Friday, August 26, 2011

August 9, 2011

Shalom :)

This week has been a week of change. I am with a new companion doing the same thing :) We have some great things happening here in Grays, and the Lord is blessing us tremendously. I think He is blessing our whole family, including Grandma. It is interesting to read the updates about her in one bulk, because I saw the whole process at once. Now she seems to be doing better, and for that I am glad. I know that we will see and be apart of the legacy she has lived forever. The light she gave unselfishly shines through all of us. I love my Grandma and my Grandpa. The are a dynamic duo of testimony and love. I know we can eternally progress in this gospel, and when we shed this imperfect body that slows us down... our progression will be exponential. We do have an imperative duty to do all we can now to get closer to Him and on the right path. Three wowonderfulaughters of God chose to hop on the path and come closer to Jesus Christ. It was a beautiful weeweekendhe baptism was busy and stressful. The confirmations were by far my favourite favourite part. The spirit was soooo strong and beautiful. It spoke lovely songs of confidence and peace to my heart, and I know this decision will only bless them. Elder Park was not able to be here... which was sad... because we found, and taught all three of them. He was depressed... but it made the Sisters more rearealizeey were doing it for themselves and not because they trusted missionaries. They have all had the spirit confirm to them their decision, and know it has blessed their lives. God is great. He is preparing people for us to find. And then pouring the spirit upon them... all they have to do is open their heart a tiny tiny bit and it will begin to change their thoughts, actions, and desires. I am grateful to be apart of such change. The great thing is that I feel it too. The Lord is shaping and molding me. As I turn my will over to His will... I am more grateful, and positive. I have greater love for others, and desire to help them. As our investigator Godswill wonderfully put it... "I believe this church is ordained of God. The Lord has put it on the earth at this time for a certain purpose!" You are quite right Godswill. Quite right old chap.

Sorry this email is late... we were quite busy yesterday in Illford. Then Bishop called up and needed our help last night. Busy busy! This week is going to be an interesting one... trying to help all the new members have everything they need.
I have a question for the family... especially the returned missionaries. Will you give me advice for my year mark? What are the things I can do now that I have the "hang" of the missionary labours? I do not feel that I've been here a year and to be honest... I can't really be bothered about it. The Lord needs me right now. I know I'm doing the right thing, in the right place. I just want to be better at doing the right thing... so if you have some advice... please send it along. I love advice and quotes :)

Elder Ireland is great and ready to work. He is full of faith and knows why he is here. I am proper excited for the success we will have as a result of so much faith in the Lord. The Lord will bless the faithful.
Some one asked when my release date is, and I believe it is on August the Ninth, interesting... one year exactly from today. Weird, makes me sick thinking about that. I just wanna stay here and work. It is wonderful.
Hope all is well. I am excited for the wedding. Stinks I'll miss it. Oh bother... maybe you should have a destination wedding. Tempting?
Love you all and care about you.
Elder Krebs

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