Monday, March 12, 2012

March 5, 2012

Dear Family,

Attached I put the Watford Zone 2012 logo! I am really excited. We had Zone Meeting today with the whole zone and we showed them the picture and they all loved it. We are going to put it on a shirt and give it to all of them! I love little things that help up remember time in our lives. Elder Dongen gave me a mug with a picture of us on the front and it was really great. On my birthday though... he didn't have his wallet... so I paid for lunch. I enjoyed it... and now I can give him a hard time about it. This past week was an absolute blur. It was 15 degrees on Friday... and then it snowed on Sunday. That is 15 degrees Celsius... which is like 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Sunday was very cold... and I didn't like it because I put all my cold clothes away. It is all good though. We are praying for the weather to be stable... but it doesn't always work in England.

The Sister's had a baptism this weekend! It was honestly one of the best that I have been to on my entire mission. The ward was out supporting and the experience Selena had getting baptised was very beautiful. She was in a different world after the baptism. She would talk to you and then start crying in the middle because she was so happy. As we laid hands on her head and confirmed the gift of the Holy Ghost... she was full of joy and tears. Our semi-eternal investigators Andy (he has read the entire standard works), pointed at her and said... "she is displaying all the fruits of the spirit." There is really a special spirit at baptisms. It is incredible. Andy said that after the baptism... he is the closest to believing that this is the only church with the correct authority. He now has said the he wants to be baptised in April, in a river. The only problem with England... is that all the rivers are polluted. Hopefully all will be good.

This next weekend, the 10th of March. We will be having three baptisms! Two of our investigators. Ellen and Sandy... and a child of record! Ellen... is brilliant. She has been interviewed and is ready for action. She turned 18 on Saturday. She is the most solid investigator ever and she is only 18. She walked to church on Sunday and it was sleeting. She was soaked and only had a little jumper on. Elder Dongen has gotten permission to come to the baptism. You can come as well. 3:00 at Watford Chapel. We were a little see sawing with Sandy... but she has pulled through. She carries around a lot of bags... and we told her she has to get rid of them before Sunday and she did it! Her interview is tonight. I am now on a work over with Elder Boysyuk from Ukraine. He is just the best district leader ever. His faith is out the window and his prayers are the most powerful I know. He is a convert and is turning 27 this month. I LOVE HIM! ah... he is constantly making me laugh.

Two weeks ago... we met a little man who we refer to now as Elderberry. When we first stopped him in the street he said "we ever I see mormon missionaries... I always wonder where Elder Berry is... get it?". The second time we saw him... he wanted to set up an appointment with us. We gave him our number because he said he wanted to invite another friend as well. He called us and set up for Tuesday. I was on a work over with Elder White... and Baruch was in town as well. We went to elder berry's house... which was actually a christian fellowship building. As we sat down... elder berry and his friend gave us some food! Quite nice of them... then elder berry's friend went to work. He knew way to much about missionaries. Since Elder Dongen wasn't with me... he asked if we were on splits. He then very bluntly stated that the first time he got introduced to mormons... he realised very quickly that we were a false christian heresy. He then for the next 30 mins... brought up one piece of anti mormon doctrine after another. Colureds and the Priesthood for Baruch... and our "false" view of the Godhead (which I can't pray to... and therefore that is how I don't know the church is true... because I pray to a false God). We ended up just standing up and walking out. As we were leaving... he told us that the Book of Mormon must be false because in Ether 1:8 a man is named Moron. I laughed... and said "I really hope that is how this conversation ends". I asked him his last name as I walked out and he said it was Andrew Price. It all clicked then... he has a restraining order and is not allowed within 100 meters of our churches. He travels every six months to SLC to protest at conference. Who knows... I could have met him at Pageant. The whole mission knows about him. It was a very interesting experience for me. To be honest... it built my testimony so strong. To know that some people are so lost... and confused. You read about the anti-Christs in the Book of Mormon and they knew the truth... but the devil deceived them. I know this church is true. I have had too many experiences to ever deny it. I am so proud to wear on my chest the name of my family, my church and my Saviour. Nothing brings... or has brought me greater joy.

My companion is just fine. I have had sooo many... they all just blur together. He is his own person though. Just like all of us. Australia is his home country... and his accent is gone. He likes gardening... and cooking. He is a great missionary. He wants to do everything right... which is good because sometimes I forget we are supposed to do things. He is obedient and willing. Therefore the Lord works miracles with his hands. We have such a great vision for our Zone... we want 8 baptisms for this transfer. Last transfer we didn't have a single one. Very sad... but this week... all that will change. We had one already with the Sisters... and four this week are planned. God is with us. Therefore who can be against us. On my mission... I have found this quote to be very true "God gets the glory... but he lets us experience the joy". Just like the joy that we all felt from Selena's baptism. As we are obedient and humble... we will always have a reason to be joyful.

I love my life right now. I am trying to make celestial habits. It is hard... but worth every step.

Elder Krebs

Pics of the "barn" to come. Maybe. Next week.

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