Saturday, February 4, 2012

Picture Time

We assertained a very large banana from a members house. Posing for the picture is myself, my companion, Sister Codeiro and Sister Richel! The Sisters cover the same area as we do, so we pretty much see them every day. They are great and are brilliant teachers. They really have the Spirit with them, and you can feel it as they testify.

Elder Dongen and I made a calendar for the zone and this is the picture that we put in the background.
I think it shows great seriousness and demands respect :)
I love working hard and playing hard.

Elder Lingam and I at Christmas Dinner!
It was a wonderful day. I got to talk to you :)

Hayleigh and Theresa!
Wow... my second family! They were baptised the first transfer I was in Grays! They are doing really well. I just got a letter in the post from them and they seem to still be enjoying themselves. It is harder than they imagined... but they know it is worth it.

Just before Christmas we took a trip to London on P-day and went to Hyde Park. There was a very big and cool outside market/christmas parade. We had buckets of fun running around and acting 20.

He was baptised in Bletchley. On Christmas Eve, and confirmed on Christmas Day! It was for sure a white Christmas! It was really a pleasure to teach Tony. He was very sincere and devoted.

A picture of Abena, Elisabeth, Adwoa, and Felicity!
Elder Park and I found them in Grays... I taught them for about 4 months and then left. They were baptised in January!!! We are sooo excited for them. It was the first time that someone I taught got baptised and I wasn't there. It was sad but exciting.
They are really solid... but sometimes their actions show otherwise :/ They will get there though. I know it.

Elder Krebs

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