Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13, 2011


It's a beautiful day today in Grays! Sunny, not raining, and its beginning to feel like home. Yesterday we received moves calls and today we have our P-day! Elder Ireland and I will be staying right together here in Grays and I am really excited to continue to learn and teach together. He has an amazing ability to have a positive attitude amidst terrible times. He will ask... what are we doing now... and I'll say... 2 more hours of street contacting... I'll hear him gasp and then say... I wonder who we will find. He is really being patient and enduring. I've attached some piktas... one of three elders at a Zone P-day activity where we had a huge water balloon fight. One of Elder Ireland and I at Westminster's Abbey... we got in for free with our ministerial card signed by President Monson. One of Isha, Abraham and me... they are the cutest kids ever. 4 and 2... I pretend they are my nieces and nephews. They are the children of Gloria Mangowi... who is from Tanzania and is now a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is amazing... wow. Such a golden investigator and now member. I honestly love her sooo much. We have a super strong relationship and she is brilliant. The last picture is at the baptism of Hayleigh and Theresa Deex and Gloria. It was a wonderful day... even though Elder Park was not there. Poor guy... he was torn up about it.

I am very excited for the people we are currently working with... because they are making progress. Slow progress... but it is progress. The opportunity to serve a mission is the best in the entire world. I am learning bucket loads... and... most importantly... I can see the things in my life I need to change. Attitudes... behaviors, and actions that need to go from negatives to positives if I want a happy life. One is diligence... I need to learn how to do something even when it is hard. I have learned how to work... but not from my own self will and drive. One thing that has helped me for missionary work is my love for my God... that pushes me to work now. That wasn't my drive at the beginning of my mission... it was numbers... or getting a pat on my back from the Zone Leaders. But with each area... new realizations and revelations have helped me understand that I am doing this only because of the Love I have for my Father in Heaven. I know this message will make people happy... I learned that in Hyde Park. In grays... I've learned why... because they can come to understand that they have divine potential as Sons and Daughters of God, and that their Brother has given His life for them. When we truly understand that... we will be happy in any life situation. God is our Father. Jesus Christ saved us... and now it is our decision. Will we choose life? or death? happiness or pain? I am sharing this with people to bring them joy... joy that takes everything we got. I am sharing with them the Gospel... the Good News. What is that? Is the atonement part of the gospel? NO! It is the gospel... it is the centre of everything we do. Nothing has ever been more important to us. The entire church is centered on helping us use and apply this atonement. All things lead to Christ... and Christ leads us to life eternal.

God is there... I know He is there. He speaks to me. As I am clean... His Spirit guides me. My purification is going... so so. It is hard. It is definitely helping me see how much I have to improve. I am humbled everyday as I fall on my knees and tell Pai Celestial that I can not do this by myself and I keep screwing up. Each night... He hears me. He tells me to forgive myself and to try harder tomorrow. To slowly, but surely improve... while repenting each day. I have been still making my bed... and Elder Ireland and I are "workin' out" each morning. Usually I just stretch... mmmmm. Maybe by some miracle I can get proper hench. And then people won't pick on me anymore. Tonight... Hayleigh and Theresa are taking us out to dinner... at an all you can eat Indian Restaurant. I am excited to die. There is so much to learn right now. I dropped the blinds on my nose yesterday... and it was bleeding :( I am not going to do that again. Lesson learned. My focus is I think... the best yet. Life is easier when you think about God more. The more we focus on Him... the more blessed we will be. I want to be blessed. Pretty simple.
I hope all is well! Please write me... I love hearing from my siblings. I love you alllllll :)

uncle bubs

P.s. Mosiah 1-6 :)

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