Friday, July 27, 2012

July 2, 2012

Dear Familia, What a busy week. We had a really slow start at the beginning because Sister Cordeiro was leaving... but towards the end of the week we were doing great things. The most exciting thing that has happened this week is a NEW mission President. His name is President Jordan and we are really nervous/happy and excited to have him here. I haven't spoken or met him yet, but we have a Zone Meeting with him this Wednesday. I am really really excited. On Saturday we have a Leadership Meeting at 10:00 in London, and a Zone Leader Council at 12:00. On Monday the 8th we have another Zone Meeting and Zone P-day, and then on Wednesday the 10th we have interviews in Canterbury at 10:00. It is weird that I'll only be here with President Jordan till December... but that is okay. I didn't get to have a departing interview with President Patch and I was really bummed about that. My temple recommend is expired and I tried to convince President Patch to renew it for me... but he just told me to wait till August. I can't go to the temple anyways. Which is super lame. Speaking of the temple. The highlight of our week was that Jojo went to the temple with the Gospel Principles class. They all went on Saturday and walked around the grounds and spent time in the Visitors Centre, watched the Joseph Smith movie, and had a picnic! So great. We didn't even go! We just spent the whole morning in the town centre, just thinking about how great of a time they were all having. She is progressing really well. We had a great member from the ward come with us that really related well with her. You sometimes think that you can do it alone... but members are always so helpful. It is so great to hear members bear testimony about when they were baptised and how it has benefited their life. Yesterday there was a young girl that didn't want to go into the Sacrament Room for our Sacrament meeting. She is a young recent convert... about 14. We asked her to come inside... but she wouldn't. Towards the end... she walked in and sat down though. We went by to her and her mums house yesterday and had a lesson in the garden (yard) because we couldn't find anyone to come with us. She was asking all these questions about God and Jesus Christ. The Godhead was really confusing her... and she wasn't quite sure who she was praying to. At the end of the lesson she opened up and said that at the beginning of church she was very angry and didn't want to go into the sacrament meeting because she had stopped praying and reading because they felt pointless and she didn't feel as though God was listening to her. But... as she listened to the testimonies from the Fast and Testimony meeting... her heart was softened and she came inside. It was great for me to see that God cares about every single one of His children. That poor girl was beating herself up because she didn't feel like she was doing enough... or that God was listening. But because she at least made the effort to come to church... she was able to be comforted by her Father. Out of all His children... he cared about that one... in Ashford. We have a wonderful God. One that is willing to forgive from scarlet to white, and debts of over 10,000 talents. We are never too far from the light that His Son Jesus Christ provides. It can reach us where ever we are, and when ever we need it. I love him... and am grateful to be working for him. Love, Elder Krebs

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