Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 20, 2012

Good Afternoon (Morning),

What a beautiful day we are having in England. Sunny and slightly warm. I've had a nap today and we went to Hemel Hampsted and my companion bought a External Hard-Drive. We ate at Burger King and now I feel sick. I've lost a little weight... but I haven't been very smart the past week and a half. My eating habits have changed. I couldn't for the life of me eat sugar coated nothings in the morning. They give me an instant headache. I don't really eat big portions. The only problem is that ALL members think that Missionaries eat forever and ever. This week we had a meal with a lady from Gambia. She told us that the oil she used was a type of medicine in Gambia and was really good for cleaning out your system. The food was a stew with lamb over rice. That night my stomach was sooo very very upset. She even called the next day and asked us if we were okay.

We had an accident with our car. Well... I wasn't driving because of a work over. So it wasn't my fault. I haven't gotten any speeding tickets either... which is a miracle because there are sneaky speed cameras every where in England. I guess it is probably because I never speed. When I am driving through a neighborhood... I always hear my wonderful mothers high pitch scream.... "If you hit a child... you will never forgive yourself... slow down john william." Oh how I miss it. We had a lot of ice on the roads and my companion hit a kurb and popped the tyre and bent the wheel. We took it to the car dealership after we put the spare on and he was looking at a different tyre to get the right measurements. We told him that the popped tyre was in the boot of the car. He replied "I know... but this one has a nail in it". Oh bother. We ended up getting two new tyres and one wheel. We had to buy the wheel from the dealer... but the Church has a membership with a place called Kwik Fix. We went there to ask if they could do the work for us. We asked if we needed an appointment and Perry said "naw... as long as you have money your fine". Needless to say it was a very funny experience for Elder Dongen and I.

Our investigators are doing great. Andy is progressing well. Still getting used to some of the detailed doctrine of the Church. He does not have a baptismal date at the moment. Sandy moved her baptismal date back to the 10th of March, and Ellen (17) is planning to be baptized on the 10th as well. That is next transfer because moves are next week. That means I'll be emailing on Tuesday. Ian is not married yet, but has been living with his partner for about 20 years. We hope to have a wedding soon. Ian is really really solid. We will be meeting him in about three mins. We are teaching the second half of The Plan of Salvation. No baptisms will happen for us this transfer... but there are some great great investigators progressing here right now. I know they will go on to be great assets to the Watford Ward.

I don't know if I will be staying in Watford or leaving next week. If is really up in the air. We shall see.

Will you get to be a part of the Olympics at all?
I really have no idea at the moment. The new mission president will come just as the Olympics start. I assume the bilingual missionaries will be helping. There are tons of people that have volunteered... and so I do not know. I go home on a Thursday and the Olympics end on the following Sunday. Who knows what will happen.

Have you been to Portabella Road?
Yes. Very cool. I went on a night with loads of fireworks and outside street parties. Can't remember why... I think it was the Royal Wedding weekend. Loads of streets just closed and there were parties.

Abbey Road?
Yes. A family in the Hyde Park ward lives right next to it. You can see Abbey road from their apartment. Fancy. There were a lot of asian people taking pictures. We street contacted a man by the crosswalk as well.

What is your favorite event to write down in your calendar each week?
This week is moves callllllssss... and Zone Conference. Two very exciting events in one week. I love district meetings as well. We go to both of the DM in our Zone. I love meetings with Ian as well. He is very open and has great questions. People like him are very fun to teach. I love 10:30 as well. I am ohhh so tired these days.

We just taught Ian! It went great. I love him.

Love you all.

Elder Krebs

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