Friday, April 6, 2012

March 26, 2012

Dear Family,

This week feels like a blur! So many things happening. Great and wonderful things though.
For the two exchanges this week I stayed in Watford. Elder Mills from Mesa came on Tuesday and on Thursday Elder Pollard came to Watford. It is an absolute joy to be able to have two exchanges a week. I learn sooo much from all the missionaries around me. Everyone has a different rhythm and style. It is fun to pick and choose different ways of doing things from others... then create a customizable style. Fun fact... I learned that in England... they call Unibrows... Monobrows. How brilliant is that? I love all the funny little sayings here. They just make me laugh. I was talking to a man from Scotland and another Brother yesterday at church... I needed to go talk to someone else though... so I said "please excuse me, I just need to talk to someone". The Scotsman said... "I'm not going to squeeze you... I'll get talked about". Oh Scotland.

This week... we have so many blessings from our Heavenly Father. On Saturday... 7 appointments cancelled. So what do we do when appointments cancel? Go do major work in the Town Centre. Good thing it was a gorgeous 21 degrees (Celsius, I think it is about 70 F). We stopped a lady from China that has been here for three months. She doesn't really speak English. Sooooo we said some things in Mandarin... and some in English. We got her phone number and had a Chinese member call her that night and she came to church on Sunday. It was sooo great. Four members in our Ward speak her language and they all attacked her. As we were waiting with her to get picked up for Church at the Library... she turned to me and said "Elder... I think problem... i no speak english". I said "no problem"... I went and got a Chinese Book of Mormon and Restoration Pamphlet and gave them to her... she loved it all! She will be at conference next week :)

We were walking to the town centre after we parked the car on Saturday and we saw the Sisters contacting in the park. We went and talked with them for a couple minuets and then started to walk towards town. Before we left the park we stopped a young lad and began talking. We ended up sitting down on a bench right there and teaching the Restoration. He loved it and said he has been looking for a community of believers... he said that he thinks baptism is exactly what he needs right now and asked if he could be baptised before Easter. AHHH. That is about two weeks away. We shall see :) Probably not... but miracles do happen. I am really excited for both of these new investigators! It is a blessing stopping everyone you see... cause you never know who is passing you... it might be your next baptismal date. The Lord knew that Ping and Paul were going to be in the town... and so he cancelled our appointments so we could find them. I just pray next time we can plan by the Spirit more effectively so we can have both.

We are going to London today... and I can't wait! I believe a water balloon fight is planned in Hyde Park for 1:00. We are going to have two appointments right now and then travel via the train to Euston Station and then Hyde Park! Loverly.

I hope all goes well in the UK... I am going to work like I've never worked this week. For some extra help. I hope the play goes well... and life doesn't get too crazy. This week... my revelations were all around the topic of this "Life is not about making things easier, but learning how to do hard things easier". We must do the difficult things... for they refine us. I love you all very much. Go watch the Bible Video's for FHE! They are very interesting... They make you think.

Elder Krebs

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