Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 15, 2010

Family and friends,

Oh how lovely life is. I am so blessed to be in the England London Mission. The greatest mission on earth. I love it here... but I sure do miss america. Good thing we are having two thanksgiving feasts :) with two different american families. I am definitely going to be fat when I come home, except that I've been running every morning and Elder Young and I walk every where. I mean every where. I like walking though. Makes me healthier. We can also talk to people along the way. Daddy asked if we tract houses more or street contact. We try to do equal amounts so we don't get burnt out. This week we got 20 hours of finding in only five days because P-day on Monday and Zone Conference on Tuesday. Out of all those hours finding... we have one new investigator. Its difficult to keep going when you look at it that way... especially when the obvious better way is to receive referrals from members. We just keep going though... knocking on doors, stopping people in the street. It is fun though because you never know whats going to be behind door number 347. I have met oh so many interesting characters. 

The two pictures attached are one of me next to a KFC advert. Everyone here loves KFC and whenEVER I tell someone I'm from Kentucky they chuckle... then say "is that where the chicken comes from?" oh how it never seems to get old :) The other is me next to a Lego Buzzlightyear reppin' my Kentucky Wildcats. I don't really know whats going on this year... and I honestly don't really care. The Lego Buzz was at this huge toy store we went to in London. I can't remember the exact name... but its super old and famous. and HUGE. Six floors of just toys. All kinds of toys. Wow. It is slightly ridiculous. That is the first store we went to in London. We took the tube there and I really liked the tube. Its fun. SOOOO many people from EVERYWHERE. Its karazy. No one speaks english. All other different languages. We went into a couple of stores... but I just loved looking around and just watching. It is a completely different place. We went to a store called Harrods. It is honestly the Great and Spacious Building. The store is the definition of posh. It is the biggest store I've ever seen. They have two food courts with different sit down restaurants... all out of my price range. They have many different stores inside. You can find anything you want at this store. Designer everything. So expensive. The highest quality of everything. It blew my mind and I was so happy to be back on the streets again. It wore me out. We went into so many different rooms and the whole time I had no idea where I was. 

That night we ate at a Burger Joint called GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) and it was delicious. After that we stayed the night at the AP's flat. I really like both of them. I've gotten to know them pretty well. In the morning we went to ZONE CONFERENCE. I was the happiest little boy ever. I got to see Elder Mosalakae, Elder Brozzu (my companion), and Elder Cena. All Elders from my mtc group. It was the first time I've seen any of them because I live so far away from everything. I was so happy. so happy. I can hardly explain it. I missed them oh so much. I can't wait till they are in my district or maybe even my companion. I was also able to see my roommate... Elder Hinckley. That made me so happy as well. I loved seeing them all. I liked the zone conference as well... very good trainings. I learned so much... and got to meet so many missionaries. 

Life is good. The best news this week was a letter I got from andrew. It was the best news a best friend could ever receive. This is what he said "For weeks straight I prayed morning and night and told God that i had no desire to go on a mission, but I know its right, so if you could please give me some desire it'd sure help alot. And although for weeks my desire never changed I didn't stop asking for that desire. And now I desire nothing more than to serve the Lord on a worthy full time mission. And the cool thing is I actually WANT to, my prayers were answered." The faith that andrew had for the Lord to change his desires is brilliant. I love him and am so happy. If we all could have the faith and perseverance as andrew... then our lives would continue to grow closer to the Saviours.
I love you all.
Elder Krebs.

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