is sad. i feel bad for their kids. those blessing ripped away from them, of an eternal family. sad.
well on a good note... i'm glad you are out and about serving. thats my mother i grew up with, always serving someone else. hope your ankle is all better... sure was a bad sprain.
i want to talk about our investigators in this email. my full hour is gonna be cut a little short, but i'll give you a good run down. they will be in order of most promising to least.
Stella- we found her knocking on doors. she is so very prepared for us. she has a baptismal date set for November 13th, but she has to give up smoking for a month before she can be baptised. that is a misson rule and it is really good for retention rates. Stella is now obeying the Word of Wisdom but she has time to prove herself now :) She is wonderful. Single. Older. Doesnt work. Loves the relief society. So happy for her to have found the Gospel.
Rui and Fatima- A Portuguese family (greg... where did you serve in Portugal?). They have one son. At first they were very questioning... at least the husband was. the wife has so much faith and loves church. she immediately knew the Book of Mormon was true. Rui is slowly finding out. He has read about 150 pages in about three weeks and prayed with us out loud for the first time! That is HUGE!! wow. the spirit was so think. i was loving it. they also have problems with the W of W. Coffee and Tea are like water in Portugal. They know its true... and now they have to begin to follow Jesus Christ. They were very relieved when they realised they didnt have to do what we do all day. Rui said one day "last time when you left my wife said 'they are not human... they are angels'". thats right... an angel. boombaby.
Rebekah- has two lads... we have spent so much time with her. i believe it was a waste. she came to church... and was reading... but wouldnt pray out loud with us. we have been teaching her since I arrived and I still don't believe she has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. She is a great single mum. She now doesnt want us to talk about baptism or pressure her into reading the Book of Mormon. She wants to do everything on her own time. She doesnt want to rush into things and isnt in a hurry. That usually means they don't believe it is true. 
We have some other potentials that could progress... It will depend on if they read and pray. 
There names are... Dean, Maria, Patrick, Jackie, Diane, Symoah, Marguret, Joan, Yarra, and Frank. We are teaching them all... but they all have their issues and problems. As we all do.  
Tobe- He is hosey. Always just want to call us back :( but never does. Havent been able to meet with him in a while.
Georgina- She committed to be baptised but now is wishy washy. Really busy and we havent seen her in over two weeks.
Peter- After the step in he dropped us :(
These are three stories that break my heart. I was so excited for all of them. They want to know... but turned the message away.
When we aren't teaching we are tracking and oh how it can tear you down. So many hard hearts... so many people content. Very few are receptive... but the elect are out there. Therefore we keep knocking on doors and talking to people in the streets. About 18 hours a week of finding.
I love working. Being in the flat makes me antzy. I want to always be doing something to progress the work. Never lose the fire for the Gospel. The way to do that is to DAILY... read the scriptures. Daily. To take full advantage of the open communication we have with God and then to listen. I think when I get home I am going to not talk for a month and just listen. I cant do it here... because i gotta talk to everyone. Everyone needs to hear. Everyone. I love my family. I love the people we are teaching... seeing them progress fills me with pure lasting joy. Pray that the next week will be full of lessons and progressing.
Elder Krebs
p.s. one.