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May 30, 2011


How is the Family? I am very happy right now. We had stake conference yesterday and President Monson spoke to us via satellite. He spoke that all people could change. I love it. To be honest, it was exactly what I needed to hear. The Atonement has the power to heal all people and change their lives. This week has been another one of ajustment. I think that I won't be staying in the Portuguese ward for more than one transfer. Therefore I won't fully learn Portuguese. I will definitely eat all their food though. It is really really good. I don't have a lot of time to email. I am sad. I have some good things I want to say, but I don't really have time. I am glad to have such a good family. I love telling people about you. 

I love focusing on my mission. I can feel when I have the spirit guiding me and when it is leaving because I said a negative thing or am being lazy. It is so so important. Hoshar is doing soooooo great. He is the greatest investigator in the world. When he talks about the changes he has experienced, you get shivers and you know the church is true. I have seen the Lord guide his actions, including him moving to the white chapel ward. He will be happiest there. I am grateful for the Lord. He has the ability to change peoples lives. I saw Hoshar change. The whole entire transformation. He is happy and has hope amidst challenges. I am truly happy serving God's children and serving in His vineyard, especially when it is in London. 

I love you all. 

Happy Birthday Mum. 

Uncle Bubby

Hi again, 

Turns out that I was able to get more time to email :) 

I love my companion Elder De Oliveira. He is a great companion and we get along really well. I love his humility and we all know that Krebs' need their doses of humility. He is from Rio and is trying to teach me Portuguese. "It is hard to teach, when you have a bad student" is his favourite phrase when I complain that I'm not learning fast enough or that he is a rubbish teacher. I am meeting some of the greatest Elders here in the mission field. It is wonderful to see that the Lord is preparing young men to come and serve a mission. We have the best missionaries in the England London Mission, because it is the best mission. It breeds leaders of the church, and cultivates fathers of patience and diligence. Hehe. I think I'm getting more and more brain warshed. 

Well, I might be thinking a tad into the future... buttt! I would love to be picked up from London in 2012. The reason I mention it now is because I will finish my mission 2 weeks before my Visa expires, therefore, if you picked me up... we could tour LONDON for a week. AND the main reason I mention it is because, I get released 3 days before the Olympics end. We could go to the closing ceremonies all together :) How lovely and sweet would that be?? The family all together again in London, watching the Olympics and treading the ground I'm currently preaching. Think about it, and save the pennies. You won't have pageant to go to, and the whole summer will feel like a drag if you don't do something smashing to attend. I know you want to come Laura. It can be just the two of us, we can make it on our own :) Enough trunky talk, actually, at stake conference yesterday... I met one of my best friends from BYU. She (Amanda) is on a study abroad with BYU and tapped my shoulder as I was talking to an investigator. I turned around and was quite surprised. It is weird serving here in Hyde Park because I have seen many people I know. 3 other people from BYU study abroads. It gets me thinking a tad about home, but then I push it out with AMAZING experiences like this one. 

Here I am... in Walthemsto Area. I'm with my Zone Leader, Elder Espinoza and we are inviting people to come into our Chapel for a tour. I stop a muslim man and he says he is going to come to our Chapel later... and I think nothing of it. Later that day, just as we are about to start teaching a Nine Year old girl named Nunyuh (I remember the name by thinking nun yuh business) the Muslim man walks in and asks if he can join. Long story a tad shorter, we taught the Ten Commandments with a 9 year old, her mother, and a Muslim man. He liked it and invited us to his mosk. It was eight and we were going to stroll home because we hadn't eaten yet, but we decided why not. Elder Espinoza had never been to one. If was around the corner and we went! I was really excited. I have gotten to really understand Islam because there are soooo many of them here in England. When we arrived, we escaped our shoes and took a tour. There were some of the nicest and biggest men there. We sat down in a circle with some of the leaders of the Mosk and had a beautiful conversation about God. One was trying to convert us, but we ignored him. The others were proper nice and considerate. We continued to talk, and more and more people gathered around to see what was happening. We had about 10-15 people gathered around us. All sitting on their prayer rugs. The conversation was guided by the spirit and we were able to teach the message of the Restoration to the Mosk. We testified and explained why and how we came to know it was true. Right as we finished, the bell rang to say it was Afternoon prayer time... it was perfect because they were not able to respond to me when I said "Jesus Christ is the Son of God, but more importantly the Saviour of the world". We watched them pray and it was very interesting... then my favorite man invited us over to dinner at his house. We decided to decline and went home and made burritos. I absolutely loved it! It is a once in a life time experience teaching the Restoration to a group of Muslims in their Mosk. 

I love these wonderful experiences. I learned the importance of open communication and can see the need of acceptance amid differences. I now have much more respect for the Islamic faith and some of their practices and teachings. They are wonderful people and have a strong strong faith in God. He is the Creator of all things and through Him we receive everything. It was a night of learning and growing.
Now that I am serving in the Portuguese Branch as well, I can go anywhere in London. The area boundaries for the ward are the entire city. It is a great privilege and opportunity. We are allowed to go south of the river as well and see south London which is out of our mission. I love seeing this beautiful city and am currently experiencing how large it is and how multi cultured it truly has become. 

We has a mission fireside yesterday and around 40 people from our ward showed up. I think it went well. I made a cake, so that was definitely good. Our favourite member missionary Baruch spoke and we gave a demonstration and them President Patch finished it off with a great talk. I love the ward here... there are some great families. I love the Philippineos very much. They are a wonderful wonderful culture and they take care of us and make sure we get loads of meat and potatoes. 

I couldn't ask for much more. I am just trying to make my momma happy and proud. My smile has been my best friend as the Portuguese talk way too fast and Eu Falo Poco Portuguese. I am definitely rockin' it lights out here in London. 

A igreja de Jesus Cristo e verdaderio. eu amo meu testemunho. I am so happy and willing to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength because this message can truly help everyone. I love you very much. Take Luke.

Elder Krebs

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