Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May 21, 2012

Shalom, What a busy and wonderful week. It has been so interesting serving here in Ashford. It is very different than Watford... but obviously both in their good ways. I haven't been this tired in a long time... which I believe is also a good thing. We had a Zone Meeting in Canterbury today. I loved it. The two district leaders in the zone gave just brilliant trainings... and we had a better than normal musical number by Elder Tingey and Elder Polo. It was a bluegrass rendition of one of the Primary Songs. Elder Tingey is magical with the guitar. Afterwards we went to an expensive Indian Buffet. It is a great buffet... but just a tad out of my missionary budget. Thats okay... everyone else seemed to like it. After that.... we went to the Canterbury Cathedral! Oh it was soooooo amazing. It was built in th 14th and 15th century, but it is just smashing. A cool note about this area. When President Hinckley came and established the area of Kent a stake... the stake centre was in Gillingham. All the other stakes in our mission... the stake is named after the area with the stake centre. President Hinckley came to Ashford to organise it all... but made a special note that it was to be called the Canterbury Stake. The head of the Church of England is Canterbury. President Hinckley was making a statement... and I like it. The is a stake of Zion... organised in Canterbury. Ain't that right! Ashford. Our flat is nice. Two floors. It is busy right now. Aka... a tad messy. Not quite my fault. But a little. We have two toilets... but no hot water since I've been here because the boiler is broken. We either boil hot water. Cold shower. Or drive to the Dover Elders and back. The Ward is legit. Our recent converts seem to all be single females with children. It makes it a little more difficult... but a challenge is always welcome. The town centre is very nice... but can be difficult sometimes. On Saturday we were street contacting for 6 hours and didn't as much as set up a potential appointment. BUT! I like it. It hasn't really been like this on my mission. I am excited to investigate how we can overcome and have more success. Today we had a training on the definition of success. The main sentence states "Your success as a missionary is primarily measured by your commitment to find teach and baptise." Not how many you baptise... or how many Dinner Appointments you have... but our commitment. I really love this work. Getting transferred has been a great blessing. It has helped me once again... to take a step back and evaluate. Am I doing my best? What thinks Christ of me? Always when I ask the Lord what improvements I can make... I get an answer. That prayer always seems to get answered. The Lord loves to help us change. He sees so much is us. I love what I am doing. My whole life... the mission has been the goal. I'm doing it now. And it is everything and more than what I was preparing to experience. My companion is spot on. Humble. Diligent. A tad quite in new situations. But a firecracker when comfortable. I love him and love all the missionaries in the zone right now. It is a steller zone... let me tell you. Miracles will be happening in the Canterbury Stake. Straight up miracles. I know that this is the right path. Not the easiest path... but the one less travelled by... and I know it will make alllll the difference. I love you all. Have a great great week. Smile. And if you can't smile... make someone else smile. Think outward... never inward. The Atonement will make all wrong things right, and it will enable us to always do the right things. Love, Elder Krebs

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