Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 18, 2011


What another great week in the service of my Lord and Saviour! They just keep getting better and better. I think one week is the best week... and then it is the next week. And now... it is this week. Elder Park and I are really learning how to forget ourselves and get to work. We had a really great experience with Gloria this week. She was progressing so very well... she properly enjoys church, loves reading her Swahili Book of Mormon (Hakuna matata is not in the Book of Mormon... so disappointing), and our visits and her answers to our questions are great! Therefore... it was time to set a baptismal date. She did not accept the first one on lines of authority and her already being bbaptized SOOO... we knew we had to teach about authority... but it can be such a hard thing to do. We don't want to tell her that her baptism was invalid, and that this is the only true church and none others have the entire restored truth... but at the same time we do want to tell her. Therefore you have to be sensitive about it and be bold but not overbearing. Elder Park and I spent the entire companionship study on an outline for the lesson... and practicing what we were going to say. I was feeling comfortable... but not completely settled. We went to her house and went through the how are yyousand niceties. THEN... Elder Park asked a super inspired question about the Book of Mormon... she answered and then in a spectacular way... the Holy Ghost told us both exactly what to say. The lesson plan was far far out the window... I think there was a dog eating it already. I felt the Spirit well strong. Needless to say because you know the result when the Spirit is the teacher and not the missionaries, but, she accepted to be bbaptizedon the 6th of Augusto. She is a great great lady... and the Spirit has entered her life. I pray she will receive that wonderful gift on the 7th of August and for the rest of her life be uplifted and edified by it.

My companion learns faster than anyone I know. I'll tell him something to try... like... vary your door approaches more to speak of more gospel truths. The next door... his approach is completely different, he is using english words I don't know and then we are inside the House teaching the Restoration. How the man does it...I do not know. The spirit is working in him as much as it is working in our investigators!

This week... I felt greatly indebted to my wonderful parents. Their example to all of their children was always positive and has changed my life. How many times have all of us walked into their room to see them both on their knees talking with our Heavenly Father? How many times did we whinge about them not letting us do something... to later find our why they said no? How much time did they unselfishly give us? Dad would go to work...only to come home and sit on his hands and knees while I tried to wrestle him and move any inch of his body. He would pay us to mow the lawn... when it was the least we could do to help around the house. I am so grateful for their perfect unity in raising us. When I would ask mom to spend the night at Andrew's she would say "have you asked your father?" and when I went to ask dad he would say "have you asked your mother?". How many times did dad force us to go clean the chapel on a Saturday morning, or to do varying types of service projects bright and early? I would complain and have a sour badattidude... but at the end... and now... I have learned the true happiness comes by serving others. I always left service projects happier and grateful for my dad who woke me up by popping my toes. Unfortunately next week... I would wake up complaining. The patience and raising me is now greatly appreciated. I love you mom and dad. Thank you for making our home a consistently Christ Centered Home. A place where we could all learn about and grow closer to our Saviour... and our Heavenly Parents. A place where I felt safe, and complete peace and love. I miss it now... but Elder Park and I sure can compete. 

This morning I asked him if he loved me and he answered quietly... "sure", my reply was "How much"... "Um... like a bean". I was aghast... "a bean", I said. His reply was "hey... that's a lot". 
I love my mission and I don't ever want to leave it. Today we are having a zone vs. zone futbol match! Too bad I have two left feet and am completely rubbish at futbol. Whatevs! I am a brilliant cheerleader. "GO Elder Park, you are the bestest"!
Thank you for all the love I get :) I am always open to Sour Skittles.
Elder Krebs!

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