Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May 11, 2012

Hi! I will be transferred tomorrow to Ashford in Kent. I will then serve with Elder Resolme for 3 days and then he will be transferred and I will get a new companion. Our area will get "whitewashed"... and I am nervous about how it will all go down. I hope that it will not negatively effect our investigators, recent converts or ward. It is for sure keeping things exciting and new. I have always wanted to serve in Kent. It is beautiful and I can't wait. I really like change. Maybe I shouldn't just be a dentist. I might get bored. I love you very much mum. P.s. I have talked to Elder Resolme in Ashford and he is going to arrange for me to be able to talk to you on Sunday at 8:00pm my time. Will you give me a call in Ashford when you wake up on Sunday to make sure that everything is still kosher? Our number is 07800614304... I think that if you are calling from USA it is +447800614304 . I've never done it though. Talk to you soon. Very soon... 2 sleeps.

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