Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 13, 2012

Hiya Mum,

This week has been a great great week. I feel like I say that every week... but it is true. I love being a missionary and there is nothing else that I would ever do. I was talking with Sister Richel about it today. In the real world... if you are wasting your time and your get frustrated it is so much worse than on a mission. Take video games for an example. If you are playing video games and you are losing... and frustrated it is soooo dumb. You are not getting closer to your Heavenly Father and you are losing. In missionary work... if no one is listening to you and all your investigators drop you... and you are frustrated and tired. At least you are bringing salvation to your own soul. Right? "For behold the field is white already to harvest; and lo, he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in store that he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul;". Ring any bells? It is such a blessing to know that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. The real world is ever so terrible here in London. It is right in your face and almost impossible to miss. It really makes me hate the world. It is getting increasingly difficult to escape the sin and heathen as our investigator Andy would call them. I am scared to go home... and even more scared to raise children. If training on a mission is anything like raising children... then I am ever so scared. It is not easy. Not at all. If it wasn't the first commandment... I would think about not having them. Especially when they whine and complain and interrupt the spirit in lessons. But oh how we love them as well. They are submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon them. I guess I'll have kids.

I got to find a final and permanent companion first. Life is very interesting on a mission. I am constantly in a eternal perspective mode. When you are in this mode... things that are temporary seem not as important. Like someone yelling at you, or traffic. It gives you a little more patience. A quote I read recently broke the baptismal convenants down into obedience and service. That is what it is all about. Being smart and brave enough to be obedient and then loving enough to serve. I can see on my mission how when I am not as diligent one day in my studies... or if we have to skip studies to travel for a conference or meeting... my day, power and testimony are more tired. If we do not watch constantly... then Satan slips in... especially when everyone is telling you that Joseph Smith isn't a Prophet and the Book of Mormon is just copied from the Bible. You have got to put the armour of protection on.
This week was great. I stopped a man in the Watford town centre. He first walked past me... and then came back and asked if I was Mormon. I responded yes. He then said... "You know the worst thing the Mormons ever did?". In my mind I was thinking... here we go... what did we do now. His next words really surprised me... "The worst thing you ever did was getting rid of celestial polygamized marriage". I was sooo confused. He then continued to educate me on how polygamy is really good and needed in this world. I then had to explain why we practice monogamy. It was a strange conversation.

In Wembly... two asian girls were taking a picture next to an Olympic sign. I asked if they both wanted to be in the picture... and then giggle and then said yes. I was just about to take the picture... but before I asked... where are you from? They said Japan. I then racked my brain and counted to three in Japanese. As soon as I finished taking the picture of them with their peace signs... then just went crazy and started speaking to me in Japanese. I tried to assure them that the only other thing I knew how to say was... "eat the doggy mess" and "domo arigatō mr roboto". Oh yeah.. and goyza. It was just really great. They were just so happy. On Saturday night I met a recent convert from China named Jane and she was teaching me Mandarin. It is one of my top languages to learn. I really hope one day I can travel to many places to learn languages and cultures. It is a dream to be here. Home is in the furthest part of my brain. Emailing every week... brings me down from the clouds. There are many many people that need this message. I don't want to get in the way of them receiving it. The Lord may use me as He needs. I don't mind. It is possible for me to be that tool... as long as I consistently sharpen my edges. It is goood to hear great news from home. I am glad to see the Cats doing well... is that my fault? If we think hard enough... we can remember that Chuck served during the two year Billy Gillespie era. I would say some of the worst in UK history. Does that say something about his "honorable" two year mission? I don't want to point fingers or make anyone feel uncomfortable... but a spade is a spade.

Our investigators are going great. Ian is busy but still progressing. He will need to get married to his partner of 20 years... but that is easy. We will have the Sister Missionaries plan it. Andy is slow... but steady. Sandy is fast... then slow. She has deep concerns... but the Ward is really helping out. Ellen is the 17 year old. She is just spot on. Waiting for the 10th of March to be baptised. That is when she is 18 and her parents will let her.
I am getting really tired of bathing every morning... but on Tuesday I am going to Einfield and Thursday I am going to Alysbury. They both have showers. Somethings are important in life... and I've found a shower is one of them. When I complain though... I feel quite spoiled. I'm sure there is a missionary somewhere not only taking a bath right now... but a very cold one. Maybe I'll be more thankful.

I love you all.

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