Monday, October 18, 2010

October 16, 2010

Hiya family and friends,
since moves calls were actually last night our p-day is today, because monday will be moves day. that means i get to email early :) it also means that if you were procrastinating the day or your email writing... then youre too late. i believe the only emails i got were from big emma and tammy. they are winners in my book. oh, a mass email from chuckles about public relations... thats brilliant bytheway. too bad he hasnt personally responded to the email i sent him two weeks ago  i'm a little bitter if you can't tell.

well my first transfers were very uneventful... neither Elder Young or I are going anywhere. that is very good... because I dont think i've fully learned everything i need to learn from him. i'm praying to be teachable so i can learn. what that also means is that i'll be here in norwich for another two transfers because Elder Young will leave next transfer and i'll have to stay because i'll be the only one to know the investigators and area. another 3 months in norwich!! i love the area. even though its so very far away from London. our really crazy, hyper, but awesome zone leader is being transferred and so the flat next door might calm down a wee bit :) i'm excited to work. to forget myself and work. saying youre gonna forget yourself is easy... doing it is really hard. the moment you think "I want, I think, I need", you have to start all over again. my mind is kinda alll over the place right now, i'm in a pondering mood. hmmm. sorry if this email is rubbish.

I had emails with our mission president on thursday and they went really well... i passed. i'm not coming home. when anyone comes from London they usually bring any mail that was sent there. they dont actually forward mail from the mission home to me. i got mail from the oregon krebs, and matthew alan kearl and oh how similar he and my companion are... its is mind boggling. i dont know when the next batch of mail will make its way to norwich... hopefully soon. always something to look forward to having. i'm sure it will be filled with goodies. i just recently found a shop that sells Reece(sp) cups and i'm very content. cooking is going grand... i would love ideas from my sisters or brothers on things you really enjoy that i can cook semi quickly... and are cheap to buy and wont perish quickly. we never know when we will be eating... so sometimes food will have to wait. i've made a couple stirfrys, grilled cheese sandwiches, hash browns, french toast, tikki masala sauce and chicken over white rice, chicken wraps, all kinds of different mexican dishes, and of course we have all the dinner appointments. no really exciting stories with dinner appointments yet, nothing i've absolutely loved and nothing i hated. 

they usually always have pudding after dinner... usually a cake covered in custard. i love hot custard on top of anything. mmm. i might be twice as big when i get home... my own personal food storage. especially when bob and henry take us to buffets... too bad the number one china buffet is in lexington, kentucky. bob and henry are honestly my favorite two old men ever. they both don't work and live off of benefits. they are so much like the two old men from the muppets. we took henry to see an older single bird (lady) and he flirted with her the whole time. i threw away everything about flirting i MIGHT have ever learned from matt, sean, jeff, chuck and glen. nevertheless... she'll be at church next sunday and probably be baptised because of good ole 'enry. i want to take a picture with them and send it to you. they just make me smile so much, i'm sad because they left today to work in the temple for two weeks. they love working there... its the highlight of their month.

When i got here there werent really many investigators at all, and now we have some great ones and we find more and more each day. the Lord is blessing us with people to teach. it keeps us busy... on wednesday we have 2 member present lessons and six other lessons, with 3 hours of finding. that is a FULL day... no time to eat or sleep. but always time to pee :) the days are filling up with things to do and to keep us busy. i love it. we have been let down a ton though, people falling through and not being able to meet with us. thats just how life is, and we must just keep on pressing forward. street contacting is HARD. it always humbles me so much. i feel like i'm so small. so insignificant. i'm no though... and that keeps me going. knowing that i'm doing a good thing. making my Heavenly Father righteously proud. i swear... you could offer people twenty quid on the street and they would still turn you away. they are very against any change in their life. they are set. makes things hard. but when things are harder... we become just that much stronger when we overcome them. they are for our good. we have become spiritually separated from Jesus Christ. let us continually be growing closer to Him.

I love you more than getting stuck in the slides at BYU.
I love you more than building snowmen sideways. 
I love you more than rope swings. 
I love you more than getting beat at acquire. 
I love you more than everything. 

You are the ones that have helped me get here...thank you.

Elder Bubby Krebs

p.s. life is too short to get frustrated.

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