Friday, July 27, 2012

July 18, 2012

Dear Mother Dear, What a wonderful week in England. So many things were happening and they were all just brilliant. I'll give an accounting of my week and then you can be the judge of it! Off we goooo... On Monday we had the Canterbury Olympics, but you already heard a tad about that because I emailed after it. Lets just say it was bomb though. I haven't been using my camera recently, but I'll get a picture soon. On Tuesday I had a work over with the Elder Tingey! Talk about the coolest lad. Stylish and humble. We tracted in the rain for about 2 hours and talked about many things... from Homestarrunnner to Ben Folds. It might have distracted me a tad... but something has got to keep you interested in tracting for 2 hours. We had a step in with a wonderful Born Again lady. She accepted the Book of Mormon and said she would read it. Often the Born Agains do not accept the Book of Mormon. It is the Bible of nothing. I've often pondered on the Bible Supremacy way of living, and why people are so drawn to it... the only conclusion that I've come up with is that it is there only source for some sort of authority. Therefore they hold to it with all that they've got, and are afraid to read anything else. Either way... I absolutely love the Book of Mormon. What a brilliant book. It is the crux of conversion. It solves all the concerns regarding Joseph Smith and the Restoration. I know that it is true. I really know it. I love reading it and being uplifted by its story, style and sermons (see what I did there... three s words for dramatic effect). Wednesday was a half half day. We drove to Canterbury for 10:00 to be interviewed by our new President. He took quite a long time... and by a long time I mean 8 hours. Sooo we left about 6:00pm, we were interviewed last... but he asked us to be there at 10:00. He was trying to get to know everyone... and therefore took his time. There are only 14 missionaries in the Zone... but it took some time. We did some street contacting in Canterbury, talked to Sister Jordan, and shined our companions shoes. It was good, but I always feel antzy when I sit around for too long. My interview was not actually that long. Once he realised that I was leaving in December, he cut the get to know you chit chat and just lectured me about working hard to the end. Thursday we just did major work. Friday we drove again to Canterbury to switch for a work over. Elder Paul came to Ashford with me for a surprise. Elder Paul was a missionary that I kinda trained in Grays. He was out already two weeks... but then he got emergency transferred to me. We had a great day on Friday, saw a Recent Convert that is getting married in September. We have secretly began teaching her partner the lessons. He doesn't quite know yet. Saturday was the awesome day. I wrote a letter to Hayleigh and Theresa about 3 weeks ago and mentioned that they should come to Ashford before the family Olympics at the new year and then they called and arranged to come for Saturday. I didn't tell Elder Paul they were coming, and I didn't tell Hayleigh and Theresa that Elder Paul was coming. Sooo when we met up on Saturday... everyone was surprised! I was even surprised because H & T brought Gloria and her daughter, which is another lady baptised while I was there. It was just brilliant! Such a great reunion. We walked to an American Diner close to the church and ate, then we came back to the church and had a tour and testimony meeting. I was so grateful to be able to be a part of their conversion, and it was great to see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has helped them over the past year. Yeah... still really weird to think it was a year ago. I love them all so much. They are all just like family. The people have made my whole mission worth it. Every one is important to God. Every one matters to him. We are His Children. He is our Father. I know that. I know that we are physically like him, and now it is up to us to be spiritual like him. The Church is a brilliant framework for families and becoming more like our Saviour, Jesus Christ. It has rained everyday for the past week... but nothing can stop me now. I hope that everything is just wonderful in the sunny states of America. From what I hear it is pretty hot. I love you all very much and will see you in December! Love, Elder Krebs

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