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January 17, 2012

Hi Familia!

Well... I know it is unlike me because I usually stay in one area for about six months but it looks like I am going to be moving. This six week stint here in Bletchley has been exactly what I needed. My companion has been absolutely brilliant. He is just like me... and understands me. So we became very close. We could talk about everything and we usually didn't have to talk about it because we already knew what each other was thinking at the time. Needless to say... that allows the missionary work to move forward completely unobstructed. We were able to do work. Solid work. Elder Lingam knows exactly why he is here... and is just spot on. I will really miss him. Last night when we got moves calls... the Zone Leaders told me I was going to St. Albans to be companions with my MTC companion Elder Brozzu. I was pumped... and ready to go where the Lord wants me to be. As I was getting out of the shower this morning though... Elder Lingam hands me the phone. It was one of the assistants and he said my calling had changed and now I'm going to Watford to serve with Elder Dongen (Holland).

The reason was because no one in Watford can drive and they have a car. So they had to switch. Either way "I'll answer, dear Lord, with my hand in Thine, I'll go where You want me to go." A mission is an interesting thing... you feel very small. You just do whatever you are told to do. I guess the good news is that I'll still have a car... but the bad news with that is that I will now be extra fat when I come home. They will have to squeeze me out of the plane doors. Watford is west of London... but still considered part of London. Here it is on the map.��Link:

I think it will be just fantastic to have a new companion to learn from. I looked at some BYU things today and got way too stressed and annoyed. I am not going back to that place. It is big and scary. My mission is small and simple. School is interesting... I don't know if I'm going to like it. You have to think about yourself all the time. What are my grades? How am I doing? I need to study more. It is all self centred. Just so you can go out into the cold world and compete with other people. I don't wanna. Don't make me. Will you check momma if I actually deferred from BYU? I can't remember if I did. If you call and ask... and then ask them what I need to do to be prepared for Fall 2012 I would love you (more). I just don't want to miss any deadlines.

This week... we had an appointment with a man from Zimbabwe that was just great. We were teaching him about the Restoration. We watched the first 20 mins of the Joseph Smith movie. Afterwards... we asked him how he felt. He told us he knew it was true. Elder Lingam... then goes straight for the kill. Pops the baptismal invitation right there. SPirit was soooo strong... everything was right. Now Romeo has a date for the 21st of February. We were soo happy. He was very wishy washy... but the spirit got him. And who would deny the spirit? His wife is very interested as well.. but unfortunately was not there. She already has a Book of Mormon... and her daughter from a previous marriage was just baptised because her ex husband is a member. CRAZY! The Lord is preparing people for all of us to find. I know it... I can feel it. Life is very good. I am very happy.

Elder Krebs

P.s. John... our investigators from Bletchley is sitting right next to me and he says Hi! He is preparing for Baptism on the 9th of June! Keep him in your prayers.

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