Saturday, November 5, 2011

October 31, 2011

Dear Family,

I will like to give glory to my wonderful family today. But, I give all the glory to God. Last night was most likely the worst night of my mission. I haven't gotten really sick my whole mission. Never has being sick caused me to stay at the flat. Yesterday was a tad different. We went to a members house after lunch, and I broke down. I honestly destroyed their toilet. Poor family. I felt like my insides... wanted to be on my outside. And so they did. I went home afterwards and slept till about 8:00. Gathered the names and key indicators for our Zone Leaders... and then tried to sleep again. I couldn't though, because I had a crazy headache. I started throwing up again and it was just terrible all night. You should all feel super sorry for me ;) The only reason I tell you that today is because this morning, we had Zone Meeting, and an Elder handed me a great big package from my familia. What a great thing to have when all I wanted last night was a hug from my mom. I felt like I got wrapped up by my family. And as I logged on to email today, I got a great number of emails from my family. You are helping me out. I felt close to the Saviour last night in my extremities. I know He is there and supports us.
I am staying in Grays for the next six weeks and I am extremely excited about it. I love Elder Paul and he helps me to become a better missionary. He always tricks me, and I think he has been out for a long time. He is spot on.

I still feel really rubbish right now, so I don't really have the energy to email.
Love makes every thing possible. I love my Heavenly Father... so I will be obedient to Him. I love these Investigators... so I will serve them. I love my family... so I will pray for you.
Keep your heads up, and count the little flakes of Gold.
Heavenly Father will bless us.
God is great. He is there.

Thank you. I love you all.

Elder Krebs

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