Friday, July 27, 2012

July 10, 2012

Dear family, Today we had a Zone Meeting and P-day! In which we celebrated the 2012 Canterbury Olympics. They were pretty epic. I don't think they attracted quite the crowd that the London Olympics will... but we definitely had more fun here in Ashford. We had four teams, many events (but we only got through 2 of them), and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. The decorations were spot on and the cheers and team names were proper nice. I believe everyone enjoyed themselves. I think I enjoyed myself. I spent the whole time worrying. And that never helps you to have a good time. But I love all the missionaries in our Zone. It makes me so happy that we have so many young adults that want to spend their time doing the Lord's work. This is where true joy is found. I believe it. I have really felt it. This week has been mental. On Wednesday we had Zone Meeting with President Jordan and his Wife (we had apple pie and ice cream to celebrate our Independence). On Saturday we had a leadership meeting and Zone Leader Council with President Jordan. He is a different person and the mission is going to change. It is quite weird that it is changing and I'm still here. There is a very direct correlation between how hard I work, and how focused I am to how happy I am. If I lose focus, then there are so many things that I worry and think about. If I focus and work hard... then I'm just fine. President Jordan is spot on. He has great ideas and is really trying to help the mission be full of faith. I think he noticed that we were all faithless. He is going to tighten the reins a tad. He will keep to the WHB more. Zone Leader Council was awesome. We talked about how to help the mission have more faith... and.... whether or not we should get texting. The second one is still under wraps and we were told not to say anything... sooo don't tell anyone. It was really nice to council together. I liked it. Sister Jordan is just proper Utah. Opposite of Sister Patch. But loves cooking. It is weird because I will leave in a tad... and my departing interview and dinner will be with The Jordans. But... all is well. Jojo is progressing so wonderfully. She came to church on Sunday and is just like a normal member. We had another investigator there for the first time and we invited Jojo to go and fellowship her. Even though it was jojo's second time. Her children ran to primary and fit right in. I really hope she keeps progressing and can continue to have faith. Elder Holland really helps me. He gives a talk entitled "How ever long and hard the road". It is one of my favourites right now. It is my motto and creed right now. However long and hard the road... I will press onward and forward. There is sooo much in front of me. So many decisions and choices. I love you all. Have a great week. Love, Elder Krebs p.s. See you for the krebs family olympics! MMXII (2012)

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