Sunday, May 6, 2012

April 30, 2012

Dear Mum, It was just one of those weeks where we were working super hard and trying our best... but it seems right now that we were just planting seeds. We haven't seen any huge testimonies peak and sprout yet. It kept me in check that sometimes you've just got to work and work. It reminds me of my Grandpa. He just worked and worked. I am happy to work and work, but as long as it is not all in vain and it is for the right thing. There is no point in working hard... if you are working stupid. That is why I love being a missionary... because I know that every small thing I do will make an eternal difference in someones life. I know that if I track and contact in the rain for 3 hours and it seems like a waste of time... that it is not... and small seeds are being planted. Saturday was that kind of day. As we were walking back to the car... all wet... Elder Cameron stopped a lady. He had a fifteen min conversation with her while I ran into a investigators that we have been trying to get in contact with for ages. I sat down and had a lesson with him, and Elder Cameron said that the lady he talked to had been taught all the lessons about 2 years ago in Malawi, Africa. She can't wait to have them again. Why did the Lord wait to the very end? It is all a test. Prove me now herewith. Joseph Smith was in liberty jail for so long before the Lord comforted him. How much are we worth? What is our price? How much are we willing to sacrifice? I have some great and wonderful success stories to tell, but unfortunately they are not in the Watford area. Song is our only real investigator that is properly progressing right now. She loves the spirit she feels as she reads the Book of Mormon. As she explained it to us, she felt as though God was speaking to her through the words. On Friday she came to a missionary activity at the church and brought a friend along. We did an activity to follow the spirit and we all had a great time. The sad news is that we helped her load all her belongings into a van today because she is moving to Weymouth. It was a brilliant morning that we had together. It was Elder Cameron and I, and Sister Hally and Sister Ritchel. We shared a scripture about the Lord providing the way for us (1 Nephi 17:3), and then gave her a blessing of comfort. Afterward... she got up and said she felt so good. Her hands and body were all warm and she went around the room and shook every ones they could feel it as well. We will really miss her. She called the missionaries down in Weymouth, and I talked with them for about ten min about the whole situation. It is two sister Missionaries and they can't wait, they are going to meet her at three pm today :) I love the church and its ability to support people know matter where they are and in no matter what situation. The Branch President's name is David Levi. Do we know him? He mentioned to Song that he knows me, and he is from America. She will be baptised soon and I can't wait. I wish I could go to the baptism. About a month ago, the Sister Missionaries and us were talking outside the Library. We had an appointment in about 5 mins, and they were street contacting. A man approached all of us and said "are you mormon missionaries?". We all put on our battle armour to defend ourselves and said "Yes, yes we are". He continued to tell us how he was researching the church and really enjoyed what he was learning. He had hit a really low point in his life and got fed up with all organised Christianity. Now... about 4 years later he wrote a list of all the things he wanted in a religion. And what do you think? We hit 95% of the points... the most important for him being a lay ministry. He had been listening to General Conference online and was excited to watch the new one. He didn't want to meet with missionaries yet, and he lived in South London (ahhhhhhh!!!!), but we got his email address. I sent him a email and he wrote back saying that he had been to the Temple Visitors Centre and really loved it. He asked us if we could meet at the church on his way home from work. We agreed and met him on Monday. What annnn amazing and brilliant lesson. He talked about how he completely agreed with the doctrine and how it all made sense, he had the Book of Mormon all tabbed up. He read the entire Gospel Principles Manuel, and loved it. At the end... he noted that he hadn't prayed for 2 years... after going to many many churches and attending a Oral Roberts theology school in England. One morning he prayed to meet mormon missionaries... and that day is when he met all four of us. Just standing there talking. The Lord is so careful with all of his children. He loves us. I know it. I began reading the Book of Mormon over again and let me tell you... it is an inspired book. I recently picked up on the fact that they were in the wilderness for over 8 years. That is a long time, I would definitely have been complaining. I would complain when dad would take 8 mins to get off the computer (btw... I apologize). The only way Nephi survived is because he received his own personal revelation and direction. If we are going to survive without complaining... we must build our own bedrock of personal revelation, centered on Jesus Christ. Keep praying, Keep reading. These are the small things, but at the end, the Lord will reward you. I love and miss you all. Love, Elder Krebs P.s. Lets do the May 13th convo Christmas style. I will be able to find a computer. Hakuna Matata. P.s. The Sisters had a baptism :) It was very spiritual. I love baptisms. Elder John William Krebs England London Mission 64-68 Princes Gate Exhibition Road London, SW7 2PA

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