Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012


Hiya family! How incredible it is to see my two brothers holding their brand new babies. It was a complete realization that life does not end... and there is sooo much more to experience. I could not even begin to imagine that there is life after mission. I was talking to one of my Zone Leaders Elder Brown on Friday and he made an interesting point. He said that all his life... everything has been pointing towards his mission. School, marriage, and occupation were things that were all going to be taken care of after the mission. I love the confidence that comes from knowing that if I repent daily and do all the little things I know I am supposed to do... that I will be guided by the Holy Ghost and everything is going to be okay. I will be happy and there is and will always be hope through our Saviour Jesus Christ. Phew... don't have to worry now.

This past week to be honest has been really difficult for me. I was feeling pretty goood after leaving Grays... but I took too much credit... it went to my head and the pride cycle began to be in place. This week was the humbling... realizing that everything I receive or can do comes from my Father week. I am very grateful for my Heavenly Father though for doing it. I see so many great examples around me right now of humility and I think this week I have gained a greater appreciation for it. My pride is sooooo deep. Noone else can probably see it... but it comes life a thief and can ruin everything. We read in the Book of Mormon that it was the downfall of the Nephites. As I was praying about it. I received a tad bit of revelation on the subject. I had been focusing more on other study tools... like the New Testament or Preach My Gospel... and my reading of the Book of Mormon has not been as diligent. The best way to protect against pride is reading the Book of Mormon. The whole Book documents thousands of people being destroyed all because of the root sin of Pride. I hate it. I hate pride. I want to give all the credit to God all the time... I want to think of others more than myself. I want to be able to learn and grow from others and never put myself above someone else. I want to be able to receive compliments and direct them toward my Heavenly Father... and never breath them inside. There are sooooo many things I need to improve. Sorry for ranting on and on. You most likely don't want to hear things like that.

Christmas and New Years were brilliant. The ward really took care of us... it was a tad weird being in a place only three weeks and then barging everyone's parties. The work was hindered a tad... but I feel as well that it was bolstered. Asking people why they celebrate Christmas... got loads of confused looks. They have nooo idea...I believe presents was the #1 answer.
The past two weeks have been filled with finding... and some teaching. We are lacking the amount of investigators that I would want to have... but that is just fine because the Lord will provide.

Tony, who was baptised on Christmas Eve, is doing just fine. He can really recognize the spirit and it is wonderful. I loving helping recent converts and investigators become spiritually self reliant... just like with finances. How great it is when they can have problems... but then find their own answers through prayer and study. It is sooo sad when people chose to go against truth and the straight and narrow way. Living the gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ is not easy... in fact it is one of the most difficult things in life to dooo... but in the end... it is the only true course. Day by day is how I have to live... doing small things daily... allows us to do big things. We have to learn to have enough faith to step into the darkness though. I love the excitement that the gospel brings... I love the progression and life long pursuit that it gives us. I love that it is more than just a game or mear entertainment. I love that life is eternal... I love that families are eternal... I love that my family is brilliant.
Our attitude determines our altitude. The more hope we have... that higher we go.

I love you more than drowning in sour skittles.

I totally forgot to tell you..........
last night we were tracking and there were houses on the left and a field with horses on the right. We called them over and we started feeding them grass!!! So cool. I felt like I was back home... except the fence was a nasty brown. And I love my companion. He is helping me sooo much. His faith is incredible and he teaches me daily.

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