Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 4, 2011


how grateful I am to be able to email you today. my mission just keeps getting better and better and better. i can see more and more that the Lord is blessing me and through hard work our investigators are feeling the spirit and becoming converted. the spirit and Book of Mormon are our most powerful tools in conversion and I am trying to use them the very very best that I can. Working with Elder Park has really been good in re-applying the basics. I was getting comfortable... but now I realize why they are the basics and why we must use them. His testimony has so much power... every time her shares it with our investigators I realize that everything with be okay. Today is Independence Day!! It is interesting here... because no one celebrates it. I wonder why....... hehe. This morning I hung up a large American flag up in our window... when Elder Park saw it he said "oh no elder... thats danger". I'm not too bothered. Recently I've been thinking about how inspired our forefathers were. How much the Lord guided them... even when His priesthood was not on the Earth.  The Church of Jesus Christ needed to be restored to the earth... and the way was provided. It was even prophesied of in the Book of Mormon. I am grateful to have citizenship in such a wonderful land. I wish we were treating in better now. I believe we are forgetting how merciful the Lord has been from the beginning to our fathers. 

We had zero baptismal dates last week and now we have three. The Lord is properly blessing us. We are very excited about a mother and daughter... Hayleigh and Teresa. The daughter is reading and applying the Book of Mormon. I love it. She said she was looking at other churches but said she knew this one was the right one for her. How happy we were... right after that... someone invited us over to have dinner. Life is well good. Hayleigh has committed to be bbaptizedon the 31st of July and her mother... should follow. She has some more concerns. It was interesting. I was very very worried about the two of them. We wanted to make sure we did everything right. On Saturday night... I told my Heavenly Father exactly how I was feeling. I shared my concern and begged for help. Right when I did that... I completely became confident and changed. It was a direct answer to my prayers. To calm my concerns. The next day is when Hayleigh told us she knew this church was the true church. How grateful I am for prayer. It is becoming the most important part of my life. The other date is Mancho. She is engaged to a man in the ward... and we thought she didn't have a testimony. SOO we kept focusing on reading and praying for an answer and she would say she didn't feel anything. We kept talking to her about it and rrealizedit is because she already has here answer and knows it is true. She wants to put her faith in God and therefore we invited her to be baptised on the 24th of July and she accepted. How wonderful life is.... and how sneakily the Spirit works. 

Today to celebrate... We might go to the Only ONLY ONLY Taco Bell in England... which happens to be in our Area :) Does the Lord love me... or does the Lord love me?? Prayers do get answered.... even if they are for Fire Sauce from Taco Bell. 

Another interesting thing about England is that it doesn't get dark until about 11:00. It is sooooo weird. When we go to bed at 10:30... it is still light outside. Weird... but I like it. In the winter it gets dark at like four. I don't like winter. 

I love my family... especially my Father. Happy Birthday... a card is in the mail. I'll tell you what I like about you on that :) 

Elder Krebs

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