Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 17, 2011

Ello Mum,

Let me just tell you how tired I am right now. It is the first P-Day of the transfer which means Zone P-Day. It is very interesting, we always have a meeting in the morning and then the Zone Leaders usually have something else planned. Today the plans fizzled away because of the rain... we did go to a big castle here in Norwich today and I walked around with Elder Cziesla from Germany. All of the companionships in the zone got split up this last transfer, so we have tons of new missionaries. I love meeting new missionaries and old ones as well. They are all so great and have a wonderful testimony. There is so much to learn from everyone. Anyone can be our teacher and example. Our zone is going to be great! I most likely won't be here for very long, because at the end of this transfer I'll have been here for 6 months. A whole fourth of my mission! That is weird. I'm already getting scared that the end is going to sneak up on me. It gives me more drive to work harder now! For the rest of the day we played futbol and knock out and a tiny bit of frisbee. Therefore we are beat. I haven't exercised this much in a really long time. Life is very good though... I have really enjoyed today.

My companion is great. I spelled his name wrong in my last email... it is Elder Rallison. He is from a tiny town in Idaho, named Franklin. It has about 650 people in it. He grew up on a cattle farm :) He said that tons of Napoleon Dynamite was filmed behind his house. He worked at the same chicken coop that Napoleon did. He has a great sense of humour and has me laughing all the time. To be honest... he reminds me of Brother Ninow. But I do not want to kill him. We are going to work really well together and find, teach and baptise thousands. It is a blessing to live right next door to the Zone Leaders, we have so much fun together. It will be weird to go to an area where I am alone with my companion. I am learning tons of new things with each companion.

I cannot really think of much to say. Ah... I feel so bad. Christmas... It was full of mixed emotions. I love the wards here and therefore they took care of us. I felt really left out though. Seeing all the pictures of the family was really hard. It was wonderful to talk to you and I really enjoyed it. It felt so normal. Like I hadn't missed anything. I love my family and am so grateful that we are sealed together forever. In the long term I haven't missed anything. Woot Woot.

For investigators right now... we have one. Her name is Jackie and she has a baptism date for the 12 of February. I feel that she is solid, and will get baptised. She is old and therefore very hesitant about doing much of anything. She came to a child of record baptism and she felt the spirit and now she knows what it is like. The miracle is that her husband came as WELL!! He has been a big question mark the whole time, but he supports her now! I think it is going to help tons. She is a great lady and has a wonderful testimony. Stella is on the very far back burner and our other investigators either dropped us or got baptised. Therefore Elder Rallison and I are building a teaching pool. Finding is the way we spend the majority of our time. We had 24 hours last week and I imagine this week will be more. I want to have a big teaching pool, and then go swimming in it. Finding in town center has been really rough and I wasn't really doing much of anything. I hadn't found any potentials in a really long time. I was really frustrated about it and therefore decided to pray and ask for potentials. I found that it was helpful, that day we found for two hours in town center and found 13 potentials... therefore prayer works. I know that it does. It is the best way to align our will with Heavenly Fathers will. It is the means for obtaining the highest blessing in heaven. I love finding different things that work for me. I love praying and speaking with my Father. I love listening to the Holy Ghost and practicing following it. The gospel is true. Truer than anything else is true. God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. We can pray and come to know that it is true. Prayer is real. It is a conversation. Will you all pray and then listen? Wait... for thoughts to come into you mind. People to help, ways to improve. I love you all.
Elder Krebs
P.s. I will have a little time to email tomorrow. Hold your horses lil g money.

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