Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 8, 2012


I arrived back to Watford this morning around 11:00am and we had two hours of finding... then three appointments in a row. Following those we had coordination meeting with our Ward Mission Leader and then an amazing appointment with Ian! He is so curious and open. I love it. He has wanted to be religious his whole life but it has been difficult for him to approach it and have his questions answered. We love questions. We are currently teaching the Plan of Salvation but this was the second lesson and we haven't even gotten to The Spirit World yet. It is perfect for him. The gospel restored to the Prophet Joseph Smith makes sense to your mind and heart. If you don't listen with either though... you'll be toast. We have got to keep humble and open. Now we are in the Family History Library emailing and finishing a few reports to send to the assistants.

One of the best perks now is going on a lot of exchanges. We have about two a week. It is brilliant because I get to know the missionaries in our Zone and learn from them. Yesterday I was on a work over with Elder Meek. He is from Mesa, Arizona. Anyone ever heard of that place? We froze our little behinds off. We jumped one fence... got on a lot of buses... and our bathroom was about the size of the pantry in KY (but cut in half, thankfully no one turned off the lights). Last Thursday I went on an exchange with Elder Young... from Yorkshire. Not my trainer Elder Young. He is the funniest kid. We had lots of good times. He cooked a great stir fry. We had a Nerf Gun war (from 9:30 to 10... after planning of course).

The tube was completely empty and there are a lot of bars to hold onto... so we obviously had to have a Ninja fight in the tube. Duh. Oh yeah... and we set a baptismal date with a man named Samuel. I love the mission. When anyone asks me how I am doing... my new reply is... "I'm living the dream". It is exactly what I am doing. My whole life I have been preparing for a mission and now I'm living it. There is no where on the whole wide earth that I would rather be. I am properly living my dream. There is so much that our Heavenly Father expects of us. He wants us to come home. Jesus Christ is the way. It is my time to fully help others find that path. I really enjoy this time.

Elder Krebs

p.s. we taught a middle eastern man to play Rock, Paper, Scissors this week. It was a cool/weird experience. Everyone knows how to play RPS. I thought it was in your DNA. I guess not. England has opened my mind soooooo much. The way I live MY life is not the way others live their life. There are many ways to do things. Too bad there is only one way to God. Straight and Narrow.

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