Monday, September 20, 2010


I've been here for a month?? Does it seem like I've been gone that long? Sometimes it feels like two years already and other times it feels like three days. I love it here. I decided to switch my comparison of my companion to Matthew Allen Kearl :) Everything he does reminds me of Elder Kearl now. He is fantastic and wants to work. We are getting along quite nicely and the work is progressing... This weeks letter might be a tad shorter. I apologize, my family loves me and they all emailed me and it took time to soak them in. I wish so bad I could email you all back personally and tell you how much your inspired advice helps me. Knowing that my family supports and loves me is so helpful. It makes me less homesick and I can focus more.

The missionary work is going fantastic... We did 22 hours of finding last week! Wowzaa! We don't have many investigators so we are trying to find some. On one street in 1.5 hours we had two steps ins and now they are both investigators. The Lord honestly prepares His elect. That is the lesson I am continuing to learn. The people who listen to you and make and keep commitments are prepared by the Lord. Missionaries can find them on their own... but if the members give us referrals it is so much easier. There is an immediate support system put into place. I would encourage you to call up the missionaries and invite them over to dinner... then tell them you have some friends coming over too and listen for their jaws to drop. That is the BEST way to do missionary work... I should be primarily a teacher, then a finder.

I love you family. Yes I do.

I'm shopping today for all my clothes and things and I'm very excited. Hopefully I don't spend all my money in one place or in one day. Good thing daddy will always watch my bank account and he'd never let it go below zero :) A missionary needs what a missionary needs. Especially a three piece beautiful gray suit for £110. Brilliant.
We eat very well here in Norrich. Its a good thing we are running every morning or else I would get straight fat :) I have been learning to part my hair very well. It looks better and better everyday.

We had a very tall, african investigator at church on sunday and he enjoyed it. Says he wants to come back. Hes name is Tobe and oh how i love him. Everytime I see him i just smile... because i know if i'm ever in a pickle he will be there for me. He doesnt believe that Jesus Christ died for us though, and that we can be forgiven of our sins through His sacrifice. That is kind of a big big misunderstanding. I have spent a couple personal studies setting up the best way to explain to him how necessary and vital the Atonement is in our life. I have learned so much. God had a miraculous plan and it all relied on Jesus Christ. He was the go to guy and did EVERYTHING that our Eternal Father asked, ever to giving His life. We ALL will be immortal through Christ... but will WE take the step to be eternal? He provided us with door, we must open it. When we do, the blessings will flow.
I love you.
Elder John William Krebs

One of My room :) Its cleaner now :)

MY first meal as well :) it was only £2.50. What a steal... too bad it gave me some rubbish stomach cramps.  

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