Sunday, May 6, 2012

April 16, 2012

Hi Mum, We just had a bomb Zone P-day. It was nice and sunny, and so we walked to the park in Wembley and played Frisbee like it was no ones business. Everyone wanted to play... and everyone played... and we all had fun. A miracle huh? It was very nice. Usually everyone just moans and complains about how what ever we are doing is lame. I really enjoyed it. Plus I just got to run around and relax in the sun. Just perfect. You should be driving or about to drive or traveling or something to Utah. That is great. I am glad it isn't me. How is Glen's driving? Btw... I was going to send a present... but I needed to wait until I was inspired on what to send... and now it is almost all put together. I will hopefully send in next week. I want to instigate a new emailing rule. No more making mention of how much longer I have left. It makes my stomach ill... just thinking that I have to leave. The other day... I saw an airplane flying away from me and I thought for a split second... what would I be feeling if I was on that plan and going home. It was a sickening feeling. I feel as if I am doing so much good for myself and the world right now. I hope and pray that if I go home... I will be able to continue that personally. I don't have a lot of personal drive... and so a mission has been perfect. There has always been a standard that I need to hit, and I do my best to hit it. All my energy is focused in one place... and I know without a doubt... that it is the most effective and efficient way to use my 24 hour time allocation. Not only the most effective for this life... but for the eternities. Why would I want to stop? I feel as though I wasted away most of the first 18 years of my life... and now I am actually discovering what I could be... and most importantly what I should be. Now I need to become it. Ah! There is so much to do. This past week... I was able to iron out my schedule for BYU. Work and Classes. I hope that it is not too terrible. But now I don't have to worry about anything for a while. I just get to focus, or as Elder Park would say... "Elder Krebs... we need to have a great focus". I miss him. This week was not a really outstanding or special week... but a good hard working one. I felt the spirit and we had one investigator come to church :) Thanks for all your love. I love Jeff because he humbles me. Always good to have someone like that. In Zone Meeting we talked about the difference between us and the devils. They know that Jesus is the Christ... but they do not follow him. They are not diligent and obedient. I invited them to be obedient and diligent and then said " Don't be a devil". I think that it is going to be my new catch phrase. So I give the same advise... don't be a devil. make enough evidence to be convicted as a Christian :) I love and miss you all. Love, Elder Krebs P.s. Anyone hear the conference talk on Sunday Afternoon about sending good uplifting emails and post? Heh. P.s.s. Attached is a shirt we design and are making for the zone!

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