Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 11, 2012

So the library could only give us 20 mins for email. But I shall get some more time later. It was a great week this week. As always... we are livin' the dream. But actually I had the most terrible dream last night. So I might stop saying that I'm living the dream. But I am living a type of dream. The dream to be a missionary. It was a very crazy week this week. Busy busy busy. Elder Vitorio left me for 2 days while he was on work overs. We had a meeting with the Stake President about goals and work throughout the stake. Stake conference was this weekend and Elder Teixera came from Germany and gave a brilliant sermon. He is the new Area President for Europe. I like him. He looks like dad. Heh. Well... I have one min. Write more soon!! Love, Elder Krebs

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