Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010

Hi Mum,

This email might be a tad shorter because I sent emails out to all the siblings individually.

This week has been an interesting one. I have for sure learned the most in the past week than any of the other weeks. We have had many problems and concerns pop up with our Investigators. Stella was going to be baptised on November the 27th. She was so excited for it... she was picking out Hymns and Everything. I was going to sing a song and everything was magic... but this past saturday (nov. 20th, my three month, thats weird. 1/8th done. I don't like that. Its going faster and faster) she said she had some problems and up until now we havent had any contact. Sad. Hopefully all is okay. The Portuguese family said they were not interested in hearing anymore... they felt really bad about it because we have gotten really close. Two other not so solid investigators dropped us and we dropped two. It has been like a cleansing :) Missionary work is hard. It tries everything you've got. Your emotions, mind, strength, and spirit. Come sunday night I'm absolutely drained. That is how it should be though. I love knowing I've given everything I've got to missionary work. That I am trying as hard as I can to forget myself. If I don't want to do something... it doesnt matter because this isn't my missin or my time. It's the Lords time. 

This week has been an emotional roller coaster... but I'm still just as happy as ever. I am genuinely happy. I find myself always smiling. I'm striving harder and harder to listen. listen to the spirit. listen to my companion. listen to our investigators. listen to the cool english wind. To realise that when things go wrong... it is not the end. We always will have a hope that through Jesus Christ's atonement we can be saved.

Some great things have happened this week though. Brother Kite, a less active that has become active told us that he just found that he could tie his eyebrow hair to his chest hair. HOW FLIPPIN Brilliant is that?!?! He is the coolest/weirdest man ever. That was probably the highlight of my week :)

Transfers calls are on monday night (november 29th) and transfer day is on wednesday. P day is on a tuesday.
Elder Young and I will most likely not stay together and since he has been here a transfer longer than me... he will most likely be transferred. BUT you never really know. I'll keep you in the loop.
Sorry this is short... but I love you and I love my family. I love all my friends and I love life. Life is Good. I am learning so much and growing. Growing closer to my Saviour. Nothing makes me happier.
Elder Krebs.
P.S. I went on the American Air Base in Thetford and the have a store with all american food :)
I got tons of frozen burritos and corndoggs. Funny what you miss over here :)

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