Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 5, 2011


This week has been a nice boring, normal week :) Kinda.
We have been going on a couple what we call work overs... where we switch with other missionaries. I went on 2 this week and one last week. One this week was with Elder Avanesyan, he is one of the Assistants right now. About six months ago... he was my senior companion. He is one of my favorite missionaries and I love serving around him. We just did work in London and really tore it up! I love it. I love him... too bad he goes home in one week. Pretty much 60% of the mission has gone home. We have some really under prepared missionaries doing some really hard tasks! It is crazy... but they are really enjoying it. I basically don't know anyone in the mission and am basically one of the oldest. I am blown away.

This week... I am fasting to start something we call... purification! I am extremely excited. I am finding all the things that could potentially hold me back from having the spirit... then for forty days... I'm not going to do any of them. It is going to be a great opportunity for me to "cleanse" my soul and become a proper place for the spirit to reside! One of the things on the list is always being positive and never saying negative things about people or situations! Just yesterday as I began... I felt sorry for Elder Ireland that he had to be around me and put up with my whinging. This next week is the last of the transfer and it will be a great one. I am already feeling the spirit much stronger and cannot wait to be completely guided by its sweet, and quiet voice. I know Jesus Christ died for us.
Sorry this week is short... time is short... too much work to do. I love you and wish I could be with you all.

Elder Krebs

P.s. My trainer... Elder Young is gettin' married on October the 8th. His fiancee lives in Grays and I should stay here this next transfer! That means I could attend his wedding :) I love it.

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