Monday, March 12, 2012

February 28, 2012

Hello family!

It is transfers week! I will be staying in the Watford ward... my companion is going to St. Albans. Elder Cameron will be my companion. He is from Australia and has 3 months left on his mission. I don't really know him or anything about him. Life is great on a mission. There are so many things that can and will happen in Watford. It is a brilliant brilliant area. I am really lucky to serve here. I am sad to see Elder Dongen go, we had a lot of fun together. This transfer will be such a great one. I am really excited to give everything I've got. Today we were teaching Andy about Ammon. Ammon was someone that was always willing to submit to the Lord. Submission is something that is sooo hard. Because we have to forget about ourselves. Sometimes I find it really hard. I want to do it... but it is hard. when I am thinking about it... it is easy. When it is raining and I'm hungry... then it is really really hard. There is nothing more that I would rather do than serve the Lord. I am sooo lucky. I really want to be able to make my Heavenly Father proud. This week was a good week. We had Zone Conference and it was amazing. My last Zone was included and it was sooooo great to see Elder Lingam and others from my zone. A mission is hard. You see and meet so many people that you want to get to know better... but then the Lord never puts you together. Or near each other. I haven't really served with any one from my own group, or near them. I learned at zone conference that I need to be more faithful. Sometimes I get accepting of the success we have here and that "this is how it is in England".... but with faith. We can move mountains and baptise 1000's. I hate getting complacent and not moving anywhere.

I want to have a more active faith. Where I can do my part and then rely on the Lord to work things out. Since I have been here longer than my new companion... I will technically be in charge of the area. It is really weird though... I haven't really been the senior for about 3 months. SO... Now it is back to the lead. Hopefully we can share the load. The zone did really well last transfer. They all worked hard and planted a lot of seeds. Unfortunately we did not have any baptisms... but we have 8 people with a date for this transfer. And many more to come. I am really proud of them. Every companionship will change tomorrow. Therefore... we will now be quite a young zone. I can't wait though. Young means full of energy. Sometimes it is best not to be experienced.

Things are going sooo fast. It is really quite frustrating. I don't feel like I have my grasp on everything here. I feel like somethings are slipping though cracks. I need to fix that. I just need to have 30 hours in a day. It is a challenge. I love challenges. Things are great... and I can't wait to get everything under control. Better planning is all that it takes. My testimony has been strengthened quite a lot over the past two weeks. I have really been talking to my Heavenly Father about a lot of things. Thank you for all your examples of righteous living. You are such a strength to me. I really mean it.

Elder Krebs

P.s. I would absolutely love to be Elder Hookers best man. Will you give him my email address or post address? I need to hear from him. I miss that man. He is getting married! Ah. Will you send me a picture? Please.

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