Saturday, November 5, 2011

October 25, 2011

Dear Family,
It is so great to be emailing today. Everything seems to be going brilliantly at home. It is truly amazing to see how many blessings our Heavenly Father continues to pour out upon our family. I am very happy that God is with us. That is what happens when you follow our Father's plan... he blesses us with light. We are nothing without light. Jesus Christ is the greatest light... I know this church preaches and testifies of Christ. The whole purpose of everything we do is to come closer to Him. We believe in Christ. I know it. I love having the Priesthood line and the Personal line. I love having a perfect organisation, to support a perfect gospel and way, if only the people we're perfect. We have everything we need to succeed. I know we can all do it. I have hope, a pure hope in Christ. We cannot fail... we are Children of a loving Heavenly Father.

My companion and I are absolutely loving Grays. We currently have 5 people with Baptismal Dates for November.
They are our main investigators. Abana, Felicity, and Adwoa have been investigating for 3 months and are still progressing, but going through a lot of trials at home in Ghana. It is causing a lot of stress, and therefore affecting their progress. Abana is still struggling to come to church... but Adwoa (11 yr) has been 3 times and was in the Primary program last week. Maureen is a great great investigator from Nigeria. She has been searching for a while for the right Church and she has found it. I love her. She came to church last week and loved it. She will be coming from now on. Our fifth date is named John. He fiancee Eva, has been baptised since April and is spot on. She has a wonderful testimony and loves this church. We had an appointment with them today and set the date of the 19th of November with John. He loves coming to Church and has been three times already. He is really searching and honest.
Other Investigators are progressing and hopefully we will be able to set three more baptismal dates this week. If not three, then two.

I DID pass my drivers test!!!!!!!!!! How grateful I am for that. I was very nervous. I just wish I had a car now. I passed with four minors, and you are allowed 15. I don't want to brag or anything... but... I be brushin' off my shoulders. I miss driving. All the American missionaries can drive for one year. But as for missionaries with their proper license... I think about 20.

I am eating very very well. Too well. I am enjoying cooking... but we also eat at members houses about 3-4 times a week. I am not gaining or losing weight... I am just continually having an inter-tube around my waist. Rubbish. I haven't gotten your package yet. I hope soon... maybe tomorrow after we have post from London.

The Hardest part of my mission right now is progress. I feel like my progress I'm making now is very very small. Almost impossible to spot... I want huge progress like I saw at the beginning of my mission. Now... is the difficult and hard part. The small things. I am trying to perfect my missionary labours. One of my goals for my mission was to become a perfect teacher. I think... that to become a perfect teacher... you just have to teach by the Spirit. I am striving soooooo much to have the spirit continually. I am striving to give my Heart, Might, Mind and Strength to the Lord. He deserves it, and expects it. It is the first and greatest commandment. I want to give my all. But it is hard... because I'm human. Errr. Sometimes I get covetous of being a God.

I am really enjoying my mission. I have loads of faith in the rest of my mission. I have ten months left... and it scares me thinking about it. I want it to be full of the experiences I've had an are currently having. I know the Lord has soooo much in store for me. I want to get everything out of this mission, and to do that I must put everything in. You get what you put in. I know I can do it. Life is great. Thank you for all your support and continual love.

Elder Bubby

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