Monday, April 18, 2011

April 4, 2011

Hi family,

I have had a great and inspiring week. Conference was brilliant and I was able to have answered some of the questions that I brought to conference. My missionary mind was all in a muddle, but conference was able to sort it out. We were able to go to the Zoo as well today and that was fantastic. Expensive but great fun. We have a very eccentric zone. 3 of them are from the UK and let me tell you... the UK boys are crazy. The mission is great fun because there are people from every where and you are able to learn so much from them all. The mission is about to change completely. By August... about half the missionaries now in the mission will go home. And they will be replaced by new missionaries. It should be a exciting time... but sad. I have made some really great friendships with the older Elders and now they are going to leave me here. I will be in the second oldest group of missionaries!! How crazy is that? Only 7 Elders will have been out longer than me! And I feel like I just got here. I am so grateful that I have time to work here! I love missionary work and the fruits of our labours.

Conference was great. The talk that motivated me the most was President Uchtdorf in the Priesthood Session. He talked about living below our privileges. As a missionary... I have been given so many great privileges. I have been promised the Lord to be on my left and my right! I know that if I am obedient that I can teach with the power and authority of GOD!! but am I using that power and authority to it fullest potential? am I relying on the Lord enough? do I think I can do it on my own? am I depending on the Lord with my heart, might, mind and strength? If I am not... and if you are not? Why are we denying ourselves the blessings of heaven? God is willing to help us, it is just dependent on us asking for that help. Something that has really helped me is as I'm praying to have a notebook by my side so I can record my thought and feelings with our investigators. Which are fantastic... some are progressing faster than others... but all have an interest to learn. We are focusing this week on finding more people to teach and expanding our teaching pool. This will include some brilliantly spirit filled preaching in the streets of London. I have full faith that the Lord will answer our prayers and that we will find the elect. We will be placed in their paths. Conference taught me to serve as well. To never let a day go by that you haven't served God's children. It taught me that it is the little things that matter. As we serve, we forget ourselves... and it humbles us. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve daily in some of the greatest work on the earth.

My companion is a great old missonary! I am thrilled to work with him for the next six weeks. To see what I can learn from him and to become better missionaries together.
If anyone is itching to send me a package... a big bag of sour skittles sounds great for Easter. They kinda look like Eggs.
My life is going fantastic. I am really struggling to become the missionary I know I can be. I really want to use the Spirit more in my activities and to be more patient and trusting in the Lord.
I hope everything is well at home. I will be able to send a great long email next week. It'll knock your socks off.
Elder Krebs.
P.s. Will someone tell Ethan Pike hi for me:)


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