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January 30, 2012

Dear Family,

This has been a good week. I will try to cover what has happened while answering some questions from the Kentucky Krebs.
I love my mission. I am so happy being a missionary. So happy.

1. What area does your zone cover? Any of London?
There are six areas in our zone. Wembly, Einfield, Alysbury, Watford 1 (us), Watford 2 (sisters), and Hayes. All of them are considered London. Mainly greater London though. None are considered centre London. We mostly cover the southwest bit of our mission... which is mainly just west and northwest London.

2. How many missionaries in your zone? Sister/Elders?
12 missionaries. 10 Elders, 2 Sisters. They are all fantastic Elders. None that have any major issues or concerns. We are just ready to work.

3. Dad wants to know what you had for dinner Sunday.
We didn't really have dinner. I had a cup of instant cream of mushroom soup right before bed. We had a munch and mingle right after church... so around 1:00. We got to keep some of the food... so I snacked on the bits. The Munch and Mingle was brilliant. Ian is one of our most solid investigators and he stayed for the food. Bishop and the Stake President were talking to him for about 20 mins each! It was fantastic. He is loving the Church and is thirsting for more and more. He is extremely smart and quick. After learning a little about the Plan of Salvation... he asked what happens in between the state of death and resurrection. Just like from Alma 40! He has got it. We shall keep you updated. Two of our other investigators started talking at the Mingle as well. They are getting along very nicely. Hint hint.

4. Where is your new companion from?
He is from Holland! We are getting along excellently. My last district was all young missionaries that had been out six months or less. Now my companion is the same as me. We just don't have to communicate about certain things. Never any dispute about simple things. We just do what we are supposed to do all the time.

5. Glen said, what is your favorite kind of food in England?
The roast dinners here are really nice. They are quite similar to Ameican ones... but with roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings. I love all the foods around the world. We have lots of mexican (well they try), indian, asian and american. I like it.

6. What is your companion like? Is he a zone leader with you?
Yes, he is a Zone Leader with me. We have 8 zones, and therefore about 16 zone leaders. All are companionship zone leaders. This is his fifth transfer as a zone leader. He is very experienced and a wise man.

7. Who is your favorite brother? (Guess who?)
My favourite brother is Jesus Christ.

8. Tell us more about your house. How is it heated? Is it heated? :)
It is heated... but we don't have a stove. Just a little hot pad. It really makes cooking my curries quite difficult. I love the place. I was going to send pictures of it today... but it is not clean yet. Still more to do. I wrote my friend in Peru about it and he just laughed at me. He said everyone in peru lives in a place like that. I guess I am way more spoiled than I think about. Sometimes I complain when the flat doesn't have a washing machine or dishwasher. The Lord knew I didn't need to rough it :)

I was able to spend a little time last week in the Family History Library in Watford. Dad asked me to look to try and find the Birth of Lydia Hood Stark. I did not find the birth... but I found a lot of the same information that auntie Val discovered. It was really exciting to be able to find it for myself though. To look at the old 1841 census and see them on there. I really felt the pull to do family history research. I don't have the allotted time I need though :(
Life is good in Watford. I really enjoy Watford and hope that I can stay here a while.

Elder John William Krebs
England London Mission
64-68 Princes Gate
Exhibition Road
London, SW7 2PA

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