Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 1, 2010


I am quickly getting lost in the work. time is beginning to fly by and the Heavenly Father is blessing me. your past email brought a lot of news i wasnt prepared for. i dont really wanna dwell on mat and julie, but that is sad. i feel bad for their kids. those blessing ripped away from them, of an eternal family. sad.
well on a good note... i'm glad you are out and about serving. thats my mother i grew up with, always serving someone else. hope your ankle is all better... sure was a bad sprain.
i want to talk about our investigators in this email. my full hour is gonna be cut a little short, but i'll give you a good run down. they will be in order of most promising to least.
Stella- we found her knocking on doors. she is so very prepared for us. she has a baptismal date set for November 13th, but she has to give up smoking for a month before she can be baptised. that is a misson rule and it is really good for retention rates. Stella is now obeying the Word of Wisdom but she has time to prove herself now :) She is wonderful. Single. Older. Doesnt work. Loves the relief society. So happy for her to have found the Gospel.
Rui and Fatima- A Portuguese family (greg... where did you serve in Portugal?). They have one son. At first they were very questioning... at least the husband was. the wife has so much faith and loves church. she immediately knew the Book of Mormon was true. Rui is slowly finding out. He has read about 150 pages in about three weeks and prayed with us out loud for the first time! That is HUGE!! wow. the spirit was so think. i was loving it. they also have problems with the W of W. Coffee and Tea are like water in Portugal. They know its true... and now they have to begin to follow Jesus Christ. They were very relieved when they realised they didnt have to do what we do all day. Rui said one day "last time when you left my wife said 'they are not human... they are angels'". thats right... an angel. boombaby.
Rebekah- has two lads... we have spent so much time with her. i believe it was a waste. she came to church... and was reading... but wouldnt pray out loud with us. we have been teaching her since I arrived and I still don't believe she has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. She is a great single mum. She now doesnt want us to talk about baptism or pressure her into reading the Book of Mormon. She wants to do everything on her own time. She doesnt want to rush into things and isnt in a hurry. That usually means they don't believe it is true. 
We have some other potentials that could progress... It will depend on if they read and pray. 
There names are... Dean, Maria, Patrick, Jackie, Diane, Symoah, Marguret, Joan, Yarra, and Frank. We are teaching them all... but they all have their issues and problems. As we all do.  
Tobe- He is hosey. Always just want to call us back :( but never does. Havent been able to meet with him in a while.
Georgina- She committed to be baptised but now is wishy washy. Really busy and we havent seen her in over two weeks.
Peter- After the step in he dropped us :(
These are three stories that break my heart. I was so excited for all of them. They want to know... but turned the message away.
When we aren't teaching we are tracking and oh how it can tear you down. So many hard hearts... so many people content. Very few are receptive... but the elect are out there. Therefore we keep knocking on doors and talking to people in the streets. About 18 hours a week of finding.
I love working. Being in the flat makes me antzy. I want to always be doing something to progress the work. Never lose the fire for the Gospel. The way to do that is to DAILY... read the scriptures. Daily. To take full advantage of the open communication we have with God and then to listen. I think when I get home I am going to not talk for a month and just listen. I cant do it here... because i gotta talk to everyone. Everyone needs to hear. Everyone. I love my family. I love the people we are teaching... seeing them progress fills me with pure lasting joy. Pray that the next week will be full of lessons and progressing.
Elder Krebs
p.s. one.

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