Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 25, 2010

Dear mummy,

I'm currently standing at a computer in the fourm. its a big huge library type building. the upstairs computers are closed and so i only have limited time here to write to you. this week has been very long because of transfers. its been the best week numbers wise and i'm most for ssure the most tired. our numbers keep steadily increasing and i love it. we will see a baptism in November, i am so filled with faith. the Lord POURS out His blessings upon those that constantly strive to follow him. 

I felt impressed this week to talk about complacency. i dont have enough time to really talk about it like i wanted to, but i will scratch the surface. i was thinking about our family and the amazing blessings we have. all the siblings are being blessed with families and are still in the church. (laura... you will find him. youre absolutely gorgeous... i saw a picture of you on tams blog and i was blown away. he is being prepared for you... its just taking him some more time to catch up to you). I just wanted to say that we cannot ever slack off. we must always be setting goals and progressing. thats what this life is for... to progress and prepare to meet GOD. dont ever think that youre doing alright. to be satisfied with where you are at in life. 

Our goal is to be perfect like Jesus Christ. No one is, and therefore we must always be desperately trying to find out how we can improve. i have so much to improve... i am so far away from the relationship i want with the Godhead. to get closer to God and Jesus Christ you have to be close to the Holy Ghost. it will bless you more than is possible to imagine. i pray so hard every night that the Holy Ghost will be my constant companion and that it will direct my every action. i know if i'm obedient than it will be with me. sometimes its very hard to be obedient. i can do it. please pray that i will have the desire to be obedient and that i will have the Holy Ghost with me always. i love my family. the next life is going to be filled with more joy that we can hold. i felt an overpowering amount of joy from seeing gpa krebs and playing with the kids. i want to put stickers on his face. i have left my eternal family for two years to tell people they can have the same thing in there lives. it is worth it. i have to share this. with everyone.
Much love,

Elder Bubby Krebs.
p.s. sorry it was short. time for bed.

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