Saturday, September 3, 2011

August 29, 2011

Dear Momma,

This week has been a interesting one. I lost my rhythm... I don't know why... but it happened. BUT... I feel like I have gotten in back. Yesterday was a great Sunday, and I received loads of revelation at Church and felt the spirit really really strong in two appointments after church. I made a succulent spaghetti bolognaise, and it was well tasty. I am learning to love cooking. As a missionary... cooking is interesting because you never know when you are going to eat. This week four dinner appointments cancelled... so we did a lot of cooking. I went on a work over with a brazilian as well and he ate about 50% of our P-day shopping. Work overs have been some of my favourite missionary activities, to see how others work and learn from them. There are sooo many missionaries from all over the world here. I have had, 3 American companions. That is super cool... especially since I have had around 9 companions. Companions from Armenia, Canada, England, and Brasil. Oh... and South Korea! I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from different cultures. 

I am grateful to be separated from the world. There are many many things going on that I'm not aware of and I love love love it. Focusing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ is wonderful. I know that through our Saviour, we can make it straight back to our Heavenly Father. I am grateful for such a dynamic and faithful family. Your examples to me are invaluable. I can see your desire to follow the example of Christ, and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost gives almost silent promptings at times... so small and fleeting. As we develop a ear to hear... we will be directed and guided. What are we listening for? The Holy Ghost? Kentucky Basketball? iPod touch? The scriptures tune our ear to hear spiritual messages only available to those on the right station. I am absolutely in love with the scriptures right now. The light that we can obtain from them in incredible. 

This morning I did a study on Love, and learned that I need a lot more love. Moroni teaches us to pray for love, and be filled with it. Nephi teaches it is a requisite to eternal life. King Benjamin teaches us to show our children love and teach them to love one another. Alma teaches us about singing the song of redeeming love. The book of Moses tells us Zion will include one heart. The Lord teaches us the missionary work is to be done with all our heart, and love. The Saviour taught us the greatest commandment is to love the Lord with all our heart, and the second is like unto it... to love thy neighbor AS thyself. I testify that love is essential to missionary work. As I love the people I'm teaching... I'll do everything I can to help them. If my heart is not in it... I frankly am just doing it out of responsibility and faith. When love is applied to our work... it will be effective and efficient. Loving others as ourself is difficult. Something we definitely need to strive to achieve. If any of you feel that you have... then let me know how. Christ, as always is the epitome of love. He was constantly serving others... which is the fruit of love. He expressed through the Atonement, the supreme act of love. Nothing I can or ever will do, will repay Him for that love. The only thing we can do... is come with a broken heart and contrite spirit... and hand our will over to His.

I know the Funeral was a wonderful experience. I am sad to have missed it. I don't think that I'll need the CD of the service. It will probably not be the best for me. The death of my beautiful grandmum was hard enough already. I am beginning to find my rhythm again. The CD might throw it off. And I gotta keep my rhythm, cause I won't stop dancing. And It is some ugly dancin' when I ain't gots no rhythm. I would love one favour though! Can I have the areas of Nigeria that Grandma and Grandpa served? I am teaching about 5 nigerians right now and tell them a lot about my grandparents. I want to know more :)

I am happy to be on my mission. I would rather be here than any where else. Our recent converts are doing great. In our Ward this week... there were only 37 people. Total. BUT... all of our recent converts were there... and Hayleigh gave a talk. Brilliant. So did Elder Ireland :) He is doing great... and we have loads to talk about. Pageant, Brian Regan and the Gospel. SOo nice.
Thank you for supporting me. Thank you... thank you. I love you.
Elder Krebs

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