Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 15, 2012

Hello again, It was brilliant speaking to you on Sunday! I was so grateful to the family that let me use his computer. He thought it was amazing... and said that we had a great family. I love my family. Everyone is doing the right things. There are so many righteous examples around me. It makes it easier to choose the right because I know it is possible and real. Now my goal is to be my own person as well. Getting "youre just like your brothers" all through high school makes you wanna be unique. I am going to be me. I love my mission. I am living the dream. Livin' the dream. Thank you for everything. My new companion is Elder Vitorio and is from Brasil. He is a new zone leader and I am pumped to get to know him more. I like him a lot already. I cleaned the flat today and it is looking nice now. Next is the car. The boiler is getting fixed on Thursday. Oh bother... I have to exercise before I shower. That way my heart doesn't stop. I love you. Elder Krebs

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