Saturday, November 5, 2011

October 17, 2011

Hiya familia,

Oh how I was dreading my emailing this morning.
I enjoyed it all though. My family is brilliant. We are teaching a family today about the 10 commandments... so I shouldn't covet. It is very difficult.

We had a great week this week... let me tell you. The highlight of the week was a baptism on Saturday. It was not in our area... it was in Basildon... but we brought out main investigators (Abana, and Adwoa). The reason we went is for the investigators... but I knew that Laura would be getting married just about the same time. I thought I might as well be witnessing the best part of being on a misson while my family was all together. The last song at the baptism was Families Can Be Together Forever. I was standing outside... alone. I had the strongest feeling of joy and peace. I know that our family... through the Priesthood of God... will be together for all eternity. The baptism was just fantastic. I loved it. The lady getting baptised was named Lazette. She is from Angola and therefore speaks Portuguese. I really enjoyed speaking really brokenly to her. I really really want to learn Portuguese... but it is really hard because I am really lazy to learn. There are so many other things that I need to do. It is low on the priority list. She had LOADS of friends at her baptism and they mostly spoke Portuguese! I was lovin' it. We sang a song for them... It was Love One Another. We all sang it together in English, then I sang it again in Portuguese... and then we sang it a third time and I sang the Obbligato part.

I love singing... in most of our appointments now... we sing. Elder Paul and I have some great arrangements. Abana loved the baptism. She had such a strong testimony of the Restoration... but her commitment is lacking. She is planning on going back to Ghana before she gets baptised... and it is really sad for us. She'll be back in three weeks... but we have been working with her and her two daughters for a while. They know they need to be baptised... but are lacking the faith to seek first the kingdom of God. I know they will be baptised... just a matter of when. At the baptism though... she asked me when the next baptism was... I looked at her and asked... your baptism? She replied... we will talk about it on Monday. Today is Monday :) :) :) We shall seeeeeee. I am grateful to be a Child of God. One in which God can work though... I love being an instrument in His hands. To play the music these people must hear. The Holy Ghost is everything in this work. We are nothing without its converting power.

I am taking my Driving Test today. Oh please pray for me. The test is very picky... but simple. It is very easy to fail... and I do not want to do that. It cost £62 and that's about $100. That is a lot of money. I am comfortable with my driving... but I hope not too comfortable. Who knows what will happen. I have done the best that my means allow. Ah... I'm nervous.
I hope that everyone is safe and completely exhausted. If you are... you know exactly how I feel now. All the time. Missionary work is hard... I will testify of that. It is rewarding and spiritually uplifting. We have experiences that we will never forget.

This week...
We taught a Jamaican man who started speaking in tongues.
Abana's daughter cooked us some Ghanaian Rice and Chicken.
We met Spoch in town centre. He asked us if we had an extra kitchen.
Multiple people told us the Book of Mormon was from the Devil. (It's not)
We found some great people who want to hear more and are elect.
Elder Paul and I have a great vision for this area... we dedicated it up on a great big hill overlooking the area. We will have two + baptisms in November and December.

The pictures I have attached are some from this past transfer....
Elder Ireland and I at the Gatwick Airport... just before he left.
Elder Paramalingam and I at Picadilly Circus... where the count down has been placed for the Olympics. He is from my group and we go home at when the Olmpics start.
Lazette and her son Charlie. They are wonderful... great testimonies.
Elder Paul's first companions... and then his real Daddy!
Elder Paul and I by a weird building... I don't know what it is.
I love my family and think you are wonderful. Thank you for all your support and love. I really love all of you. I am glad to have so much great family.
Keep me and the Grays area in your prayers. We both need them...
The Church is True.

Please email me with your favourite conference talk and WHY?? That is your invitation for the week.

Elder Krebs

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