Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 4, 2011

Hiya Familia,

It is a wonderful New Year. I will be spending the entire year in the beautiful country of England! How grand is that?? I bet ya'll are jealous! But better yet, I will be serving the Lord with all my Heart, Might, Mind and Strength. Now ya'll are really jealous. I was praying just the other day and realised that this is most likely the only time in my life that I am going to be able to bear the title of Elder and represent the Saviour in everything I do. I wear his name directly over my heart :) I am so soso so very lucky. This week I have been thinking about dreams, goals and aspirations :) Why we set them and how we accomplish them. My thoughts have been this... we set goals because they are what we want to become. They represent our pure desires and who we want to be. It is very easy to set goals.  

As we pray... we come to the Lord and he will show us our weaknesses. If we can't find any... we should ask the people closest to us. I know all to well that it is easy to find things to improve. I have been thinking tons about accomplishing these goals. Why are so many not accomplished if they are our desires? They are who we want to be. Most likely it is other things that get in the way, like children. Or work. I was thinking about goals, and how our Heavenly Father thinks about goals. Our goal and his goal is Immortality and Eternal Life for us. The way we receive that goal is through following Jesus Christ. The way that determines if we achieve that goal is ultimately accounting for our actions. I think accountability is the key to goals. In the mission, we account to someone. I believe that if we want to accomplish a goal, we need to have someone to account to. It can be a friend, spouse, parent, or most importantly our Heavenly Father each night in prayer. I read the long email that mum sent me about all the family goals. I loved reading it. I know we can all accomplish those goals, but only though planning and accounting :) I will send out an email with my goals and I can account to the whole world :)

I wish we had more time... :( We have appointments today, so our email time is going to be cut short. I really miss my family. Reading all the memories and goals made me realise how great our family truly is. I am so lucky to have six older siblings as brilliant examples. Our past week was slow. We have half of New Years Eve off and all of New Years Day off. It has been really weird having tons of free time. We have been spending it mostly with members. Trying to uplift them. For NYD we went to the Baldock Family (the parents of the couple we went to for Christmas). I think of all the families I know, that one is the most like our family. I love them and they are great to the missionaries. I am very excited to work hard this next week. It should be the last week with Elder Young. Then everything is going to change. I am very anxious about it. I am comfortable with Elder Young. I hope everything works smoothly. I love my family. I really do. I can't wait for the day to go to the temple with all of my siblings and parents. To have the closest view of Eternal Life together. Hope all is well. Hope Grant is nice and chubby.
Happy New Year.
Elder Krebs
P.s. I'm not fat, its my hair... it makes me look... poofy.

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