Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

hi hi hi,

This life is a great life. I feel as though this week I have gotten a boost of energy. To be honest... I don't really know where it came from... but it is definitely from God is some way. We were able to have a brilliant, hard working week. Two of our investigators were baptised this weekend, we had two exchanges (one with the district leader in aylesbury, and one with the assistants from London), and we were able to still achieve the mission standard for our key indicators. I give all the credit to my new companion Elder Cameron. He is the most focused missionary I've met that is going home in 2 months. He helps me remember everything I need to do... and if I don't do it... he'll do it. E.g. He makes my bed when I forget. I "yelled" at him the other day... because when someone does something for me... that I can do for myself... but I'm too lazy... than I get angry because it makes me realise I am lazy and a bum. So now I just have to do everything or he will do it for me. oh bother. I like serving other people... but it is hard to let people serve me. In Priesthood... they asked if the Ward Mission Team had any announcements and the WML was there... so I stood up and thanked everyone with there help with the baptisms and told them that everything right now is just "smashing"! And that is the truth. I learned in our Priesthood class... that the Priesthood for men... facilitates service.... service facilitates love, and love brings happiness. The reason women don't need the priesthood and the reason men have the opportunity to use it... is because women don't need a reason to give service and love. It comes naturally for them... at least it does in my mum. One of the main reasons our family has so many great blessings is because of a caring and selfless mother... and a father that helped us to learn to respect her and be like her. No wonder my Patriarchal blessing advises me to marry someone who emulates my mother. Let me tell you... that will not be easy. It is also interesting that if we serve people we don't necessarily love... our love will grow. I am sure that as our Saviour came down to this earth and served among his family... that his love grew. The greatest voice and message in this life is knowing that you are loved for exactly who you are and for what you can become. In england... we meet so many young teenagers screaming for attention... trying so so so hard for someone to love them. When their parents are only 15 years older than them... and alone. It is hard to feel that love. How wonderful a message the gospel brings... God is our loving Heavenly Father. There is so much pain in this world... so much wrong.... so many things that are unfair. I know that alll of this can only be overcome and looked beyond with the Atonement of Jesus Christ. As we repent and turn towards God and the light... and away from darkness... we will always feel right.
Ellen was sooo happy. After she was dunked under the water by bishop... she waved and said hi to everyone watching. That is almost as good as Andrew Netherton back stroking out of the font. We all have our style... and I know God doesn't mind. We started the baptism a half an hour late... because the 8 year old girl was getting baptised by her father... but he didn't bring any white clothes. The Bishop was late as well though... so everything works out. Sandy was able to be baptised as well. It was fantastic!! She left all her baggage and old life behind and took a step to become a daughter of God. To be honest... my faith with her was lacking... but she proved me wrong. God is great... he helps us to change.

On a temporal note... I bought a new suit... thanks be to my family. It is quite posh and was on a great sale. Hopefully it will help me convert more people tonight at the chapel for our fireside. The fireside that they are having close to 650 people attend. Primarily because the Osmond brothers are going to be here. Three of the Brothers are coming to our church to present a fireside on how they have stayed together as a family despite the culture of the pop world. They are acting like it is going to be a big thing... so we shall see how many people show up. I am excited! Woot woot. Should I tell them that I know how they feel because of the popularity of our family CD's? I might as well sit on the stand with them and give the concluding words. The Krebs Family Fireside, with opening comments by The Osmonds. Good? AH. Perfect. I love my family. I have so many things to be thankful for and am ever indebted to my Father in Heaven. Where much is given... much is required. We are proved in our trials. My invitation to you all is to read the three revelations to Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail. I think... 121, 122, 123. They are absolute jems of the Doctrine and Covenants. Hope all is good.

Elder Krebs

P.s. Here are some pictures of the baptisms! Elder Dongen was able to come back for them!

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