Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ello Mum,

Does it feel like its been two weeks? WOW. Some days it seems like its been ten years and others it seems like I just blinked my eyes. I love love love the MTC here but man it is so so so overwhelming. They expect so much from us and I don't think I'll ever finish it all. Its a blasted good thing I have two years!

Let me first talk about our tracting activity... it was fantastic! We went by train to the city or Manchester and tried (keyword) to contact as many people as we could. I learned so many things about myself and others. Actually being on the trains was my favorite because people actually talk to you. On the train ride there we gave away two copies of the BofM and also talked to a girl named Tink. After we had talked to her, with my Kentucky Accent and my companions broken english... she said she wanted to missionaries to come by and if it were possible to have us come. It was a gift from my Heavenly Father. It taught me so much because when I got on the train, I looked around to see who to talk to first... and she was the one I thought in my head to talk to last (she had no teeth and tatoos everywhere)... but then the Spirit nudged me to get her attentions and start bearing my testimony to her. We have no idea how the Lord has prepared the people... all i know is that i need to teach all of them. The rest of the trip didnt go so well, once off the train, we asked an older couple if they wanted to live with their familes forever. We expected them to stop and give us their information and tell us how much they loved their kids. When in reality the wife spit out..."no way, you can have them. we dont want em". There is a very good case of me not listening to what the Spirit was trying to tell me.

I have a few funny stories... As you know I have a frenchy for a companion. He is out right hilarious. He always tells me whatever and i can tell when he's frustrated with me because he starts mumbling in french and rolling his eyes :) hehe. He loves me. He says things like, whatever, bowchickawowow, and ooo laa laa all the time. We had hamburgers for lunch one day and i was asking him if he'd ever seen the pink panther when he is trying to say hamburger, and i thought he had because he was saying stuff like damburger and hamBURRRger. I was laughing, but then i realized that he hadnt seen the movie and in actuality he was trying to say hamburger and couldnt :) :) i love that man.

I had a good friend write me and tell me that this was a beautiful and perfect gospel. I know that is very true. This gospel will change anyones life. We are not converted in one day, but over a lifetime. Alma 7: 23. We are converted by every outpouring of the Holy Ghost. I cannot wait to serve my Savior for two years with an exact obedience so i can teach with the power and authority of the Holy Ghost. I love you all very much. Thank you for the support.

I attached two pictures. One of me :) and one of my District.
I love you.
Elder Krebs

His companion is second from the right. 

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