Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 21, 2011

HI hi HI! 

I have oh oh oh soo much to say. I think I'm going to make a bullet list... I love lists. I love organizing things. Seeing them visually organized makes me smile. I'm wearlly weird. 

  • Most important item of business. Hoshar was baptized on June 18th, 2011! It was a beautiful beautiful baptism. It makes everything we are doing come together in harmonious simplicity. All the finding, teaching, service, phone calls, appointments, homesickness, and tiredness is more than worth it. The joy and spirit felt at baptisms is top notch. I now more firmly believe in the scripture that states "And without the ordinances thereof, and the authority of the priesthood, the power of godliness is not manifest unto men in the flesh;" I love knowing we are doing the correct actions, with the correct and proper authority. Hoshar was special to me because I stopped him and began talking to him. He stated in his testimony that the only reason he came to meet with us was to improve his English. He never wanted to or thought he would ever join a church, he didn't even believe in God. I was a first hand witness of the way the Spirit totally changed his life. He WAS re-born in Jesus Christ. The spirit entered into his heart and changed it. T'was a beautiful thing to witness. How blessed I am to have opportunities like this one? I know God lives, and I know he love Hoshar and I. 
  • We were able to see the Lion King as well :) Brilliant. A recent convert from Scotland brought us. It blew my mind... the special effects, scenery, and costumes were out of this world. I thought the SCAPA productions we the top of the top ;) Well... I will tell you today that my eyes were opened. The acting was magic and the music... of course was wonderful. There is a song titled... "He lives in you". I loved this one especially. I know that God lives in us... and I especially know that our fathers before us live in us. I can see my father in me and sometimes it scares me... but I like it. It mainly scares me when I make jokes like... "it's all urine"! I love my father... he taught me skills and attributes that are now being used daily. He taught me and all of my brothers how to respect women, how to make them feel like to boss and beautiful. Happy Father's Day popsicle. I can see that you live in me and will always live in my heart. 
  • I was in the street talking to a man who was very agitated and against God while my companion was talking to others. He was trying to prove to me God didn't exist using all sorts of verbal means. I was in the process of removing myself from the conversation... when another man came and joined the conversation. I had no idea who it was, but he stated arguing with the man who was trying to argue with me. It was a very muddled situation. I thought I was doing the contacting and talking, but all the sudden I was on the outside of the conversation. I listened as they talked about Love, suits, war, and music. My anticipation was that I would be able to make an invitation to both of them and help them realize that I begun the conversation and I would like to finish it. But, to my surprise... they ended the conversation with no ground gained in either direction... and then both walked away... leaving me standing alone... very confused... because another man jumped in to argue pro- God points. It was a first for me :) 
  • Lets see.... anything else interesting.... hmmm. Oh yeah... I am leaving Hyde Park Area :) I will serving in Essex. More specifically Romford, and my Ward I cover is Grays. It will be a bitter sweet goodbye to the beautiful city of London, but I will only be about an hour east. I can still come into town on P-days. It will be a new area with new challenges. I can't wait... I told my companion last night that I am excited to rely more on the Lord. When we have the things we need and we feel comfortable, we tend to not rely on the Lord as much. I found myself doing that. Both of the missionaries in grays right now are leaving, and being replaced by myself and a missionary that is currently at the MTC in Preston. It will be a positive experience to train a missionary and whitewash an area. The Lord is on my team, and we have already won the battle. Hopefully I don't train one of the boring Americans :) Heh, there are about 15 Americans coming in and 10 foreigners. I won't find out till tomorrow who I train. It will be fun :) :) Unfortunately I will not be able to finish learning Portuguese. Sad day... 
I know this Church is true. I know it to my bones. This work is brilliant and brings me joy. I feel the spirit and it lightens the darkness. This next week will be nice... and it will be a great email on Monday. I love you all. HAppy Father's Day. 


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