Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011


I am really sorry to say that this will be a short email :( it is sad because I have had such a wonderful week. I am absolutely stunned how much success we are having here in grays, I'm beginning to think I'm in Brasil. I am proper boasting in the strength of the Lord today. He is helping us sooo very very much. This week we has three baptismal interviews! They all passed and we are well happy. Manchu has made some great progression and now is completely on board with the whole baptism thing :) She will be baptised on the 30th of July at 4:00. Elder Park's first baptism, you can only imagine how happy this little Korean missionary is :) We experienced two big miracles this week and thousands of little ones. The first biggy was on Wednesday. We went by to see Gloria... oh how I think Gloria is the most Golden investigator ever. It is hard to see her conversion because she was already completely converted, the only thing she was waiting for was the truth to be revealed to her. It reminds me of the scripture that Emily gave me when I left... Many are kept from the truth, only because they know not where to find it. This defines Gloria perfectly. Her only concern was about the authority and mode of baptism. On Wed. she, at the beginning, believed that the authority to baptise was in this church. She was questioning the mode. We explained it... then testified of it. At the end we asked... Now how do you feel about your date of August the Sixth... she looked at me and without skipping a beat said boldly "we're doin' it!!" ah snap! The spirit strikes again, and I love it. She is happy and loves church! She is basically a member already. Good stuff!

Now onto the second miracle :) SOOOO Hayleigh is 19 and the daughter of Theresa... Hayleigh is pumped to be baptised. She has seen how much the gospel can help... because it has helped her. Theresa is a little more skeptical, which is to be expected because she is wiser and has already been baptised. She was saying on Thursday that she knew it was true... but that she wasn't ready to be baptised. I was expecting maybe in early September. BUTTT... on Saturday. Elder Park and Elder Machen went by to interview Hayleigh for baptism :) She passed, and her mother passed and said she had prayed and received an answer to get baptised!! WAAAHOOOOOOO!!!! Hayleigh and Theresa will be baptised on August Sixth as well. I love prayer, because I know it works. I love the Book of Mormon because my daily study of it changes my day and my perspective. I am finding great joy in the work of the Lord, and wouldn't mind spending the rest of my days here. Things with Elder Park and I are going swimmingly. We wrestled the other day and I underestimated his strength... big mistake. I am now more humble. Things back home seem great and exciting! I have been praying loads for Laura and the rest of the family. Elder Park read one of the late emails last week and I was explaining the situation... so now he randomly asks me... "how is Tom Bay and Laura?" So funny and great. I know miracles come when we ask. Elder Park and I pray for them and they happen. We are moving to a point in our efforts that we will fall without the Lord... We have to pray to him to hold us up and make us fly. I cannot do this with out the strength and power of my Heavenly Father. I am nothing, but with the Lord I am everything. Wish I could explain about all the tiny miracles We have had... but maybe another day. I love you all :)
Elder Krebs
P.s. I will be in London today and will get your package :) Thank you.

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