Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May 28, 2012

Hello family, It feels great to be a missionary. This week has been the most sunny of my whole mission. All week it was roughly 26-28 degrees, that's about mid 70's. It has been oh so glorious. My brazilian companion has just been soaking in all the sun, and is much darker than me. Our darkness is, I think, more dependent on the whiteness of our shirt in which we compare. Mine are maybe not as white... since I've been out longer. Elder Vitorio is great. He always expects to do the right thing... and being lazy or disobedient doesn't even enter into his train of thought. I'm sitting here dying in the heat... and he just looks at me like I'm weird. I'm thinking... aren't you hungry? hot? tired? I'm all three. But he just keeps on going. It is great to have a companion that pushes you. Granted... this week I was quite ill. Just all gunged up. Snot coming out of my nose, throat, and ears. But Elder Vitorio just dragged me along. The Ward here is very very excellent at taking care of the missionaries. I think maybe too good. We pretty much have a dinner appointment every night. Yesterday... three people invited us over for dinner... but we already were going to Sister Fields... so we had to decline them all. I think it is mainly because we play the "we are new missionaries here, and we don't know what we are doing exactly, we don't even know where the closest Tesco or Asda is to buy food" card. Heh. We are tricky. There are problems with too many dinner appointments... one, it cuts into our proper work. Some families expect you to stay forever and talk and play games. The second problem is that my belly gets bigger and bigger. Before I know it... I'll have a pizza box in there and you won't recognise me anymore. Oh the woes of being a missionary. I do think that I will be in this area awhile. At least three months... probably more like six though. I feel like there is a lot of good that Elder Vitorio and I can do. So think that we will both stay next transfer as well. The ward boundaries are quite large... but we mostly stay in Ashford Proper. We don't venture out to the other areas unless we are visiting members, or potentials. There are 3 beaches in our area... I'd quite like to visit them soon. Maybe today! Tis P-day. Should be a great day. As for our Investigators in the area... We are mostly working with Mikkie and Dorothy. They are both referrals from Recent Converts. Mikkie is a 20 year old sister of Shaunnie. Dorothy is Robert's friend. We plan to give them both Baptismal Dates this week. Dorothy is probably 60 and reminds me of my Grandma Hancock. She is from Zimbabwe and is wonderful. On friday she commented that she already knows that Joseph Smith is a Prophet because our church sends out missionaries to teach people... and that is a good fruit. We only need to dunk her now. My only desire rigth now... is to do my best. To secure good habits and to act. Not be acted upon. To not let others determine my actions, or thoughts. To be completely content in only pleasing my God. Life is good and I am living the dream. Love, Elder Krebs P.s. I have the best family in the world.

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