Monday, September 27, 2010


Como estas? me gusta missionary work. me gusta family. me gusta friends. me gusta letters/emails.
this week has gone by so very very quickly. it seriously feels like hours ago that i was sitting at a computer and emailing my family. the days are slow, but oh where they go??? heh... that rhymed, i'm a poet and i didnt even know it. anybody want a peanut?

This week was a very interesting one. from noon on wednesday to late friday night my companion was in london at a two day leadership training. that meant that Elder Hernandez came in from Kings Lynn and stayed with me in Norwich for the time Elder Young was away. what did that mean? i had to be in charge of everything. it was very different that just sometimes blindly following my trainer to a street/home/family i've never had the pleasure of meeting. A good portion of our appointments fell through (story of my mission so far, and from what i hear... the rest of my mission!), and therefore we spent around 14 hours finding during the time my companion was away. i missed Elder Young, and that was a good sign. we get along great 95% of the time, but sometimes he gets frustrated with me. i need to work on being a better companion. remembering that he is in charge and knows the best way to do things. sometimes i just think my ideas are so great... ya know?? i'll be studying humility this week too. a friend wrote me a letter and talked about remembering that everything comes from God. every breath, every thought.

I received the package with the ipod and perephrials... and it has been so great having music around the flat. the zone leader actually had a speaker stand that was a lot nicer that the speakers that I got, and a lot more masculine. i hooked up the ipod and listened to Lamb of God for a little, but i don't have a lot of time. there is always something to do... area book updating, calling potential investigators, reading the BofM, eating, and praying. too much!!! but... on sunday (yesterday) we got back to the flat at four thirty and my companion said we were going to do weekly planning which we had not been able to do because he was in London. first he wanted to take a nap though because we never stopped for lunch, and it was dinner time. he slept for an hour and a half, and then took an hour to eat... soooo needless to say i had plenty of time to do my own thing. i listened to Lamb of God while reading my scriptures and ending up just weeping. it was so powerful... the music was gorgeous and the message so pure. the cello solo was brilliant. after i listened to it, i felt so guilty. i needed to go and change the world. do everything i possibly could to repay the Lord. it made me angry that as soon as we choose to follow him, he blesses us more. i want to pay back my debt to Him, but King Benjamin tells us that we are enternally indebted. my mission is the closest thing i can do to repaying my debt. thats why its so frustrating when a companion doesnt want to work as hard as you and gets frustrated with you when you try to encourage him. favourite line from Lamb of God... hope did not die here, but here was given. everything in Christ's life... built up to Him giving His life for our sins. only through Jesus Christ are we saved. we can be perfect in Christ.

The weather here is rubbish. on thursday... it rained all day and was COLD & WINDY. wow. the rain was sideways, an umbrella is useless and my suit was soaked. i absolutely loved it though... it was the worst possible weather... but its what i have always pictured my mission being like! i felt so cool, trudging through the cold wicked world... with the warm gospel truth. i have learned to hate texting more than anything. wow... our inbox is full of people who are too scared to tell us to our face that they don't want us anyone. i have called three people and set up appointments to come by and bring a copy of the Book of Mormon to them and then about ten mins later they TEXT us and tell us they don't want it anyone. rubbish.

I have never in my life been more excited for conference. i can't wait for the Holy Ghost to pick me apart and then to rebuild myself. it will also be very great to be with investigators and receive promptings on how to teach them more effectively. the fact that we will hear from the Prophet of God and His Apostles sets this church so far apart from all other churches. we are blessed beyond measure.

I HAVE unfortunately gotten homesick every once and a while. it is only when we are at the flat eating lunch and i feel like we are wasting time. i start thinking about home... blast. the worst run in was actually when i was doing the dishes... i started crying because i started picturing my mum standing next to me and cleaning the dishes while i put them in the dishwasher. it made me hate doing dishes even more. mom, i love you. you are the greatest woman i have ever met. you have taught me everything i need to know and have been a constant and pure example to me. not once, never once... have you let me down. you are always there for me. the main reason why i try so hard is to not let you down. too make you the most righteous proud you can be of me.

We had an interesting run in with a man named brett recently. we knocked on his door and he said we could come by again. we did, and as we sat down and started talking to him. we quickly realized that he knew much about the gospel and he informed us that he was so close to being baptized twice. he would not listen to us this time though, and we found out why very quickly. he thought that his life was in order... like all british people. he said the first two times that he was in very hard times... and the gospel helped him. now though... he wasnt in a hard ship and didnt want to listen at all. how important it is to be humble. people only listen when they are humble. we must decide to be receptive to what ever the Lord tells us. he knows so much more than us... and is in control. we must rely on Him. He has already prepared the way for us, it is on our shoulders now. i love you all. i truly do. your support is such a help to me. i'm striving to make you righteously proud.
Elder Krebs
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