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December 13, 2011

Hi loverly family,

I absolutely love my new area and my new companion. He is fantastic and humble, and wants to work hard. I can't wait for all the lessons that await for me to learn. I really feel like I am in a breaking point in my mission. If I put in a little bit more effort... than things are just going to explode. The thing I am constantly trying to overcome is the silly natural man. It is rough having to do things you know you should do, and are supposed to do.... but not necessarily wanting to do them. I want to master myself. Allow my will to be swallowed up in the will of my Heavenly Father. I know it will be a life long quest... but this mission is the best place to put my feet on the right ground and in the right direction for a whole life of growth. I have felt the spirit stronger in the passed month than ever before. I am beginning to see how if I put my trust in my Heavenly Father and if I keep myself clean than I will always have the spirit to be with me. I cannot wait for the day when I'm perfect. Oh how far away it is. We'll all get there. I know we can, because Christ has died for us.

The area is spread out... we have a car... but... maybe not for long. Elder Lingam's previous companion went over 700 miles on the alloted miles last month and now we have to park the car for a week :( and President told us to be very careful because the sisters in the Zone could easily use our car if we abuse it. It is green... beautiful and fall. A good mix of people. Town centre is small... but effective. The ward is missionary minded and our ward mission leader is spot on.

Our investigators include a man named John... he is great. We are working with him and he wants to be baptised soon.
Tony and CheChe are a great couple with two children from Zambia. Cheche was very excited at first but now is not joining our lessons. Tony is preparing to be baptised on the 24 of December. How happy we are for him... and we are striving to have his wife join him.
We have others... but not sure really how interested they are at the moment. We'll see... I've only been here for six days. Seems like I've been here forever.

On last Saturday we drove to Buckingham... and there happened to be a Parade in the town. It was like a jackpot. The whole town in one spot.... so we went around and tried to give Joy to the World DVDs. Unfortunately... not many people wanted them. We gave a couple away though. We stopped by a referral and have an appointment this Saturday with him. He is a doctor and really open to learn and read. I like him a lot.

Yesterday we left around 9am to go to Kettering for a Zone Meeting. We planned to arrive at 9:45... but we arrived at 2:00. Why you might ask? Well... some cars here in England you fill up with Diesel fuel... not unleaded petrol. I don't know why... it is silly. Well... our car is a diesel car... and we put about £60 of unleaded fuel in the tank. BIG CHALLENGE. About 1:00 a fuel tech arrived and flushed all the fuel out and cleaned the tank... and then we were back on the road. Not a very great way to start the day... but while we were waiting at the Tesco... the four of us bought cheese and crackers and ate a feast in the car.

If we fill up with the fuel of Satan... our car will not go anywhere... but luckily we can be cleansed through the atonement of Christ and put in the right fuel to get us to heaven. I want all the right fuel. Lesson learned.

I love you.... running low on time. We gotta work work work. No satisfactory substitute.

Elder Krebs

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